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didicar is a unique self propelled ride on toy for children (however adults can ride it too!!). didicar is safe and ideal to use indoors or outdoors on any hard, smooth and flat surface. didicar provides exercise in any setting and promotes physical development as well as balance, co-ordination, spacial and speed awareness. didicar provides all the above, but above all else it’s just plain FUN!!  Riders from 3 years to, well there is no upper limit, will have years of fun on the only ride on toy for children that both the child and the parents can have fun on at the same time at the same level. Simply turning the wheel left and right moves the didicar, no need for pedals (or feet for that matter), motors, batteries or greasy chains.  Price:  £54.99 Available in Red, Blue, Pink, Purple and Yellow.
didicar conforms to European Safety Standard EN 71 Pts 1,2 3 for toys.Comes with a full three year warranty and the didicar Guarantee.
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didicar® Reviews

Product Tested By Jane Slack – Ben 3 Years

Jane Awarded The didicar 5/5

When this arrived it looked sturdy and fun. Packaging was excellent. This does require a little bit of assembly, but we had this ready to go in no time. Instructions are very easy to follow. This was absolutely perfect for Ben and sturdy enough even for us to have a go. This is a great item as ride on so helps them with balance, problem solving and confidence. This is also unique as it is self-propelled. Kept Ben entertained. Ben had no problem working out how to use this and get himself on the move. We just used this as a car to get around and it was great fun. This is such a well-made item and very safe and durable. The quality and the way it is made and the design is excellent. Superb value for money. I may have to buy another one, as my 5 year old daughter keeps wanting to play on it too….it is the cause of many arguments!!! I would highly recommend the didicar. Fantastic product that is sturdy, well-loved and will last for a long time. They love it! Great experience, would certainly (and have) recommend to others. Jane Slack –Ben 3 Years


Product Tested By Kara Taylor – Emily 4 Years

Kara Awarded The didicar 4.5/5

Arrivedwell packaged and was protected in the post. The instructions are clear and precise. This is easy to assemble and took us about 10 minutes.You did require tools to assemble this item and might be worth putting this information on the box. No concern at all about Emily riding this very age appropriate. It certainly kept my daughters attention. This is a fun toy my child played with and enjoyed riding and you could involve all the family. This does help with balance and of course confidence in riding on your own. My daughter just got on this and went without any problems. She then told me they had these at her nursery. Emily just uses this to propel herself around so used as intended.Very stable item even when us big kids used it. The quality is great, good, tuff and hard wearing. I would recommend if they have a few kids it would be worth the money as it would most properly be used in good weather. It could do with a horn and maybe a bell to use if out and about. It was good fun to use. It feels that it is made very well as it can be used by adults as well. Kara Taylor – Emily 4 Years


Product Tested By Fiona Ainsworth – Barney 3 years 6 Months

FionaAwarded the didicar 4.8/5

Looks smart and quirky. It was packaged well; it came in one piece and was well protected. It took a few minutes to figure out where everything went but then I tried to put the wheels on the wrong way round and this made it difficult. There are not many components that come separately and need to be assembled so it was fairly easy however I did attempt to put the back wheels on the wrong way around. Had no concerns about Barney using his didicar as ideal for his age. My son loved it; it took him a few goes to figure out what to do as he firstly pushed it with his feet. He now wheels his friends around on it. We have all had a go, it’s quite sturdy. It has helped with his balance and special awareness. In the beginning it also developed his problem solving and persistence in trying a task to master it. My son did find it easy to propel himself along, however if it is on bumpy ground it can be difficult to get going. He just used if for intended use a car to get around safely., it is stable and if he did fall off it was not far to fall. The quality is really good as it is light weight and stable. Offers very good value for money as will last for years. I would buy this and highly recommend. All my friends have had a go and say it is great fun. When it came my son was soexcited, he wanted to get into it straight away. We opened it up and it was in a few pieces, so he helped to put it together. However for the next few days it rained non-stop so he did not want to go out on it. Once the weather improved then he went out on it. At first he just pushed it around with his feet, and then daddy had a go and showed him. Then he got it! He is fast on it now and likes us to sit on it too. It looks funky (we have it in red). Cleans easily and is sturdy enough to allow adults to join in the fun too. Thanks my son loves it!! Fiona Ainsworth – Barney 3years 6 Months

Fantastic product that is sturdy, well-loved and will last for a long time. They love it! Great experience, would certainly (and have) recommend to others.


Jane Awarded The didicar 5/5

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