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Dear Bump Subscription Box

Treat Yourself Or A Loved One

Build your custom gift box and send to a loved one or let us surprise you each month of your pregnancy with our monthly subscription boxes. Our monthly subscription boxes are designed to make you feel special.  We hand build each box to order to ensure they are exactly how we would like to receive a gift.

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Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2020 Pregnancy Gift Box Category 

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Dear Bump Subscription Box Reviews

Product Tested By Kirsty Fulton – Mum To Be

Kirsty Awarded The Dear Bump Gift Box 5/5

I thought it was a lovely box and beautifully presented. I was excited to open it up! I think it’s a fabulous concept- I am pregnant with my 4th child and I hadn’t heard of them before.  The box and its contents were selected for me- although I have been on the website to check it out and it looks very straightforward to customise. The box arrived promptly. A nice looking box, clearly labelled and its contents were beautifully presented In tissue paper and little paper bags. There were loads of goodies in there- a few bits that I probably wouldn’t buy if I saw at the shops (bath salts) however, I really enjoyed trying them out and reading about their benefits.  This was very relevant to my stage of pregnancy and there was body oil which you can only use at my stage of pregnancy also a kick counter bracelet which I have never seen before and a very smart idea. My box contained Body oil,  Sweeties and biscuits (for me only!!), Intimate oil,  Baby cards – 2 packs, Bath salts,  Kick counter bracelet  ( very handy) and Information brochures. My favourite item was the body oil- I used it religiously in the morning and evening and even in the bath- i probably used too much as it was a big bottle and it’s finished now but I loved  it! I would sign up to this subscription box as it is such a lovely concept. I have spent a lot of my pregnancy re-buying bits and bobs that I have either lost or given away so it’s amazing  to receive something through the post that is just for me to enjoy! I probably would sign up for the new mum pamper box for the same reasons as above. it’s lovely to open up something that is just for me with loads of goodies that I didn’t realise I needed! It’s a lovely gift subscription which continues to keep giving well after a baby shower! I would think it would be especially good for a first time mummy. I found all the products to be of high quality- especially the body and bath salts, I also thought the kick counter and blurb along with it was especially useful and informative. Whilst the contents were of superior quality, the price tag is rather expensive, especially if you have a young family- perhaps the price may put potential buyer off. Although it’s not forever and it is a really novel concept. I liked how it was pregnancy stage specific and the contents were geared towards how far along I am.  I probably wouldn’t of bought a couple of the items in the box in the shops but since trying them I have re- ordered! I don’t think I am having any more children however, I would definitely either buy as a one off or a subscription for a family member or friend as i think it’s a really thoughtful gift and perhaps more useful than a stereotypical baby grow!  I have already recommended for the same reasons as above, a lovely concept which is slightly different and something for the expectant mum to be to open and get excited about every month…. just for her! A lovely subscription box that is packed with loads of goodies for the pregnant mum to be. The box is full of useful bits and bobs that you might not set out to buy but enjoy using and could go on to purchasing in bigger quantities, such as the bath salts. A real treat box for me to open, especially in the current situation of lock down in the UK. It felt like a pamper box for me and my bump. I thoroughly enjoyed using all the body oils etc and look forward to using the baby cards as and when. Most of the products apart from the sweeties were relevant to my stage in pregnancy. The only negative would be the price tag however, once you receive the first box I’m sure you can quickly see past it! Thank you for allowing me to test- it was a very welcome box full of pampering, sweet treats and good relevant information. Kirsty Fulton – Mum To Be

