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Dexter The Digger

Rough, tough and strong, Big Dex is a heavy duty digger ready for any construction site. Dexter’s easy-to-use mechanical arm can be moved up and down to dig and scoop and his strong motor and front bulldozer make light work of any obstruction. Dexter’s friendly driver Bill keeps him company whilst he works. Together they make a great duo.Dexter has other details to discover too. Press the ‘magic’ WOW button to reveal his secret engine compartment with all the tools to keep his powerful engine up and running. Ref no. 01027Contents:
1x Motorised digger called Dexter
1x Builder figure called Bill
3x Rattling boulders
No Batteries Required
Age Suitability 18Months – 5 years

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Dexter The Digger Reviews

Product Tested by: Jade Jones – Rory 2 years

Product Tested By Jade Jones – Rory 2 years

Jade Awarded Dexter The Digger Toy 5/5

I was very pleased with the digger; it looked like a lot of fun for my son who already loves construction toys but is yet to own a digger.  Packaging Excellent, it showed exactly what you need to know and wasn’t too difficult to unpackage.  The size is great, not too big for the toy box and not too small to go unnoticed.  The digger is very colourful and fun looking.  I loved that the digger doesn’t require batteries, my son has spent hours playing with it, I love that he tries to pick up the rocks with the scoop and the little man can be taken in and out of the digger.  He always ends up in his cockpit though which impressed me a lot with a boisterous 2 year old!  I knew my son would get a lot out of it and it’s not too young for him.  My son was trying to push the digger up his slide for about half an hour and played with the wheels when they kept rolling after he pushed it…it really impressed me with how long he played with it because my son is very impatient and gets bored very easily.  This toy is helping my son with his hand eye coordination because he tried to pick up the rocks using the scoop.  It also stimulates his motor skills very well. Yes it is simple enough, even though there is a little challenge with it – it keeps him trying and entertained at the same time.  You can tell this toy has been made with high quality.  It is not rattling, rickety or flimsy.  Its solid and toddler proof.  This toy is superb value for money.  I would certainly buy this toy and recommend without hesitation.  My 2 year old son was very excited when I presented his new Dexter the digger to him…his little face lit up and he said ‘WOW…..DIGGER!’  When I unwrapped it he was exploring all parts of it, the scoop, the little man, the wheels, the flip down control panel, there is so much to explore and do.  He absolutely loves his Dexter the digger.  He plays with it ALL the time, he enjoys trying to pick up the rocks and he has races with his other vehicles.  He seems to thoroughly enjoy playing with it and I am definitely going to buy him another toy from the WOW range for Christmas. Thank you very much for giving my little boy the opportunity to test your product. Jade Jones – Rory 2 years

Product Tested By Joanne Brooks – Jake 23 Months

Joanne Awarded The Dexter The Digger Toy 4/5

Looked very sturdy and durable.  Appearance was colourful and imaginative.  The packaging made good reference to the topic of the toy.  Provided a backdrop and made good use of role play.  A good size – not overly big but maybe a little too big to make it an on-the-go toy.  Some thought has gone into the toy.  As well as the digger aspect there was little compartments for looking at toys etc.  No initial concerns. Fairly age appropriate but my child did have some difficulty pushing the buttons as they were a little stiff.  Although I was very pleased with the toy after the initial excitement the novelty soon wore off.  Unfortunately it has sat on the shelf and has not been played with since day two of receiving it.  I thought it helped with motor skill and hand-eye co-ordination.  I was pleased to see it had to be pushed by a child to operate rather than being battery operated.  The initial reaction was good but I think the ‘digger operation levers’ are little too complicated for young children.  The boulders although a good idea just get used as balls and are a bit to fiddly to pick up in the digger.  My son has found other uses for this toy using the boulders as balls!  I thought it was sturdy and durable.  Many other plastic toys I buy break easily and are flimsy but this I thought was good quality.  Even though my child has not shown much interest I still feel it provides good quality.  I find this difficult to answer. I felt it was good quality and provided value for money but my child did not show much interest in it.  I would recommend this toy to others. Sturdy, durable and good quality. Only negative comment is the digger operation levers need to be simplified.  Joanne Brooks – Jake 23 Months

Product Tested By Laura Turner – Harry Aged 2 years

Laura Awarded The Dexter The Digger Toy 4.8/5

The product is very colourful and eye catching.  Looks very well made.  Packaging was very bright and colourful although a little hard to open.  The toy is of a good size not too big or bulky yet it is chunky enough for Harry’s small fingers.Harry loves this digger and plays with it most days he has even insisted on taking it out with him.  Harry has had hours of entertainment out of this toy.  The digger is recommended age 18mths – 5yrs.  I think this is a correct age range.  Harry is 2 and it is completely suitable for his age.  It can be used to help his role play and imagination but it is just a digger.  Not a lot of other things you can do with it.  This toy helps with Harry’s role play skills.  It has different moving parts and buttons to push as well as a secret panel with more buttons under.  It is very bright and colourful.  So far Harry hasn’t lost interest in this toy.  It is very well made and sturdy will withstand being knocked about.  This toy rrp is a little high for the toy but it has provided a lot of play time for harry so I would probably buy it.  I would consider purchasing this toy.  I have recommended it to many people.  This toy has kept harry very entertained for hours.  It is big enough for him to take out with him pulling it along behind him without being too big and bulky that it would take up too much room in his toy box.  Laura Turner – Harry Aged 2 years

He absolutely loves his Dexter the digger. He plays with it ALL the time, he enjoys trying to pick up the rocks and he has races with his other vehicles. He seems to thoroughly enjoy playing with it and I am definitely going to buy him another toy from the WOW range for Christmas.


Jade Awarded Dexter The Digger Toy 5/5

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