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Cupcake Nursing Bra & Knickers

  • silky soft microfibre with stretch graphic lace means the bra will adapt to your changing shape
  • soft bamboo lining for total comfort (bacteriostatic and 4 x more absorbent than cotton)
  • plastic clips that open one-handed for easy feeding
  • 6 row hook and eye to ensure long-lasting wear
  • fully machine washable at 40 degrees
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    £34.50 Bra + £18 Knickers - Available to purchase online

    Cupcake Nursing Bra & Knickers Reviews

    Product Tested by: Lindy Mathias – Baby Isabella 9 Months

    Product Tested By Lindy Mathias – Baby Isabella 9 Months

    Lindy Awarded the Cupcake Bra & Knickers 4.6/5

    I wasn’t initially impressed by the colour of the set as it would not be something I would personally choose but it looked very comfortable and practical, which is most important. The website looks great. It’s really easy to navigate and find exactly what you need. It’s clear with fun and clean images. I like the style of the set; it’s very supportive yet pretty. It accommodates necessary breast pads well without many seam lines showing. The 6 rows of fishhook fasteners are good for the changing shape. The fastening for the drop cup is easy to use. I like how the whole breast is exposed during the feed. Some nursing bra’s only expose part of the nipple which makes it difficult to feed effectively, especially in the early days of breastfeeding. It is very comfortable to wear and really supportive. The bra allows quick and easy access to the breast when necessary. This is a very important factor as when my daughter wants feeding she makes it known she wants it immediately. It looks less like a nursing bra than most on the market as it is bright and fun. The lacy design makes it pretty and feminine reminding me that I can be lindy and not just ‘mum’. I absolutely love the knickers. I was worried when I read that they were maternity as my baby is 9 months old but as soon as I put them on that was forgotten. The cut is really flattering and sexy; they are so comfortable to wear too! Overall, Bright, young, fun and sexy yet still practicalLindy Mathias – Baby Isabella 9 Months

    Product Tested By Tanya Dracup – Baby Miles 19 Weeks

    Tanya Awarded the Cupcake Bra & Knickers 4.5/5

    Very well made and beautiful underwear set. Very attractive looking feeding bra, made me feel more like a woman again! The only downside was that the light grey fabric showed up milk/dribble stains sometimes, so it could look dirty after just one feed. The feeding clasp released easily with one hand, slightly more tricky to do up. Very comfortable to wear and very supportive. Bra did not look like a nursing bra at all, I would be more than happy to wear this after I have finished breastfeeding. The bra is very flattering and the lace material is super soft. Fabulous underwear set, very easy for feeding! Tanya Dracup – Baby Miles 19 Weeks

    Product Tested By Caroline Popple – Baby Finley 8.5 Months

    Caroline Awarded the Cupcake Bra & Knickers 4/5

    Very pretty looking set, with a very soft feel. The style of the bra is excellent and it is very comfortable to wear. I find it to be very easy to access with the claps, it’s also very discreet. Even when I wore the bra to bed it felt like a second skin. I think if this is your first time at breastfeeding then this bra definitely makes it a lot easier. It does not look like a nursing bra; it makes you feel that your breasts are not just feeding vessels because it makes you feel pretty and nice wearing it. I personally am not a fan of the kickers because I don’t usually go for this style. I don’t like knickers that don’t cover the entire bottom, so the kickers just weren’t for me unfortunately. I did not find them practical with supporting the gusset area because a sanitary towel would not have been supported, so I would not choose to wear this style of knickers. However, both the bra and knickers are of great quality and perhaps the knickers can be worn at a later date when the body is back to normal. I feel the bra is very important for a breastfeeding mum like me. Overall an enjoyable experience with the Bra and Knickers set as it made me feel special but also comfortable! Caroline Popple – Baby Finley 8.5 Months

    Bright, young, fun and sexy yet still practical


    Lindy Awarded the Cupcake Bra & Knickers 4.6/5

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