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Dentinox Medicine Dispenser

When babies are unwell, it can be difficult to give them medicine effectively. They are likely to be upset, and the experience of being given medicine can distress them even more.Dentinox Medicine Dispenser was designed by a doctor as an easy way to overcome this problem. Your baby can passively suck the medicine through the orthodontic silicone teat. Or you can deliver the full content of the medicine chamber simply and quickly using the unique plunger.
Suitable from 3 monthsSimple, soothing way to give medicineDesigned by a doctorUnique plunger safely delivers pre-measured doseCan be washed and re-usedOrthodontic silicone teatBPA and latex free

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£6.99 Available Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys, Boots or click online to find local stockist

Dentinox Medicine Dispenser Reviews

Product Tested by: Kerry Kirkman – Leo 2 years

Product Tested By Kerry Kirkman – Leo 2 years

KerryAwarded The 4little1 Medicine Dummy 4/5

Looks well-madeand easy to use. Packaging is nice and simple, explanatory. Instructions very clear and easy to follow. I did find it easy to place medicine in the dummy. My son was happy to suck on the medicine dummy to take the medicine after a little bit of persuasion. I found it extremely easy to administer the medicine using the plunger provided. I think that for a younger baby this would be fab but my child was a little too aware that I was "up to something”!  I think he was also aware that it was a different type of dummy to his usual ones as he normally only has Mam dummies. It was very easy to see my son had taken the full dosage of medicine required. The quality of this product is very good, well designed and well-made. I would definitely buy at this price for a younger child. I would not purchase this item for my son as I feel that maybe he is a little too old for this now but I would if he was younger. I would certainly recommend to anyone with babies 15 months or younger and who generally accept a dummy. A practical solution for stubborn babies!! Kerry Kirkman – Leo 2 Years


Product Tested By Lucy Tyler – James 2 Years

Lucy AwardedThe 4little1 Medicine Dummy 3/5

Looks well-made and packaging attractive. Attractive packaging and you can easily see the product. Instructions well written and very easy to understand. It was easy to get the medicine into this dummy. However the chamber is not quite large enough to hold a 5ml dose of medicine as when I closed the dummy up the medicine squirted out over me! Sadly my son was not happy sucking on this dummy to take his medicine. As soon as he first attempted to suck it he spat the dummy out and wouldn’t let me put it back in his mouth. I think the dummy teat is quite hard compared to his usual Tommee Tippee dummy so he wasn’t as keen on it to start with either. I tried to hold the dummy in his mouth and administer the medicine using the plunger but he forced the dummy out and the medicine went everywhere. I found it harder than administering medicine with a syringe. Sadly this was not a success for us as found it ended up being more messy and stressful. I think the product is well made; the plunger doesn’t look as though it would break easily. I think the teat could be softer, although I’m not sure this would be practical as the channel that the medicine flows through may collapse with a softer teat. If anyone asked I would say it didn’t work for us but it may work for them as all babies are different. A great product in theory which I had considered buying before I was asked to test it but I’m glad I didn’t spend money on it as it just didn’t work for us. Lucy Tyler – James 2 years

Product Tested By Lisa Todd – Annie 12 Months

Lisa Awarded The 4little1 Medicine Dummy 4.6/5

This arrived and looked like something that would really help. The packaging is very good you can clearly see item and details on packaging informative. Instructions clear and precise. I found it very easy to ensure medicine was placed in this dummy. My daughter likes her soothers so was easy to give her dummy to suck on and ensure the medicine was administered.  Her dummies keep her calm so never had any problem with her taking this. Only sometimes if the medicine tasted bad would she spit it out, but that is a natural reaction. The plunger was very easy to use. We have to give Annie medicine every week and this was a great little product to help us out as she has not been the best at taking medicine without a few hiccups. Now it is a lot easier with this. You can also see clearly the amount of medicine that has been sucked out of the dummy, which gives you peace of mind full dosage, has been administered without any being spat out. This is really well made and will certainly last. A good design and worked very well for us. I would purchase this item and my sister’s son is not good at taking medicine and he is 6 months and I have purchased one for my sister. If you have a baby who is not keen on taking medicine this could be a perfect solution for you. This is well designed, well made, easy to use and my daughter did not complain when we gave her medicine in this dummy. I am sure she found it more soothing taking it this way and we did not end up spilling medicine off the spoon or going through the normal little tantrums. A great little gadget to have, also ideal totake with you on your travels. I wouldcertainly recommend as worked so well for us. Good value for money too. A great gadget that makes it a little easier to give your baby medicine when required. Lisa Todd – Annie 12 Months

 A practical solution for stubborn babies!!


Kerry Awarded The 4little1 Medicine Dummy 4/5

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