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D-Link EyeOn Baby Monitor

The EyeOn™ Baby Monitor range has been specially designed to help parents keep an eye on baby or toddler, night and day.The EyeOn™ range offers a baby monitor to suit any parent’s needs and budget. With more functionality than ordinary audio monitors, the EyeOn™ Baby Monitor range brings peace of mind for parents.These portable cameras transform your smartphone or tablet into a versatile, yet easy to use baby monitor. Connect to the monitor wirelessly at home or through the internet from anywhere, at any time, so you can check on your infant no matter where you are.The monitors are packed with features to help parents care for their child, including motion, sound and temperature monitoring, as well as night vision, automatic snapshots and recording. They can even play gentle lullabies to help ease baby to sleep. 

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D-Link EyeOn Baby Monitor Reviews

Product Tested by: Kirsty Fort – Daisy 2 Months

Tested By
Kirsty Fort – Daisy 2 Months

Awarded The D-Link EyeOn Baby Monitor 4.5/5

Looks good, modern, and not too bulky where it would
look of place in the nursery. This is a very good quality monitor which offers a
variety of features. Easy to set up and straight forward enough to connect to
own Wi-Fi and set up password, it was difficult to re-set password at one time.
I used the product in 3 different houses and was no problem. Mains operated only,
battery powered would be great and really add to the product but the mains
cable is very long. The parent unit is very portable I took it with me when
visiting family and it was very useful, also as it is only a small unit saves
space when packing bags. This is extremely portable, light and easy to
transport. I could hear her from the
other room and the iPad; I did change the password for extra security. There were
originally some feedback issues when using the talkback button but works fine
now. This monitor benefits from both day
and night vision settings, music features, able to take pictures, sound and
visual notifications when baby cries/moves. I really liked the SD card option
if you wanted to play your own choice of music to baby you can. Time and
temperature would be a great additional feature. Range is great I was able to
watch baby in my mums garden and had no problems, I also really liked that the
app runs off my phone, so I don’t need to carry round a monitor as well when
doing tasks round the house. Will definitely continue to use this monitor as
really happy with it. I think it’s great
and works really well with our life. Would
certainly recommend. Easy to use, flexible, reliable, with great visual and
audio features. Kirsty Fort – Daisy 2 Months

Tested By
Jennifer Willis – Jessica 12 Weeks

Awarded The D-Link EyeOn Baby Monitor

A very useful easy to use baby monitor. The camera is good
quality; it looks good and comes with a pink or blue accent ring so you can
change it for a baby girl or boy. The
camera swivels easily on the base making it easy to aim it where you want it. The
monitor was easy to set up, all I had to do was follow the simple instructions
that were provided in the booklet that came with the monitor; so long as you
have basic computer skills it is easy to set up. Unfortunately the monitor doesn’t
have the facility to be battery operated, which may be a drawback when using it
outside of the home, however I personally don’t mind that is doesn’t run on
batteries as I would have it plugged into the mains when in use at home. The
camera itself is very portable, it is lightweight and easily moved, the base it
sits on can sit on most surfaces and the camera swivels on the base making it
easy to aim. However the only drawback
is that it needs to be plugged into mains electricity and can’t be run on batteries.
The monitor is very portable as it is small and compact to travel- all you need
to take with you is the camera and power adapter and your smart phone/ tablet
(which most people will always bring with them anyway). It can be used using its own Wi-Fi network
even when internet access isn’t available.
I would definitely use it on holidays or when visiting relatives or
friends. In comparison with other sound monitors the Eye on Baby monitor
doesn’t pick up sound that well- even when my smart phone/ tablets volume is
turned fully up- and the monitor isn’t placed that far away from my child’s
cot.Although the monitor has a sound alarm it doesn’t pick up sound that
well, so unless my child is crying loudly it will not pick it up as a sound
alarm. The monitor has a sound alarm
which picks up sounds (although not that well) and alerts you to how many times
your child has made sound. It also has a
movement alarm which picks up motion and informs you how many movements have
been picked up, these alarms count up to 9 separate sounds/movements until
reset again. We have had no issues with range with this monitor (although our
house and gardens aren’t massive), it provides good coverage and we can view
our child from wherever we are in our house/ garden. I will definitely continue
to use the product, I didn’t have a camera monitor before getting this (we only
had a sound monitor) however it is very reassuring to be able to view your
child when they are sleeping. The
function to be able to view the monitor whenever we are away from home via Wi-Fi
is also very reassuring. I would definitely recommend this product to friends
and family, the quality of the picture that the camera provides is great and
the night vision mode is fantastic giving a clear view of my child even when
the lights are off, the ability to access the monitor via Wi-Fi on my phone or
tablet is very handy and being able to access the monitor away from home via Wi-Fi
is an added bonus. It is also very easily set up. A very easy to use monitor
that provides an excellent quality picture even in night vision with the added
bonus of being able to view your child when outside of the home via Wi-Fi. Jennifer
Willis – Jessica 12 Weeks

Tested By
Jen Birch – Lexi 11 Weeks

Awarded The  D-Link EyeOn Baby Monitor

Looks like it will be quite good, was looking for a
new monitor & had looked at a few with videos. Unit is well built
& good quality has been thrown into bags for weekends away & is coping
well; and my 3.5yr old likes trying to use it as a video camera when I’m not
using it for my youngest naps. Very easy to set up, download the app &
follow the instructions. Only mains operated which for us has been fine; it
also comes with a European adapter for travelling which can be swapped with the
UK style pins, I thought this was a good idea. Parent unit is your smartphone
so very portable. We’ve been away three times to visit relatives with our new
baby and it’s coped well, you do need Wi-Fi for it to work so that would be a
consideration if going on holiday as some of the hotels we’ve stayed in
previously only had Wi-Fi in the main reception areas & not the bedrooms. I
had to play with the sensitivity levels but once I’d figured it out it was easy
to hear her although I did find I needed to turn up the volume on my iPhone to
maximum to hear it over normal household noises. I felt that in order to hear
her clearly I had to turn up my iPhone to maximum volume, but once it was you
could hear clearly. The monitor has the ability to play lullabies, two way
communication, and visual symbols for movement and sound. I tried the lullabies
but at the minute my daughter is too little to be settled with these she just
needs a cuddle. The two way
communication was more useful trying to communicate with my husband when he was
in the room; but I can see how this would be useful as Lexi gets older. I found
the visual symbols a good idea but they didn’t seem to work all the time, even
when set to max sensitivity I could see my daughter moving & there was no
alert. The distance on the monitor is restricted by your Wi-Fi range, for us we
would need something to boost the signal for it to reach the garden. I did find this quite frustrating. I’ve had a
few problems with the unit not connecting to the Wi-Fi or disconnecting itself
while my daughter has been having a nap, if I’ve had to use my phone for
anything else e.g. answer a call or send a text, I feel for now I’d feel more
confident in a more standard monitor. I think because of the restrictions for
the Wi-Fi usage I would be reluctant to recommend this for full time use. I
liked the idea of the product, but the reality is not ideal for what I want out
of monitor for now. I also feel that
maybe a white noise option instead of one of the lullabies would be useful; I
also think an instruction manual would be helpful. The ability to turn off the "connection”
sound would also be good as a couple of times I’d got my daughter down for a
nap only to be woken with the noise of the connection to my phone. Jen Birch –
Lexi 11 Weeks



Will definitely continue to use this monitor as really happy with it. I think it’s great and works really well with our life. Would certainly recommend. Easy to use, flexible, reliable, with great visual and audio features.


Kirsty Awarded The D-Link EyeOn Baby Monitor  4.5/5

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