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The versatile Seamless Nursing Tank is the ideal figure-hugging camisole, which can be worn under outerwear or as sleepwear, for full body support. A hidden in-built bra with fabric-moulded cups provides a secure profile and fit, which grows with your curves. Wear this for an extra layer of warmth and support, or casually with a pair of jeans!
Available in Small, Medium, Large & XL

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Product Tested by: Rachel Welch - Elsa 2 Years and Lucy 8 Weeks

Product Tested By Rachel Welch – Elsa 2 Years and Lucy 8 Weeks

Rachel Awarded The Cake Lingerie Dark Toffee Nursing Tank 5/5

My initial impression of this product was that it was well packaged, upmarket and looked good quality. The style of the top was really nice, perfectly cut for my shape. It had good quality fastenings too. It is incredibly comfortable to wear. It makes breast feeding loads easier, it’s as easy as astandard nursing bra but with extra support around the tummy. It certainlydidn’t hinder, it was comfortable to use for lying down to feed which is wherea lot of bras fall down. You could only tell it was a breast feeding top on close inspection. It washed well with other clothes. I use it at night under a normal PJ top. I think the design is spot on really. The only thing for me wast he sizing is a bit harsh. I am a size 12 and needed a large. I will continue to use this and will be buying another one.  I would recommend it to others, I loved it. Rachel Welch – Elsa 2 Years and Lucy 8 Weeks


Product Tested By Melanie Viranyi – Jamie 6 Years, Kaitlyn 3 Years and Thomas 3 Months

Melanie Awarded The Cake Lingerie Dark Toffee Nursing Tank 5/5

Wow! What a fantastic looking product, it comes in a pretty pink zip lock bag with a picture of a model wearing the top which looks both practical and "sexy” at the same time. It is very comfortable to wear, is figure hugging and because of fabric used holds any "flabby bits” in place giving you a lovely "curvy” silhouette. I give this product 5/5  for practicality for breastfeeding however when you drop a side down to feed you are very exposed. Once the clip is unclipped the whole side of the top comes down with just a very small piece of fabric left alongside your breast so very revealing and not at all practical for feeding discreetly in public. It is verycomfortable when worn as a camisole/tank top. I guess this is due to stretchy figure hugging fabric used. (I have used this product post pregnancy and although it seems to have a lot of stretch I can’t imagine ever fitting into the same size while I was pregnant!).  It does make breast feeding easier; only one clip to undo which can be done with one hand. The top does look like abreast feeding top but it is an under garment and looks like an undergarment so you would expect them to be visible. It is not a top to be worn on its own. You would always wear another top over it. It does not need any special care while laundering. Because it is an undergarment I wash in a separate bag to prevent clips getting caught on other laundry but really you can just throw it in with your usual dark colour wash. It is made of polyester and is elasticated so does not need ironing. It can be tumble dried on a low heat too.  It is fantastic in the way it is a bra with easy access but also keeps your tummy covered while feeding. I would just like the design to not reveal quite so much breast while feeding. As it is now this is an undergarment and looks like an undergarment because of fabric used so yes you would always wear something else over the top. I will continue to use this garment and would definitely recommend it to family and friends. This is a fantastic product; it is very supportive and makes breastfeeding very easy. Melanie Viranyi – Jamie 6 Years, Kaitlyn 3 Years and Thomas 3 Months


Product Tested By Jenny Bray – Lucas 7 Months

Jenny Awarded The Cake Lingerie Dark Toffee Nursing Tank 4.9/5

This product looked well-made and surprisingly attractive for a nursing item. The top looks, feels and is nice to wear. It looked great under clothing due to it being seamless so having no lumps and bumps to look odd under tops.  My only reason for not giving it full marks is because it rides up slightly from the bottom, as other lycra products also tend to do. The top was very easy to use as a nursing top. The clips worked as well as they should. The top was very comfortable to wear. I was surprised at how comfortable it was and also with how supportive it was. It is by far the most supportive non-underwired nursing top/bra I have worn. It made breast feeding in it as easy as when wearing a nursing bra with drop down cups, which is what I would normally have been wearing. Accessibility for my baby was good. The top made feeding accessible and easy. The top is not obviously a feeding top and could be easily mistaken for a normal vest top, although the cut of the top is quitelow around the chest area if being worn this way. I love that this top is machine washable. It makes things so much easier to have machine washable underwear! I always wear nursing underwear with drop down cups but don’t always wear nursing tops when feeding. I wore this top in the same situations that I would have worn a nursing bra ordinarily.  Sometimes this was in co-ordination with a nursing top and other times it was under normal tops.  When wearing it under normal tops it was nice to have the rest of the top covering my tummy area so I didn’t have to negotiate muslins/ bags etc. around my baby to ensure my tummy was covered while feeding when out and about.  I don’t think it could be improved as it is a very comfortable item that serves its purpose well. I was a little concerned that it may not be flattering for feeding as it is also designed for maternity so I thought the tummy part may be quite large. These fears were allayed when I wore it and found it to be both comfortable and supportive for my chest and my tummy. I will definitely continue to use this product. It is especially nice to wear during these cold months as it is an extra layer under clothes. I was very impressed with this top. I have already recommended it to friends. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this item as I normally wear underwired nursing bras. I wasn’t sure I would get the same support from this item due to it not being wired and also being a top rather than a bra.  However, I was very pleasantly surprised by my experience. The top contains a very supportive built in bra and the whole top is also flatteringfor your figure. I have already looked at other products the company offer with a view of investing in some of their other items. I was very impressed with this top and will be recommending the products to friends.  Jenny Bray – Lucas 7 Months



I will continue to use this and will be buying another one. I would recommend it to others, I loved it.                 


Rachel Awarded The Cake Lingerie Dark Toffee Nursing Tank 5/5