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Dexeryl Eczema Cream

Dexeryl® cream: it is SLS, lanolin and fragrance-free, hydrating, preventing dryness and restoring the skin’s barrier. Bao-Tam Phan, Pharmacist at Pierre Fabre Dermatologie, the manufacturers of Dexeryl® cream comments, "The combination of glycerol (which helps to keep the skin moisturised), white soft paraffin and liquid paraffin in Dexeryl® cream offers a highly acceptable non-sticky and non-greasy formulation, which patients in our trials significantly prefer." The skin is left smoother and soothed from itchiness.

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£ 5.99 for 250ml - Available to purchase online, and in leading pharmacies nationwide

Dexeryl Eczema Cream Reviews

Product Tested by: Susannah Ford – Betty-Sue Boughtflower 20 Months

Product Tested By Susannah Ford – Betty-Sue Boughtflower 20 Months

Susannah Awarded the Dexeryl 5/5

Product does not look too pharmaceutical, I like the tube. The packaging is simple, nice and clean; similar to an expensive facial cream rather than eczema cream. We accidentally broke the lid to the product, so the cream keeps squirting out. The ream is however, very easily absorbed into the skin. It works brilliantly when compared to the other creams that I have used. I have explained it to people like a new skin! At first it doesn’t seem to sink in, then with a little massaging it goes in wonderfully. Amazingly my child went to ‘severe eczema’ (using hydrocortisone cream) to no eczema at all.  The cream caused no irritation or soreness and it was completely effective! I applied the cream ¾ times a day, it’s amazing! Such good, high quality and for a brilliant price too. I am so impressed, I was starting to doubt that I would ever find a cream that worked and then this came along! Thank You! Susannah Ford – Betty-Sue Boughtflower 20 Months

Product Tested By Amy Russell – Lucy 2.5 Years

Amy Awarded the Dexeryl 3.5/5

Quite a ‘prescription looking’ box. I found the packaging to be a little off putting because there were several different languages on the box and it seemed very clinical. I did not find dispensing the cream an easy job when using with a wriggling 2 year old, would be fine for adults though. I found the skin absorbed the cream too fast, so I had to put lots more on which meant I used the product faster than I expected. My skin did not itch at all and it kept it hydrated and soft after putting the cream on which is great! I used the cream daily after a shower or bath. For me, the product is not good value for money because my skin is so dry; I would need to use twice the amount as a person with non dry skin. But the cream did improve my skin noticeably even if it didn’t remove the eczema; at least it worked in one way. Amy Russell – Lucy 2.5 Years

Product Tested By Amanda Flannery – Ruby 2 Years

Amanda Awarded the Dexeryl 3/5

I liked the fact that the product came in a tube. Quite a lot of products I have tried are in pump dispensers which seem to take a while to get the cream out; this can prove awkward with a wriggling toddler. Nice plain packaging, gives the product a more clinical feel rather than a cosmetic one. The product dispenses really easily, its ideal for quick application on a wriggling toddler. I found the cream to be quite greasy for some time after applying it. I tended to use it at bedtime and I did find that it seemed to sit on the skin rather than sink in. unfortunately the cream did not work on my child’s dry skin or make it look better, I was rather disappointed. I applied the cream one day in the evening; I think it would’ve been too greasy for my toddler to apply it under daily clothing. I didn’t notice my toddler itching s it must’ve relieved the itchiness rather than removing the eczema altogether. Although the cream may work for some, it unfortunately did not work for me and my child. It is a great price for the cream and I like the fact that it can also be available on prescription. Amanda Flannery – Ruby 2 Years

I am so impressed, I was starting to doubt that I would ever find a cream that worked and then this came along! Thank You


Susannah Awarded the Dexeryl 5/5 Top Marks!

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