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Day By Day Pregnancy Book

About The Day-by-Day Pregnancy Book

Count down your pregnancy day by day with advice from a team of experts and amazing images for every stage of your baby’s development.

Fully updated to reflect changes in medical practice, including advice on non-invasive prenatal testing and ways to adapt special diets during pregnancy, The Day-by-day Pregnancy Book provides a comprehensive look at every week of pregnancy. From early foetal development to how your hormones prepare you for birth, Q&As with experts and mums will help put your mind at ease. The Day-by-day Pregnancy Book also breaks down the 12 hours post delivery with an hour-by-hour account and the day-by-day format continues for the first two weeks of life with a newborn baby.

The Day-by-day Pregnancy Book will be your pregnancy bible – every day.

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£25.00 Available and Waterstones

Day By Day Pregnancy Book Reviews

Product Tested by: Linda Nicholls – Lauren Aged 2 Years 8 Months

Product Tested By Linda Nicholls – Lauren Aged 2 Years 8 Months

Linda Awarded The Day by Day Pregnancy Book from DK Top Marks 5/5

It looked like an informative book to use and I liked the fact that it had information to read for every day of the pregnancy. Excellent illustrations, drawn or stills from scans. Information is thorough and interesting to read. It’s a hardback book so will last. As well as information about each stage/day of the pregnancy there are further sections to read about labour, life with your new baby etc. Well presented with clear illustrations and labeled diagrams. The text was easy to read too. I have read other pregnancy books but what makes this one special is that there is something new to read each day of your pregnancy. Really enjoyed reading it every day and looking at the sections about the birth too. It answers lots of the questions you may have and as you are using it daily, you remember where you read something that could help you. I’m often flicking back to remind myself of something. I really liked the illustrations; every week there is a detailed diagram of how your baby looks/is developing. It is clearly labeled with information. The daily countdown is brilliant too as you realise how far along you are and how many days you have left. Most of the pictures are from 4D scans and are amazing. It’s a good quality book that is enjoyable to read and use throughout pregnancy and beyond. I think that it is great value for money; it is well made and excellently presented. I would consider buying it and am still enjoying using it. I have already recommended this book to friends. An excellent informative book to use every day of your pregnancy and beyond. Linda Nicholls – Lauren Aged 2 Years 8 Months

Product Tested By Lucinda Middleton – Evie Aged 2 Years

Lucinda Awarded the Day By Day Pregnancy Book From DK 4/5

Very good, although a little sceptical that they could have enough to say about pregnancy that would be relevant for day-by-day information. High quality book. The cover was a little generic.  This book had a Good – clear layout.  Enjoyed reading this book in a pick up and put down kind of way. It’s a bit like a magazine with every single kind of article about pregnancy that you could wish for.  As a doctor I’m very curious about the changes my body goes through during pregnancy. This book covered everything clearly and in enough scientific detail that made it believable without being bogged down by the medical minutiae. Liked Detailed section on labour. No nonsense approach to health promotion without being preachy.. Evidence based balanced approach.  Good book.  Value for money Yes. For those people that are truly curious about their pregnancy it is more cost effective than buying hundreds of magazines filled with meaningless advertorials. Will continue to use book. Have alreadyrecommended to friends. The only thing I would change is how it deals with exercise – instead of it being randomly scattered through the book I would have had a section at the beginning of each trimester with useful stretches and exercises pertaining to that trimester. A very pleasing book filled with nuggets of fascinating and useful information with out the usual obstetric mumbo-jumbo. Lucinda Middleton – Evie Aged 2 Years

Product Tested By Anneliese Taylor – Mum To Be

Anneliese Awarded The Day By Day Pregnancy Book by DK  Top Marks 5/5

Wow! Big heavy book. Excellent quality, clear pictures, diagrams and text. Looks very professional. I have seen loads of other pregnancy books and this beats them all hands down. Really enjoy reading this book …..still reading! Yes enjoyed using this book, many times with this being my first pregnancy I thought “IS THIS NORMAL?” and the info you need is always easy to find. I loved the day by day reference guide. Personally I think this is an Excellent book…..don’t waste your money on other books.  Great book, superb value for money and I am still reading this book as invaluable reference book.  Will recommend without hesitation.  Although this is a big heavy book don’t let that put you off. This book is fantastic and tells you everything you need to know and more besides.  Anneliese Taylor – Mum to be

An excellent informative book to use every day of your pregnancy and beyond.



Linda Awarded The Day by Day Pregnancy Book from DK Top Marks 5/5

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