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Daytox Natural Day and Night Facial Oil

Night & Day Facial Oil
The fast-absorbing dry oil for the face and neck stimulates your body’s own healing mechanisms of the cells. Valuable almond and argan fruit flatter the delicate facial skin. The special combination of antioxidants, essential fatty acids and the high vitamin E content support the rejuvenation process. Used daily, the oil sets a completely natural anti-aging effect into motion.£24.00 Available online Ocado

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Daytox Natural Day and Night Facial Oil Reviews

Product Tested By Carla Wilton

Carla Awarded The Daytox Natural Day and Night Facial Oil 5/5

I thought it was very well packaged and looked very expensive.I like the design of the bottle because you can’t really spill it; you just get a small amount at a time. I think it works really well; it makes my skin feel lovely. The instructions are really easy to follow. I like the bottle because you don’t need a lot; a little goes a long way.It absorbs into my skin very quickly and easily, didn’t feel greasy at all. My skin now feels really nice and soft after I have used the oil. I use the oil every morning and evening. I haven’t really noticed if it reduces lines and is making my skin look younger, it is probably too early to say but I will continue using it. My skin felt very soft and smooth from the first use. I love the quality of this product; I think it is definitely worth the price. Most certainly value for money as a little bit goes a long way, so it will last a long time. I really loved how this made my skin feel. I would consider buying it because it is such a good product; I am so pleased I got to try it! I have already recommended it to my mum who has already started using it and loves it too! I have given this product a 5 because I love it and I think it is nice when us mum’s can have something for ourselves! I love everything about this product, thank you so much for letting me try it, I will definitely be making it part of my daily routine from now on. Carla Wilton

Product Tested By Heather Walsh

Heather Awarded The Daytox Natural Day and Night Facial Oil 4.3/5

The product looked classy and quite expensive. The bottle design is lovely. The label is quite simple but to the point which I think made it seem quite luxurious and expensive looking. I think it’s great that it’s one product for both day and night and that it’s so simple to use. Very clear instructions with a lot of information. The bottle has a pipette dispenser which I love as you can control how much product you dispense and it’s a more hygienic way as you don’t have to touch any product that is still in the bottle. The oil feels quite heavy at first but sinks into the skin quickly with no greasy residue. My skin felt pampered and soft but not necessarily refreshed. I used this every day and evening. My skin definitely feels plumper and smoother. My skin immediately felt soft after the first use but after a couple of weeks I could see a difference in fine lines. Great quality product and packaging. More expensive than I would usually go for but definitely worth it in my opinion. A little goes a long way so really not expensive when you realise how long the product will last. I loved the pipette dispenser and how easily the oil sank into my skin with no greasy residue. I would buy this as I think it’s actually great value for money and it made a difference to my skin! I would recommend as I think many different ages and genders could benefit from this oil. Great oil but not really refreshing or revitalising. Lovely product and packaging. Made my skin soft and plump and helped with fine lines. I will definitely be continuing to use this product and recommending it to others. Heather Walsh

Product Tested By Hayley Kirby

Hayley Awarded The Daytox natural Day and Night Facial Oil 4.2/5

Looked nice and was well packaged. Bottle is a good size, not as keen on the dropped top. It’s a good idea, but made my skin too oily during the day. The instructions are short and to the point.This was easy to dispense but personally I am just not keen on the dropper top. I found it absorbed better at night than during the day. My skin did feel refreshed and revitalised while using this oil. I would use this every day. I think it did make my skin look a little bit younger, but only slightly. It took about 2 weeks of usage before I really noticed an improvement. Quality is good. Certainly good value. I really liked the fact you only need a small amount each time you use so it really does last. I would not personally purchase only because it makes my skin quite oily. I would however recommend as this is a good product. Good product worked well easy to use and lasts. Hayley Kirby


Carla Awarded The Daytox Natural Day and Night Facial Oil 5/5

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