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Darren Chaplin Portrait Photography

Darren Chaplin portrait photography – offering an affordable baby, child and family portrait service in studios based in Wat Tyler Park, Pitsea, Essex. Prices start from ony £35, ideal presents for Christmas, Mothers’s Day, Father’s Day or Birthdays. Also on offer Birthday package where up to 7 people can book a 2 hour session at only £10 each.

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Portrait Photography - Prices start from as little as £35.00 - Check out full price list

Darren Chaplin Portrait Photography Reviews

Product Tested by: Nicola Beaven - Finlay Aged 1 Year 5 Months

Product Tested By Nicola Beaven – Finlay Aged 1 Year 5 Months

Nicola Awarded Darren Chaplin Portrait Photography an Oustanding 5/5

First impression when attending the studio, very friendly, easy to talk too.  Darren was very helpful and went through what we needed to wear on the day and provided directions to his sutdio.  Darren made us feel at ease and answered all our questions.  When we arrived at the studio immediately felt at ease and nice leather sofas to sit on.  My son took a shine to Darren straight away which was good as knew he then felt comfortable having his photo taken.  Finlay certainly enjoyed the experience diving straight onto the sheepskin rug put down and was certainly not camera shy and very happily posed from the start!  Darren also aksed us if there were any specific pose’s we wanted to be photographed, which ensured we could portray to him exactly what we were looking for.  The session took about an hour which was more than generous.  Darren then went through all the photos afterwards and we picked the ones we wanted.  There was no rush to get us out of the studio and we all felt relaxed and happy.  The final photos were superb.  This was our first photography session and a very happy experience.  The prices are very reasonbale.  The whole experience was relaxing and enjoyable and we would certainly return for a further sitting in the future.  Already recommeneded to my family.  Quality, good value and a very enjoyable experience and superb photo’s at the end to keep as special momento’s.  Nicola Beaven – Finlay Aged 1 Year 5 Months

Product Tested By Sam Stokes – Charlotte Aged 3 Years

Sam Awarded The Darren Chaplin Portrait Photography 4.7/5

Initial impression Excellent.  Darren is a parent of small children too, so was easy for him to be able to relate to my 3 year old daugher and he made her feel happy and comfortable while getting ready for her portrait picture.  It was so easy to book our session, just one phone call and all sorted.  Darren made sure I was aware of where to go and gave me some background information on works taking place near his studio, so there was no unwanted surpises.  The studio is small but there are toys for young children to play with and we were offered refreshments as soon as we arrived.  Charlotte found it very easy to work with Darren.  I also felt that he was comfortable working with my daughter.  I guess this comes from having young children himself.  Charlotte did enjoy the whole experience and only got bored while we were looking thought the photos.  There were just so many nice ones of Charlotte to choose from.  The poses were quite standard, maybe think of some poses in the future that are ‘out of the box’.  We were made to feel comfortable at all times, Darren took his time and we never felt rushed at any time during our visit.  Well I did not end up looking like Kate Moss but we were very pleased with the quality of the photos. I found the experience a lot more personal compared to going to a big studio.  We were treated as individuals rather than just passing trade.  Pricing structure is very reasonable and the whole experience was very good.  I am planning to go back at the end of the year to have some more photos done.  A very relaxed and enjoyable couple of hours, with no pressure to buy pictures at the end of the session.  The end product is just wonderful and the pictures of Charlotte are something we will treasure forever.   Sam Stokes – Charlotte Aged 3 Years

Product Tested By Sadie King – Morgan & Louis Aged 4 & 2 Years

Sadie Awarded The Darren Chaplin Portrait Photography 4.9/5

The photographer is very polite, helpful.  Has children of his own so understands that there can be a lot of trips to toilets etc!  When booking session all organised really quickly (expected to wait a few weeks).  I asked the photographer for different outfits to take along which was fine and I am sure if i had asked for extra photos that would have been fine too.  The studio makes you feel welcome and comfortable.  It is a small studio and one on one.  Offered drink when we first arrived which was nice and needed!  The children did not take long to settle in.  There was toys and books at hand to get them involved and they were soon doing as asked.  My children have not done this together before.  The older one has but it was nice for them both to have this opportunity and enjoy together.  They had a little play time and Darren took some natural photos of them rolling around which was nice.  The photographer did not suggest lots of poses but the ones he did were fine and came out well.  There was no time limit on how long it took to have the photos taken or choosing them.  I was there over 2 hours dealing with it all but this was also due to my children having to visit the toilet (in the middle of toilet training).  We were very happy with the finished images.  There must have been over 100 shots taken so did take some time to decide.  The photo sessions I have had before have been with bigger companies which do take at least a month to return the photos to you and also don’t take as many shots.  They also have time slots and sometimes you can feel a little rushed on these occassions.  I believe that the photographer offers good prices for the photos you get, and is happy to do any other offers.  One suggestion would be to offer particular shots, maybe different back drops.  I did end up buying three or four photos and will be collecting them in less than a week.  Nice photos, easy to get too and can even take the children to the park afterwards and walk round the marina where the studion is situated.  So a full day out for all the family.  Great atmosphere which helps the children enjoy having photos taken.  Sadie King – Morgan and Louis aged 4 & 2 Years

Quality, good value and a very enjoyable experience and superb photo’s at the end to keep as special momento’s. 


Nicola Awarded Darren Chaplin Portrait Photography an Oustanding 5/5

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