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Derwent Coloursoft Artpack Set

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Superb pencils, practical storage, perfect gifts! If you are looking for an affordable gift of superb colour pencils you can’t go far wrong with this great Coloursoft Artpack set from Derwent which includes 10 Coloursoft pencils and an Artpack pencil case to store them in. The Artpack features two storage areas, one for accessories and a transparent pocket for your pencils. Robust and compact, a great way to carry your at supplies around. The pencils have a soft velvety strip, ideal for quick, dense application of bold, vibrant colour. They blend beautifully and are rich in colour and very versatile, so would make a great gift for any artist.

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£24.95 WH Smiths, Hobby Craft, or click online to find local stockist

Derwent Coloursoft Artpack Set Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Kirsten Mitchell – Henry 5 Years

Kirsten Awarded The Derwent Coloursoft Gift Set 5/5

Very good looks and feels nice quality.The packaging is very attractive and appealing would notice in the shops. Henry loves the size of the pencils.There is a nice range of colours (10 different coloured pencils) all though he would have liked a few more. If marked table top was very easy to wipe clean, just wiped off with a little spray and a wet cloth. The colour density was very good he enjoyed getting different shades depending on how hard he pressed. These are very sturdy pencils and my son did not break any of these.The quality is excellent. This is expensive but a very high quality gift set which comes with lovely carry case and 10 very high quality coloured pencils. The design of this set is just right and would make a lovely gift. I would purchase these and recommend. They are a little expensive but worth it if you have a budding young artist. KirstenMitchell – Henry 5 years

Product Tested By Sharon Mulligan – Stevie 8 Years

Sharon Awarded the Derwent Coloursoft Gift Set 5/5

I was so excited to receive this as my daughter just loves drawing. This arrived in a highly colourful box with lots of detailed information,when you open the box you have a high quality carry case for the pencils and 10 superb coloured pencils. Packaging is very appealing and would attract my attention in a store.The pencils are very high quality and my daughter loved using these. She said they were the best pencils she had ever used. They are strong, durable and the colour density is superb.These are now on her drawing station and she uses them every day and when back at school they will be in her backpack. The colours are superb and she has enjoyed being very creative. If they mark the table top, not a problem as just wipe clean with a cloth. The pictures she has produced are lovely. The quality is excellent and these would make a superb gift. My daughter loves drawing and for a budding artist you cannot go wrong with this set. I would highly recommend.We have had a look at the other Derwent sets available and will be purchasing more. My daughter absolutely loves this set and has kept her entertained for hours.A very high quality well-presentedart set for any budding artist. SharonMulligan – Stevie 8 Years

Product Tested By Cathleen Stourbridge – Jeremy 10 Years

Cathleen Awarded The Derwent Coloursoft Gift Set 5/5

A very high quality well-presented gift set.The box is colourful and pleasing to the eye.The contents are excellent quality and comes with 10 pencils and carry case. Jeremy is always drawing and we are always looking for high quality pencils for him.These are excellent, and they are strong and will last.Very easy to use and the colours are very good. The case these come with just makes it easier to transport and these have been on holidaywith us this year. As you can guess Jeremy is always drawing scenes of things that catch his eye.The colour range of the pencils was very good and the density of the colours is excellent. Really lovely pencils to use. The ideal gift for any child who loves to draw. We will be purchasing more of these sets as lots more on offer when we looked online. Would highly recommend to any parent who has a child who loves to draw as the quality is excellent. Cathleen Stourbridge – Jeremy 10 years


I would purchase these and recommend. They are a little expensive but worth it if you have a budding young artist.   


Kirsten Awarded The Derwent Coloursoft Gift Set 5/5 

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