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Daytox Daily Hydration Face Cream

Antioxidant Facial Cream
Extensively developed, tested and approved. 97% of the test persons * confirm: Daily Hydration regenerates the skin and gives intensive moisture. The highly active detox substance ‘BioDtox ‘as well as the added antioxidants repel free radicals. Your skin regains its radiance. Ideal for young, sensitive skin.

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Daytox Daily Hydration Face Cream Reviews

Product Tested By Kris Barrett

Kris Awarded the Daytox Daily Hydration 5/5

The box is elegant with a quietly simple design. The tag line says ‘Beauty in Balance’ and I was very keen to see the product inside. I like the fact that it is in glass and it has a wide neck to the bottle making it easy to get as much or as little as you need. I was very keen to try this face cream; it has no silicones, parabens or artificial colours. It is allergen free and Vegan Society approved. Over the years I’ve tried a lot of ‘right on’ products and some have been great such as Aveda and others have certainly not been a pleasure to use. Instructions are simple and straight forward. This is incredibly easy to use. I dislike heavy creams that seem to suffocate my skin rather than nourish it. This was a joy to use, it was absorbed in the time it took me to clean my teeth morning and night, a brilliant cream. My skin was very happy with this product; I shall buy it from now on. I used this morning and night and sometimes to treat myself during the day. It made me get into good habits because it’s so good. Without question, my face doesn’t feel tight and dry, it doesn’t look dry and I look like me on a good day – but that’s now every day! It took minutes after first using this to see a difference, and the tightness in my skin was just gone. Perfect, I’m very particular about face cream and this was the right consistency, it smells good enough to eat and it changed my routine. It made me want to use rather than open the drawer and think ‘I should probably be using that’ before closing the drawer.It does seem initially expensive, comparable with Aveda perhaps however because I actually enjoy using it – it is worth it. It’s hard to think of one reason – I just really like it. Because we all have busy lives I suppose the fact that it is so quickly absorbed is brilliant. I will be buying this. Products have to be good to be used. It has to do something better in some way than another product or I will just move on. I am always looking to simplify my life and this works; I enjoy using it, my skin looks so much better. It has passed the test; it’s now part of my life! I have already told everyone I can think of about it. My skin dislikes winter weather, it becomes dry and tight. Partly due to the conditions indoors and outside and also if I’m being honest I am not as strict with moisturising when it’s hibernation inducing weather as I should be – this changed all of that. It’s light, it’s quickly absorbed and my skin is so happy with it. It’s no longer tight, my skin looks better – whether that is because it is an antioxidant facial cream or because I use it a lot I couldn’t say but it’s a pleasure to use. I really like the smell, I am not sure what it smells of exactly but it reminds me of being at a Spa, it’s got a sense of fluffy white towels and expensive treatments about it and that’s actually lovely on a normal day when I just need to get ready quickly. If your skin is happy that goes a long way with how the rest of your day will be, it’s like having a good face day instead of a good hair day. When you have both – well the world is ready to be conquered. I have had a look at their web site as I am keen to try more products in their range and see if they are just as good. It’s just like the packaging, simple and elegant. This product has been a revelation – my skin can be well behaved again, I don’t have to put up with it being an irritant in my life because it’s tight and dry, I have happy skin for the first time in forever. Kris Barrett

Product Tested By Samantha Friend

Samantha Awarded The Daytox Daily Hydration 5/5

My initial impression was that the size of the product was quite small for the price. Nice and simple design for the bottle may have preferred a pump action instead of a lid that had to be unscrewed and screwed back on. The concept of the cream is a great idea, helping protect your skin in everyday life. Instructions were really easy and simple to understand. The cream is really easy to use and a tiny bit goes a LONG way which makes the price tag not seem too bad because it really will last a long time. The cream absorbed into my skin really well. My skin is feeling much healthier and fresher after using this cream.I used the cream twice a day as instructed on the packaging, once in the morning and once before going to bed. My skin definitely looks brighter, feels softer and I’m starting to notice the wrinkles around my eyes looking better. I’ve been using the cream now about 5 weeks and I’ve probably started to notice a difference in the last week or so. I think the quality of the product is great, really lovely cream, doesn’t feel greasy on your skin and it has a lovely clean scent. Initially, I didn’t think the cream offered value for money with the small jar but after testing it and seeing how far the tiniest amount of cream goes, it is excellent value for money. The thing I liked most about this product was how refreshed my skin felt instantly after putting the cream on. I would buy this cream again as I have started to notice a positive effect on my skin and would love to continue to use it.I would recommend this cream to family and friends as it is a really lovely product. Initially, I wasn’t expecting much from the cream but this has now replaced my usual daily face cream! I’ve really enjoyed how much healthier my skin has been feeling and can’t wait to continue using it. Samantha Friend

Product Tested By Jacqueline Southam

Jacqueline Awarded The Daytox Daily Hydration 4/5

Smells gorgeous and well-designed box. Well designed and makes it look like a very expensive cream. Fantastic idea and really does help to hydrate the skin.Instructions easy to understand. Only point I would make is that it said to apply with the applicator but there was no applicator in the box. Very easy to use this cream. Absorbed quite quickly and after a few minutes the “shiny” parts were back to normal. My skin felt refreshed and smooth after using this cream. I would use this every morning. I did not notice any change in my complexion while using this cream. However, my skin did feel smoother as soon as I started using this. Gorgeous smell, a little goes a long way as it is quite a thin cream. It seems pretty expensive at the outset of £24, but a tiny amount can cover the full face and I have hardly even put a dent in the jar so it will last for a long time. I loved the smell. It smells absolutely gorgeous. I would purchase this now I have used it. It seems expensive, but will last for so long that it is worth the money. I would recommend for the same reasons. Gorgeous smelling cream and a tiny spot will cover the full face, so a small jar will last for a very long time. Skin feels so soft now too! Jacqueline Southam


Kris Awarded the Daytox Daily Hydration 5/5

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