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Cuski Sweet DreameezZ

A Cuski Best Seller! This is the ONLY navy 100% bamboo muslin in the world…And it has a celebrity crush on it!!
Award winning Sweet DreameezZ! Loved by mummies, but loved by cool daddies too!!Cuski Baby Ltd is delighted to announce another stunning and innovative new product for baby (Multi-use)Cuski would like you to meet Sweet DreameezZ!!  A large navy square made from 100% luxury bamboo rayon muslin – This is designed as a shawl and also as a sleep shade for your most precious investment; your baby. Wrap around baby to keep warm when cold or cool when too hot, bamboo is temperature regulating.Or, simply drape it over the pram, buggy or cot to allow your little one to sleep even on the brightest day, or in an environment where there are bright lights that would otherwise stop them sleeping soundly. This beautiful Sweet DreameezZ will help your baby sleep for longer, peacefully.Drapes easily over all pram and buggy typesMade from natural breathable anti-bacterial bamboo muslinPerfect light baby shawlEasy access to your baby in emergenciesPortable so can be stuffed into any bag, or you could even wear it as a shawl or sarong!Can be used as a modesty cover while nursingFully machine washable (at 30°c) we would recommend using a non-bio washing powder.Do not hand washSoftens with use.The perfect multi-tasking item for busy mummies & daddies to use with their babies – unique shawl, bright light shade, swaddle, nursing cover, scarf, light wrap The new ‘Man Muslin’ one daddies are calling ‘Cool’ to use with their babies !Supplied in a bamboo pouch.Size: 120cm x 120cmEthically made in Turkey

Bizziebaby Silver Award winner 2017

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£29.99 Available to purchase online

Cuski Sweet DreameezZ Reviews

Product Tested by: Fu Tang – Teddy 8 Months

Product Tested By Fu Tang – Teddy 8 Months

Fu Awarded The Cuski Sweet DreameezZ 4.7/5

Looks trendy and of good quality. Great packaging as it looks like it came from a company that really cares about the presentation of its product as well as its actual purpose. Lovely matching drawstring bag to keep it in. Easy to follow instructions, no complaints. The quality of the Sweet DreameezZ – Liberty Stars is fantastic. It is soft and feels very luxurious and you can tell that it is a high end product. Although a little expensive, I do think due to the multipurpose of the Sweet DreameezZ – Liberty Stars that it is actually quite a fair price for what you get. We have used it as it has been suggested as a blanket, muslin and a nursing shawl for my wife. It was very useful and handy for these reasons and the design incidentally matches our footmuff. I am very impressed by the fact that the product was made from bamboo because it is thermos control, it was great for whatever the weather to keep my son warm or cool. I also felt it was safer than a regular muslin or blanket if it was near my son’s face as the material is more breathable, as well as soft and luxurious feeling to the skin. Bamboo is also good for the environment and is a 100% biodegradable. I would consider buying this as a gift for someone. It is multifunctional, fashionable and easy to store and look after. Great product, would recommend this. Works well for its multipurpose and is suitable for men and women alike. Fu Tang – Teddy 8 Months

Product Tested By Rebecca Diablo – Mars Newborn

Rebecca Awarded The Cuski Sweet DreameezZ 4/5

It was unusual to find this colour way, very soft and nicely packaged. Really nicely packaged with tissue paper, boxed, and instructions. Instructions were clear and concise, nothing too in depth which is nice. It was good quality, I would say almost as soft as my Aiden+Anais swaddles. For £29.99 you really can’t go wrong, especially as it is so versatile. I would be more inclined to buy a bamboo item. I try to only buy ORGANIC cotton. If that is not available then I choose Bamboo for its sustainability, and also the softness of Bamboo fabric. I would probably buy this as a gift for someone, babyshower etc. I have not needed to recommend, as friends have asked themselves. The black is really appealing to them. In a world of pastels, this is a real eye catcher! Great product, loved the versatility. Loses a point for me as before I buy a product I like to search for ‘real life’ pictures on social media, and blogs. I found one blog with this item on it, and the celebrity picture used on the company’s promotional material was not a celebrity I could identify. Would help to use the celebrity’s name. Also perhaps ask reviewers to use a specific hashtag on Instagram, that way potential buyers can see the different colours. I tried to choose a colour beforehand, but the modelled pictures (with baby) weren’t showing up for all colours. Great experience with product. Enjoyed using it, and was complimented quite a few times. Brilliant cover up/scarf for those times when baby is sick on Mummies top in public! Rebecca Diablo – Mars Newborn

Product Tested By Juliette Gardener – Rosie 3 Months

Juliette Awarded The Cuski Sweet DreameezZ 5/5

Loved the look, colour, packaging looked a high quality product and could not wait to try it out. Came in lovely packaging. Instructions really easy to follow. Quality was excellent very impressed. This is such a versatile product and can be used to wrap baby, use when cuddling or feeding, use on bed, in the car in the buggy so many uses. Certainly great value for money as this is just such high quality. I do like to look for natural products for my baby and do prefer to purchase items made of bamboo as soft and eco-friendly. This is so soft to touch and gently on my daughters skin, just so cuddly. The colour choices available are adorable. This washes really well and does not lose shape. I would certainly buy more as love all the colour choices. Already been recommending. A lovely vibrant muslin with so many uses. Ideal as gift and lovely as a shawl when snuggling my daughter. We really loved this and will continue to use for many more years to come. Will probably save and use for next baby. Beautiful, soft and ideal for purpose. Juliette Gardener – Rosie 3 Months


I would consider buying this as a gift for someone. It is multifunctional, fashionable and easy to store and look after. Great product, would recommend this. Works well for its multipurpose and is suitable for men and women alike.


Fu Awarded The Cuski Sweet DreameezZ 4.7/5

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