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Curious Caterpillar Infant Rocker

Curious Caterpillar munches on a juicy apple he carries on his back!

His plush apple offers a snug, supportive seat for a safe ride while he delights little ones with hidden squeaks, rattles and crinkles!

He comes with a separate rattle toy for little hands to play with.

Lift-up flap reveals a fun storage section for toys.

There’s a peep-hole in the apple for curious minds to explore…

This Rocking Animal is size A1.

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Curious Caterpillar Infant Rocker Reviews

Product Tested by: Karen Russel - Carys & Amelie Ages 24 & 11 Months

Product Tested By Karen Russel – Carys & Amelie Ages 24 & 11 Months

Karen Awarded the Little Bird Curious Caterpillar Infant Rocker 4.2/5


Looks bright and colourful, well made, expensive looking. My first impression was that the rocker was appropriate for the age of my youngest daughter. It has really helped with my youngest daughters balance. It has especially kept my youngest daughter’s attention. My eldest daughter has been less capable however she is 1 year older and I appreciate the product is aimed at a younger age group. Storing toys in the rear of the rocker is very useful! My eldest daughter Carys has also been seen to stand on the back of the rocker while Amelie was on it as well so they are both playing on it at the same time! Very high quality product. Although the product is of high quality I do feel it is quite expensive but it does offer good value for money as it will be used for a long time. I am very pleased with the rocker it has provided lots of enjoyment to my daughters. It’s well made, well packaged and of good quality. The instructions were easy to follow. Its soft the seat is comfortable and supportive and it’s safe. My only criticism would be its quite large to store; however it is nice enough to keep out as its bright and colourful and looks traditional and expensive. My daughters have both enjoyed playing on it and are continuing to and I am very pleased with it. Thank You! Karen Russel – Carys & Amelie Ages 24 & 11 Months



Product Tested By Jo McGowan – Jamie 11 Months

Jo Awarded the Little Bird Curious Caterpillar Infant Rocker 4/5

Looked like great fun and very good quality, it was also well packaged and secure. I agree with the recommended age and have no concerns with my child playing with the caterpillar. My little boy loves climbing on and off the rocker and enjoys putting toys in and out of the back. He also seems to enjoy trying to rock it himself. He doesn’t play on it for long periods of time, but will keep coming back to it every now and then. He likes to push it around the house as a walking aid. This is good for his development, however as it is a solid and well made toy and not desinged for this purpose, it is not ideal for the home. I think it is a little expensive as a dvelopment toy but would make a lovely special gift, due to the quality. Very good quality, easy to assemble, not too bulky/large to store and child enjoys all toys deinged features, but it is an expensive item. Jo McGowan – Jamie 11 Months


Product Tested By Michelle McPolin – Aodhan 11 Months

Michelle Awarded the Little Bird Curious Caterpillar Infant Rocker 4/5

Very impressed. Looks like a good quality product that appears to be sturdy and interesting for the baby. The packaging was very well thought out. The box clearly explained what the product was and the benefits to the child when playing with the toy. The packaging had a handy rope handle that made it easy to carry and transport the toy. The box was colourful and immediately gained the baby’s attention and made me interested and looking forward to testing the toy. I have some concerns regarding the age range for this toy. It was for 9months plus which seemed a very young age for a toy that has a seat but no supportive full sides on it. When using the toy you had to support and hold the baby tightly on the toy as the baby had a tendency to fall to one side very easily. I feel that the toy would be better suited for 12 months plus as babies at that age can support their bodies better and have a better understanding to hold on to the handles and can get on/off the toy easier. I think the rocker is a very good toy for the baby to play with as it held his attention for long periods of time not only to just sit and feel the toys ears etc but also as the baby got older to rock back and forth. The rocker definitely helped with the baby’s development as there was lots of things for the baby to touch listen and look at on the rocker. Each time he plays on it he plays and squeezes the rockers ears, he takes the worm out of the hole on the back of the rocker and puts it in the back seat to hide it. The rocker does keep my baby’s attention especially now he is older. At 9 months he didn’t seem initially keen on the rocker but as the months have went on he seems to enjoy it more, going over to it each morning when he gets up and climbing onto it. He seems to enjoy the compartment at the back the best with the worm toy attached. Very good, nice bright colours, and wooden framing, sits in our living room and most visitors have passed nice comments on appearance. It is a nice product to look at when sitting out in rooms in the house while still being an interesting and interactive toy for our baby to play with. At £74.99 top end of the budget for something so simple, would probably sell better at £40-50. For the look and quality of the toy the price may be justified but I feel that maybe it is over priced for what it really is. In terms of quality and what Aodhan enjoys yes, He seems to like a variety of things with the toy and keeps him entertained for a while each time he plays with it. A very good quality product that can keep your child entertained while helping develop their hand/eye coordination etc. A few small points to improve the product further could be to move the feet rest further forward as they are far back and the baby as a result doesn’t use them and also that if it is for 9months plus then a seat that is more secure (maybe a belt/ additional side panels etc). Overall a very good product that the baby has enjoyed and still enjoys playing with. Michelle McPolin – Aodhan 11 Months

My daughters have both enjoyed playing on it and are continuing to and I am very pleased with it. Thank You!


Karen Awarded the Little Bird Curious Caterpillar Infant Rocker 4.2/5

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