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Daytox Cleansing Foam

Delicate Facial Foam
Our wonderful fine-pored cleansing foam contains the highly active ingredient ‘BioDtox’ and soothes particularly dry, sensitive and irritated skin.It further includes precious oils such as meadowfoam and almond oil, which pamper your skin with a rich vitamin B5 complex. You can feel the effect, your skin becomes more elastic and silky smooth. Additional vitamins invigorate and stimulate the cell renewal. Apply regularly and you will keep your skin in balance.
packing size150 ml

£12.00 Available online Ocado

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Daytox Cleansing Foam Reviews

Product Tested By Stephanie Wright

Stephanie Awarded The Daytox Cleansing Foam 5/5

The packaging was lovely. The product was a really good size and I was excited to try it! The tube was really nice; it was a perfect size and had a really nice feel to it. It wasn’t boring but wasn’t ‘in your face’ either. It looks really sophisticated and like it should cost a lot more! The instructions were easy to read and follow.This product was really easy to use; it also felt very nice against my skin. This cleanser was really nice to use, it made my skin feel really nice and I am really impressed with how it has helped my skin. I did notice a difference in my skin. My skin looked and felt cleaner and softer. My skin was left feeling really nice and refreshed while using this product. I was really happy with the way my skin felt after I had used it. My skin felt very soft and smooth after using this product. I didn’t notice a difference to my skins elasticity. I use this product every morning. It was about a week after I started using it every day that I noticed an improvement. I think the quality of this product was great, both the packaging and the cleanser. It looked appealing and classy and felt amazing while using it.I think this product offers a great value for money. It isn’t too expensive but works well and is worth the money. I loved how this product made my skin feel. It was easy to use and not too big to store but not too small that you don’t feel like you get much product. The packaging looks good and like it is an expensive product. This is definitely a product I will now consider buying. My skin feels great and I don’t want to lose the improvement.I will highly recommend this product to my friends and family. I already have when they have noticed the difference in my skin. This product is great. Highly recommend and will definitely be buying it. I have sensitive skin with eczema on my face and this product didn’t react at all with my eczema which isn’t very common with many products. My skin looks and feels softer and I am very impressed with this cleanser. Stephanie Wright

Product Tested By Louise Baynes

Louise Awarded The Daytox Cleaning Foam 5/5

If I’m honest at first I wasn’t sure where it had come from as it arrived early in the morning and took me by surprise and after convincing the other half I hadn’t been spending more money And several coffees I realised where it had come from. It exceeded my expectations as it looked high end and something you’d find in Debenhams rather than supermarkets. The packaging feels velvety and the colour/brand is luxurious. I always smell products that go on my skin and was pleasantly surprised as my other vegan face wash doesn’t really have a smell you can enjoy. The packaging looks great. Has a real luxurious feel. The Branding is also good and comes across more high end than high street.Instructions easy to understand and follow, but I did get lost in all the different languages before I found the right one. Simple instructions and easy to follow. My face felt clean and at the same time moisturised afterwards rather than dry like some cleansers. My skin had minor breakouts after the first week but I was expecting this as it always does when I change a product and it gets used to it. My skin looks fresher and I think this has a lot to do with it not drying out a lot after cleansing. The cleanser makes a nice creamy lather helping to clean skin easier and really massage into your face. This did leave my skin feeling soft and smooth.Hard to say if it improved my skin’s elasticity, but it feels tighter. I used this every day. I noticed how clean and soft my face felt after the first usage. The product looks and feels like a high quality brand but at the lower end of their prices so I believe it is value for money. I loved the packaging as it is gorgeous and the creamy texture as this is luxurious. I would buy this as it is a great product at a great price and makes my skin feel smooth and clean. I would recommend especially to my vegan friends as it’s a great option for them at a good price point. The packaging feels velvety and the colour/brand is luxurious. It has a pleasant smell and lathers really well. It doesn’t dry out your skin and leaves it feeling soft smooth and moisturised. I found it easier to use a mask sponge to wash it off my face as it has quite a thick texture. Louise Baynes

Product Tested By Katie Roberts

Katie Awarded The Daytox Cleansing Foam 3.2/5

The product was sent in a padded envelope and wrapped in tissue paper, I did like that there was very little packaging. The product itself looked simple with a plain design, not something I would be drawn to in a shop but being vegan friendly it sounded good.The style of the tube is similar to other products on the market and in a squeezy tube. The design is fairly plain with the branding, product name and ingredients on the front. I do like the Gold details on it. I think it would be good if it could detail what the ingredients can do for your face on there somewhere. The instructions are on the back of the tube and are very straight forward, easy to find and read. The cleansing foam was easy to use and rub in your face, it was a little bit more difficult to wash it all off after but it didn’t take long. I found it easier to get a flannel to rinse it off as it stayed quite thick.I liked the ideas of this cleanser but I didn’t find it worked for me although it did clean my make-up off well. I ended up with more spots while using this product and my skin felt dry after. My skin did feel clean but I wouldn’t say it was refreshed after using this cleansing foam. My skin was certainly not smooth after using but it did feel a little softer. My skin felt drier after using the cleanser so I don’t think it improved the elasticity. I used this morning and evening every day. I have not found an improvement in my skin yet. I wouldn’t say its cleansing foam; it is more like a cream. The quality is ok but I did expect more from it. I think this product is priced where it is because of the Vegan friendly ingredients; however there are other brands that are around the same price but look nicer and work a bit better so I would not say this product offers value for money. I liked the sound of the ingredients and looked them up to see what they could do, all of them sounded good for your face. I would not consider buying this cleansing foam after testing it. I feel the price is too high and it did not work for me. I also found my eyes would sting every time I washed the product off; I have never had this happen before so I am unsure as to what has caused it. I am unable to recommend this product to friends and family knowing that it has not worked for me.The product left me with a clean feeling but I did find I came out with more spots while using it. The product describes itself as a Cleansing Foam but I found it to be thicker than foam and would say it’s more like a cream. It cleaned my face well, taking off make-up and dirt but while using this cleanser I had a spot breakout. There is also something in the product which made my eyes sting each time I used it, as this has never happened with other cleansers I do not know the reason. All the ingredients of the cleanser sounded good with different oils, it smells nice and it was easy to use. Katie Roberts



Stephanie Awarded The Daytox Cleansing Foam 5/5

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