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Cuski Mama – Rejuvenating Balm

Cuski Mama natural handmade skincare! Skin To Glow – Rejuvenating Balm made from organic sundrenched avocadosAvo Happy Skin Day!This gorgeous balm is suitable for ALL over your face & body, especially boobs, bums & tums to experience the most wonderfully tantalizingly soft skin that EVERYONE will love to touch!Feel the difference instantly..Take it everywhere and you will always haveAvo Happy Skin Day!Some fab uses we have found extremely useful:*Can be used on face as a rejuvenating nourishing mask to brighten up your whole face or as a complete moisturizer to help smooth lines and wrinkles and wake up tired skin*Helps to prevent stretch marks, but also helps fade existing stretch marks*Aftersun, scars, pigmentation, itchy skin

*As a hair mask for very dry split ends
*To take eye make-up off

This really is an all in one wonder balm!

There are NO NASTIES in this pot of yummy goodness.. Free from alcohol, SLS, steroids, lanolin, artificial colours, perfumes, petroleum, preservatives, parabens, or mineral oil.. and certainly No animal testing.Cuski Mamas Balm is CRAMMED with vitamins A, B1, B2, D & E and can also helpwith eczema and dry skin conditions.Made from sun ripened organic avocados… and a little Cuski Magic ♥ Made in SCOTLAND for Cuski UK.  Reusable kilner packaging 100grams product.Ingredients: Persea Gratissima (Avocado),Olea Europea (Olive), Pelargonium Graveolens (Geranium), Citrus Aurantifolia (Mandarin) For external use only – No Nachos please!!

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Cuski Mama – Rejuvenating Balm Reviews

Product Tested by: Sarah Russell - Rocco & Livia- 3 Years & 3 Months

Product Tested By Sarah Russell – Rocco & Livia- 3 Years & 3 Months

Sarah Awarded The Cuski Mama Balm 4.7/5

First impression cute little tub, fantastic gift item. Really cute jar, gives the product a really exclusive feel, looks fab sitting on your bathroom shelves too. This is very easy to apply to my skin. Due to the thickness of the lotion it blends easily but it gives you a long protection as it doesn’t just disappear. Therefore you get more benefit from the product. The aroma was not strong and pleasant. This never caused any irritation to my skin. I would use this every day. I found this did help as the outer edges of my scars quickly lost the redness. This is very good value for money. Design could be improved by offering refills at a cheaper price in a plastic tub you insert into the glass jar. I would purchase this product and I gave the leftovers to my pregnant friend who is using it on her bump for suppleness. Would definitely recommend this balm.Very impressed, would love to receiveit as a gift or give it as a gift. Really impressed after having a C-section you are very conscious of your scar and any product that helps to reduce the redness of your scar is worth the money. Sarah Russell – Rocco & Livia 3 years and 3 Months

Product Tested By Melissa Collinson –Bethany 6 Months

Melissa Awarded The Cuski Mama Balm 3.7/5

My first impression was not keen on the aroma as seemed to smell like Avocado which was not appealing to me personally. Easy to keep sealed, neat and tidy. Oil is easily applied to skin as soft, melts into the skin. This would absorb into my skin easily and never caused any irritation. If aroma was different would have been so much better but this is a personal choice. I used this daily. I must admit I did not notice any difference in scaring or improvement while using this product. Pleasant feel when rubbed into skin but I didn’t feel it made any difference to the scaring. The design of the jar is just right no need for any improvement. Easily applied, felt nice and moisturising unfortunately didn’t enjoy the smell and didn’t make a difference to my scarring – perhaps with more use/time it would? Melissa Collinson – Bethany 6 Months

ProductTested By Sandrine Gallagher – Luke 25 Weeks

SandrineAwarded The Cuski Mama Balm 4.3/5

This is a nice big pot. The packaging is lovely and different. The smell was great as well when I opened the jar. Lovely appealing jar. The product is quite easy to take out of the jar and apply to the skin.  However I imagine in colder conditions it may go hard (a bit like butter) and be slightly fiddlier.  Although very pleasant, the oil/balm takes a while to work into the skin. It has a very rich texture. The balm has a definite aroma. The smell is lovely and made me want to use the product straight away. No reaction or irritation to skin in my case. I used the balm every day after my shower. It was very pleasant to use and left my skin very soft.  My scar was maybe slightly less red but I am not sure whether this is due to the balm or not. Good value for money as it is lovely. Smells great and leaves your skin feeling very soft. Could be slightly less greasy.  As suggested on thejar I used it on my face before going to bed one night but it still hadn’t been completely absorbed into the skin by morning.  I would purchase this product and recommend.  I did not give this product full marks only because of the slightly too greasy texture and the time it takes to absorb into the skin. A very rich, pleasant balm that make your skin very soft and smells beautiful! Sandrine Gallagher – Luke 25 Weeks







Really impressed after having a C-section you are very conscious of your scar and any product that helps to reduce the redness of your scar is worth the money.   


Sarah Awarded The Cuski Mama Balm 4.7/5  

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