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Dantoy Kitchen Play Time Set

HOURS OF FUN – 42 Piece set for endless creative pretend play ideas

IMPROVE SOCIAL SKILLS– Playsets promote child and adult interaction through imaginative games

PHSYICAL DEVELOPMENT –Pretend play sets help your child develop fine motor skills and hand to eye coordination

STRONG and DURABLE – Strong and safe plastics are used to make sure this toy is made to last (Dantoy products do not contain PVC or phthalates)

MADE IN DENMARK – Designers and manufacturers of high quality toys in Denmark for more than 5 decades

Suitable 2 Years Plus

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Dantoy Kitchen Play Time Set Reviews

Product Tested By Katie Prince – Chloe 3 Years

Katie Awarded The Dantoy Kitchen Play Time Set 5/5

When this arrived it was larger than expected. Large box/ vibrant colours with a variety of products on the images. Makes you want to rip it open.  My daughter found all the pieces easy to hold and use. My daughter immediately opened it was great for role play. Even better that there are so many of each item included so she could involve all the family (and her dolls!). I had not realised this had created interest in baking but it has as she now wants to make cakes a lot more since getting this set. She has always been a keen baker but does request it more often now. This does help enhance motor skills and she practises using the cutlery and pouring tea etc. The contents were great with such a  wide variety to choose from and plenty of each item. She would play with this several times a day at first. Now maybe once a day. She loves having something new and practises with her set. Whilst I make our dinner she pretends to make dinner for her babies. No problems cleaning at all. And colour hasn’t faded after washing.  My daughter loved the  fact that there is so much to choose from. I liked that there are several of each item so no arguing over sharing when friends come round or herb on her own she can make tea for all of her babies not just one. Great quality- I was not  expecting much with it being plastic but material isn’t cheap and set is very durable. I definitely wouldn’t pay any more. Can just about justify the price but wouldn’t say it was a bargain. I would definitely buy this for a gift for friends of a similar age.  I would recommend as we have had hours of play out of it. A great product giving my daughter hours of fun and also keeps her entertained whilst I’m making the family dinner. She feels like she’s getting involved by mimicking my actions without the risk of getting burned etc. Katie Prince – Chloe 3 Years

Product Tested By Joanna List – Rosie List

Joanna Awarded The Dantoy – Kitchen Play Time Set  4/5

Great box, Rosie was very excited as soon as she saw it. Thought it was a great simple design. Rosie found this set very easy to use. This was great for creative play and also lovely bright colours. This did make her more interested in doing things in the kitchen and she really enjoyed making cups of tea and putting sugar in it. Rosie enjoyed using it as a dinner and drink play set. She found it easy to play with and loved making cups of tea or serving dinner. The contents were great in this set and Rosie enjoys making everyone a coffee tea and some dinner and bringing cups, plates and cutlery to you. She plays with this as a dinner set most days. Especially when we have visitors. This did keep her entertained. This is made of good quality plastic and easy to clean. Rosie loved the sugar pot with a lid and spoon. I loved having Rosie make us a drink and learn which colour the different pieces are. And counting the sugars she puts in the drinks. Quality is great, strong plastic and easy to clean. For the quality it is good value. I would buy this as good quality and easy to stack when tidying.  I would recommend as a nice little toy for young children to encourage imagination. Great quality and bright colours, easy to clean and stack away. Took longer than expected to arrive but when it did it was a great toy for Rosie. We have enjoyed making dinners and coffee for mummy and tea for daddy. Thank you Joanna List – Rosie List

Product Tested By Gemma Monaghan – Isaac and Amelia – 3 years 5 Months and 1 Year

Gemma Awarded Dantoy – Kitchen Play Time Set 4.5/5

Initially, I was very impressed with the quantity of items you receive, the brightness of the colours which caught my daughter’s eye immediately, and the sturdiness of the product. Everything is packaged in individual plastic with some Sellotape, and I think perhaps a more child-friendly packaging could be looked at (perhaps all cardboard), and my children wanted to help open everything, but that was quite fiddly. Very good in terms of size of items – we have had some play kitchen items before, and they tend to be on the smaller size. This size allowed both my 3.5 yr.  and 1year  to enjoy them equally, which is an extra bonus as a parent! Bright colours were great and very engaging. Absolutely so easy to hold for my children. I think a strong positive of this produce is the sizing of the items for ease of use as a little one. I think for my older child it definitely was easier to have pretend play, and he really enjoyed making mummy a cup of tea and making soup like mummy, so that was so lovely to hear and see him do. I think to enhance the creativity further, it might be beneficial to include some food stuffs within the packs – perhaps providing different textures and colours for smaller children. I’m extremely keen on encouraging children to bake/cook from an early age, and these products are fantastic that. When we did bake and cook in the ‘real’ kitchen, our son wanted to use his own spatula and use the spoons from the set to measure, so he easily transferred from ‘play’ into real world. This was brilliant for my 1 yr. – having the cutlery in the play set has definitely encouraged her to use a spoon for meal times, and she loves picking up the cups for drinking. The contents of this set were ideal for my children.  Both children enjoyed the set. It was safe to let our 1 yr. play with without any concerns, and the colours were engaging for her, and for our 3.5 yr. he was able to develop his imagination and play both solo and with either his sister or mum/dad. This was played with 1-2 times per week. It has been especially good in the nice weather, as we have taken it outside into the sunshine on a blanket to have a ‘picnic’. I think what would increase the entertainment is if the set has different textures and a few different items of food to help see the final ‘product’ of cooking/baking or to familiarise them with the ingredients. Super easy to wipe clean and a few of the items we put in to the dishwasher following sand play came out perfect! For my 3.5 yr., definitely being more like mummy and making cups of tea. For my 1 yr., she loved the bright colours and picking up all the different items and trying to pretend she was eating/drinking. I like that it’s a toy that replicates something in real life, but I particularly loved that it catered for both children when they are at quite different stages – I think it’s very rare to find a ‘toy’ that’s engaging for different age groups and something this product should definitely take advantage of. Quality good as sturdy product, easy to keep clean, and I like that the bright, neutral colours are designed for both boys and girls. Our set for £17.13 is good value, especially as both children got use out of the toy. I think it’s hard to find a toy that ‘grows’ with a child, and this demonstrated that it could be used for younger children to develop fine motor skills and also for older toddlers to increase imagination and encourage them to be more involved in the kitchen with mum/dad. I would recommend for the same reasons above. Good value for money, longevity in the toy. We really enjoyed this toy as a family – each child got different things from it, and we were able to enjoy it as a family of four having a picnic in the garden. It’s great value for money, and a product well made that is gender neutral. Gemma Monaghan – Isaac and Amelia – 3 years 5 Months and 1 Year


I would definitely buy this for a gift for friends of a similar age.  I would recommend as we have had hours of play out of it. A great product giving my daughter hours of fun and also keeps her entertained whilst I’m making the family dinner. She feels like she’s getting involved by mimicking my actions without the risk of getting burned etc.


Katie Awarded The Dantoy Kitchen Play Time Set 5/5

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