Product Tested By Abby Cope Mum to Be

Abby Awarded The Dear Bump Gift Box 4/5

I really enjoyed receiving this product – it felt like such a treat! It arrived in a lovely box and was very high quality. Everything was wrapped lovely and I was very impressed. I thought it was a really lovely idea – hadn’t come across a pregnancy gift like this before and it was certainly a lovely treat and pamper that every pregnant woman deserves! After looking on their website, it seemed really easy to choose the gift box suitable for you and how many weeks pregnant you are/trimester which was really easy. I like the idea that they tailor it specific to where you are in your pregnancy which is really lovely. The box arrived quickly after I had agreed to review it and I was really looking forward to receiving it. I loved it. It was so nice looking through the gift box and seeing what was in there and felt like such a nice treat. So many lovely little things to enjoy and have a little pamper during this special time of pregnancy. Everything was wrapped so nicely in a lovely box and tissue paper and felt very special. I thought there was a really good variety of different gifts included and something for everyone. It was nice to be treated to some things that you wouldn’t necessarily have gone out and bought for yourself. I personally loved the bath things and a pack of nice sweets. all the products were really suitable and relevant, and I was able to use most of them already. It was nice having a few things to store away for once baby was born as well, like the milestone cards. I received a bag of chocolate snacks and some sweets, perineum massage oil, magnesium bath flakes, pregnancy body oil, a kicks count wristband, a book and milestone cards for mum and baby. I really loved the magnesium bath flakes and the lovely pregnancy body oil. I thought the bath flakes really worked well and loved them so much I have actually bought more since using them from the box! The milestone cards were really fun as well. I thought it was really lovely, but probably wouldn’t subscribe to it for every month. I think I enjoyed it more as a one-off treat, a nice pregnancy present. I don’t think I would use all the contents of the boxes every month and might end up with quite a lot of things that I just wouldn’t use. I would consider the New Mum Pamper box as it would be a really nice thing to have to look forward too once baby is here. Or it would make a nice present to buy for a friend. I really like the idea of a create your own box as you could choose contents specifically of things you love and know you would use! I think it would be a really lovely gift to buy for friends and family and will keep this company and box in mind as a great present idea for the future! I loved receiving it so I’m sure lots of other pregnant mamas would too! I thought the quality of the products were actually really great. Really nice brands included, and nothing felt cheap or not of great quality. All the contents were great and it felt really special to receive a box of nice, high quality products that you wouldn’t necessarily go and buy for yourself. I think the price would put me off buying a monthly subscription as that would be quite a lot of money, but I think as a once off treat or gift, it’s quite good! The price does reflect the quality of the box, but it would stop me making it a regular thing. It felt special and like you were having a treat. I loved the packaging – the gift box and how everything was wrapped really nicely. And the wide variety of contents that were in the box. I would consider buying it again – probably not for myself but as a gift for a friend. I have already mentioned it to a couple of friends who I thought would enjoy it! I hadn’t heard of it before or seen anything like it on the market so it’s a lovely idea and gift to tell others about. I loved this product and thought it was great and a really lovely idea. It was high quality and the contents were all great and well thought out for each different stage of pregnancy. I think it’s quite pricey as a subscription box every month – but fab as a one-off treat box or gift for friends. The variety of the contents was really good and I have enjoyed using all the products so far. I think this is a well-thought out product and nice to have a high-quality treat and a pamper when pregnant. The information card included was a nice touch with info specific too your stage of pregnancy which was great. It was nice to have products included that were really useful and not just a pamper, like the kicks-count wristband. It’s so great to be able to raise awareness of things like that in pregnancy. I loved that the contents were really nice brands as well and not cheap products. Overall, I loved this box and would recommend in the future! Abby Cope Mum to Be

Product Tested By Lenka Giertlova – Mum To Be

Lenka Awarded The Dear Bump Gift Box 4.5/5

Was very pleased when arrived as delivered in a nice box and lovely packaging. Nice as a gift. Very convenient that you don’t need to think of suitable items to put into gift box yourself. Very easy to organise and liked I was sent a box relevant to my stage of pregnancy.  Took about a week to arrive. Packaging was nice and goodies inside neatly placed with shredded paper filling empty spaces. It looked pretty. all items were relevant to pregnancy stage and pleasing for mother to be. I liked the variety in the box.  I received stretch mark cream, stretch mark oil, jelly sweets, space eye mask, bath slab, milestone cards, no dummy for mummy book, magnesium bath salts.  My favourite item was the Magnesium bath salts. Great for relaxing and helping to settle before night time. Personally I would not sign up to a subscription box programme. I find this l nice as a treat, not a necessary thing I would purchase for myself.  After having a look online I would definitely purchase the new bump gift box as a present for baby shower of family and friends. all products in my box were of high quality. Nice to get a selection in a gift box but I would not purchase some of them without trying them now. Some are however too pricey and therefore a nice treat. I liked the element of surprise when you open the box and see what is inside.  I would not buy for myself but as a gift for a pregnant friend or baby shower gift.  I would recommend as it is great as gift or surprise treat.  Great idea and works perfectly as a gift. Great pampering pack for expectant mother to be. Loved stretch mark oil – smelled great too. Unsure about watermelon bath slabs – even though it smelled great I am avoiding anything which might irritate intimate areas. Milestone cards were nice touch. Not something you think of buying at this stage, so it was pleasant to start dreaming about all those moments to come. Lenka Giertlova – Mum To Be




A lovely subscription box that is packed with loads of goodies for the pregnant mum to be. The box is full of useful bits and bobs that you might not set out to buy but enjoy using and could go on to purchasing in bigger quantities, such as the bath salts. A real treat box for me to open, especially in the current situation of lock down in the UK. It felt like a pamper box for me and my bump. I thoroughly enjoyed using all the body oils etc and look forward to using the baby cards as and when. Most of the products apart from the sweeties were relevant to my stage in pregnancy.


Kirsty Awarded The Dear Bump Gift Box 5/5

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