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Cuskiboo is a calming, safe and a healthy alternative to other infant comforters or sleeping aids.The most amazing find midwives discovered during tests with new born babies, was because of the extra absorbency Cuskiboo holds, and in those early days when mummy/baby scents are so crucial, she not only carries mummy’s scents to baby but carries baby’s scent to mummy, so this is ultimately beneficial for mummy/baby bonding andalso helps to bring on mummy’s milk flow, thus helping to make breast feeding easier.Cuskiboo is a truly amazing comforter and it is always best to have 2 during the early days especially if planning to breast feed, one with baby one with mummy and keep swapping…It is machine washable and retains its comforting softness, wash after wash.Suitable from birth Cuskiboo has all the qualities a child looks for in a comforter, softness, suckability, sheer lovability and of a course a label to twiddle but unlike a traditional blanket it can be easily replaced if lost or damaged. Bamboo Cuskiboo is made lovingly from a special bamboo yarn which has many wonderful properties. It is ultra absorbent, anti-bacterial, and importantly eco-friendly.

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Cuskiboo Reviews

Product Tested by: Claire Elizabeth Davey – Elliott 4 Months

Product Tested By Claire Elizabeth Davey – Elliott 4 Months

Claire Awarded The Cuskiboo 4.5/5

I thought the product looked premium and of excellent quality. I loved the packaging ability to see the product and was well presented. The window was great to see the product and the colours of the packaging gave it a quality premium look. Loved the simple and easy to follow instructions which were good idea to follow. The quality was fantastic. Soft and comforting for my little boy. It was even soft and of high quality after several washes. I feel the price bit high was what you are using it for but the quality of the product does quarantine a high price. I feel £12.99 would be a more reasonable price. I feel natural products are so much better for babies because of it going into the mouth so much and it gives a sense of safety of the product. I love the quality, it is natural and still of high quality even after several washes. I definitely would recommend this to not just my family and friends but any mum or mum-to-be. The only thing I think would give it the best 5/5 would be lower price a bit. I always had trouble with my son sleeping all night by himself without waking for cuddles in the night. I tried this product with doubt it changing anything. After just 24 hours of using it he slept through at night and has done so every night since. He loves to suck on the Cuski and we take it everywhere we go now. Claire Elizabeth Davey – Elliott 4 Months

Product Tested By Rebecca Woodruff – Harriet 7 Months

Rebecca Awarded The Cuskiboo 5/5

My first impression of this product was "wow what an amazing invention, I wish I had known about this when my daughter was in NICU” When my daughter was poorly, we weren’t allowed to put anything in her incubator with her and this made me sad as I wanted her to be surrounded with my scent, and likewise I wanted to surround myself with the smell of her to help with breastfeeding. If I had known about these, I would have bought them straight away. Although I received this when my daughter was 6 months, all was not lost as Harriet would only sleep on me, and ever nap time was spent in my arms or on my chest (this became a habit because of how much time she had spent on me in NICU). If I tried to put her down she would wake immediately. Upon using this product, we successfully managed to make the transition from my arms, to her cot! So day time naps are now spent cuddled up to her Cuski! It looked so pretty in its packaging and is something I would be so grateful to receive as a gift and I would be happy to give it as a gift. Instructions are very clear! So soft and your smell really does cling to it! I wore it under my top for 20-24 hours and my smell stayed on it for days!! This is fantastic value for money as such a great product. I currently have a bamboo blend baby wrap which is lovely and soft, I would certainly try the bamboo for this reason. I would purchase and I will for any more children I have and will also be buying them as gifts for people who have babies. Would most definitely recommend. My overall summery of this product is that it is a great product, good value for money, soft and baby friendly. My daughter doesn’t just sleep with it, she loves to hold it, stroke it, cuddle it and it really a good product all round! Rebecca Woodruff – Harriet 7 Months

Product Tested By Joy Cumming – Jenson 4 Weeks

Joy Awarded The Cuskiboo 4/5

I thought this was a cute looking item, nice and soft material and was really eager to use this with my baby. Nice simple compact packaging. Not like other items that have loads of packaging for the tiniest of items. Straight forward, uncomplicated instructions. Well put together and soft, but the ‘head’ of the product is really solid and whilst having it in the bed to pick up my scent I found it really uncomfortable if I rolled onto it. If the ‘head’ could be made to be soft also it would be much better. It is a cute item but at this stage of my baby’s life I don’t feel that it’s really done anything for him. Perhaps older infants find comfort in the product but I certainly found that it had no settling values for my little boy. It is something I shall continue to try with him though in the event that one day this becomes the item that soothes him. Personally I do not notice any difference between the cotton and bamboo so I wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase it, but it wouldn’t bother me if an item was made out of Bamboo. As I said earlier, this product has not really had any soothing quality for my baby and I feel that if I had purchased this myself I would have felt I had wasted my money and would be going out spending more money to find something better. I would recommend this as even though this product has not worked for me, that’s not saying that it would no work for everyone, so I would still tell family and friends about it and let them try for themselves. Is a really cute item that is lovely and soft which is important especially when it’s for our baby’s? the ‘head’ of the product I feel could do with something else though to take that solidness away from it as that is very uncomfortable in bed and I didn’t even try to wear the product in my clothes purely for that fact. I think it would have felt like trying to go about your day with a tennis ball stuffed up your top. Joy Cumming – Jenson 4 Weeks

I always had trouble with my son sleeping all night by himself without waking for cuddles in the night. I tried this product with doubt it changing anything. After just 24 hours of using it he slept through at night and has done so every night since. He loves to suck on the Cuski and we take it everywhere we go now. 


Claire Awarded The Cuskiboo 4.5/5

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