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Deuter Kid Comfort Back Carriers, 1, 11 & Deuter Kid Comfort Back Carrier 111

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The new mobile Vari Flex hip fins on the new-generation Kid Comfort III deliver ultimate comfort when carrying heavy loads. The hips fins are concave in shape and ultra-comfortable, sit perfectly, follow every movement with ease and distribute the weight evenly to the hips. And because they allow maximum freedom of movement, they help save energy. Extra details, in addition to those found on the Kid Comfort II include: Higher padded head-rest with integrated sun roof for more comfort and safety » Kneepads on the frame » Zipped outer pocket underneath » Detachable, washable thickly padded pillow for the sweetest of dreams » Rear view mirror stowed in the hip pocket.

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Deuter Kid Comfort 111 £160, Kid Comfort 11 £130, Kid Comfort 1 £100 - Available to purchase online

Deuter Kid Comfort Back Carriers, 1, 11 & Deuter Kid Comfort Back Carrier 111 Reviews

Product Tested by: Clare Schofield – William Aged 1 year 5 Months

Product Tested By Clare Schofield – William Aged 1 Year 5 Months

Clare Awarded Deuter Kid Comfort III Back Carrier (Price £160) 4.7/5

A sturdy and useful product that is lightweight. It is really quick and easy to adjust and it was easy to put William into and put on, but you may need assistance standing up. Overall it’s really quick and easy. William felt really secure and this has a 3 point harness system. It’s as secure as a car seat and he had no problem being in the backpack and didn’t grumble at all.  This is really comfortable to use and have worn it for about 1 hour without any discomfort. I walked my 2 dogs with William in the carrier and we had no problem at all. He had no complaints and it was very good that we could fit in nappies and things for William while on our walks.  In the rain William’s arms and legs would still be exposed as the model that we had didn’t have the rain hood as standard (however you can purchase this as an accessory online). The rain kit wasn’t too expensive though and we are going to purchase it as we think that the carrier is really good. I would definitely recommend this product as it’s sturdy, lightweight and William really likes it. It also gives you a new found freedom as you can now go to places that are difficult with a buggy. The only improvement would be to include the rain pack as standard. High quality backcarrier that will last for years and a good investment.  Excellent product that is easy to use, lightweight, loved by our son and makes countryside walks a breeze.  Thank you this has been a brilliant product to test.  Clare Schofield – William 1 year 5 months

Product Tested ByDonna Maclean-Walker – Jessie Mae Aged 1 Year 3 Months

Donna Awarded The Deuter Kid Comfort I  Back Carrier (Price £100) 4.8/5

The external fabric is very good quality and appears to be hard-wearing. The fabric surrounding the baby is softer but also high quality. Although it looked complicated initially the carrier was remarkably easy to adjust to fit. It is very easy to put the carrier on without a child in it.  With a baby in the carrier it is relatively easy to put on but with a larger child it was much easier with 2 of us – one lifting it up to the other’s back. It is easy to load the baby as it is just like a seat that you sit them into – this is easier when the baby is compliant and not trying to get back out!  One of the sides clips undone and you simply sit the baby in and do up the restraining system which is not dissimilar to a car seat. There are several restraining straps, the sides are enclosed and the baby is close to you – I felt very confident that my baby was secure and safe. My husband, who carried the baby most in the carrier, thought that it was comfortable mainly for shorter periods of time.  When I used it, I felt it was quite comfortable – like wearing a hiking rucksack. You can do many things whilst wearing the carrier though it is difficult to bend forward or pick something up off the floor.  The carrier has been used to shop in the supermarket. The majority of the time she was happy in the carrier although the first time she found it all a bit bewildering.  She is also not keen initially on being strapped in and restricted – but once she got used to it was perfect. The stand is fantastic, you can take the baby off and stand her up if you need to sit down somewhere or if she needs feeding, this can be done while she is still in it. It is very stable and very handy.  The amount of pockets and compartments is brilliant. We managed a day trip out with the complete contents of my changing bag, clothes for 2 children, drinks and 2 cameras and did not need to take any other bags leaving all hands free.  The integral sunshade is very handy as it would work for light rain as well. The baby is quite well protected in seat – the back is high to protect the head, the integrated sunshade protects from the sun and light rain and the sides are well protected.  The only exposed parts would be the bottoms of the legs. For what you get this is a fantastic carrier – not only carries the baby but all the paraphernalia that comes with them. Fantastic piece of equipment – all you need for a family day out with the baby. Donna Maclean-Walker – Jessie Mae Aged 1 Year 3 Months

Product Tested By Laurel Anderson – Hannah Aged 2 Years 2 Months

Laurel Awarded The Deuter Kid Comfort 11 Back Carrier (Price £135)  4.9/5

The Deuter II back carrier has got to be the most comfortable carrier I have ever used (and I have used a few!!)  It was very well padded and my toddler looked very comfortable whilst sitting in it.  So comfortable in fact that on a number of occasions we were out walking she just fell asleep!!  It was relatively easy to load Hannah into the carrier and then it was fairly straight forward to put on your back.  The adjustment was very easy in order to make the carrier comfortable to wear.  There is plenty of storage space in the Deuter II carrier.  I managed to stow all the things that I needed for our outing.  Camera, 2 phones, nappies and spare set of clothes as well as a beaker for Hannah.  Hannah Really enjoyed being in the carrier.  I think this is because she had a great perspective of the world around her rather than seeing everything at ground level.  My husband, Hannah and I regularly go for walks at the weekend so Hannah is used to being in a carrier.  I am gauging by the fact that she fell asleep regularly that she found this mode of transport much more comfortable than previous carriers we have used.  She is very well protected in the seat and the high back kept her head supported.  The carrier is lightweight enough that even after a 2 mile walk it was still comfortable to wear.  My husband also said how much he preferred this carrier as it was comfortable as well as sturdy.  Laurel Anderson Hannah Aged 2 years 2 months.

It is an excellent product that is easy to use, lightweight, loved by our son and makes countryside walks a breeze.


Clare Awarded The Deuter Kid Comfort III Back Carrier 4.7/5

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