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The Dingle Dangle is the award-winning sensory play set that makes an amazing gift for a new parent.

The Dingle Dangle set includes the:
Sensory Rod
Octopus Portable Mobile Attachment.
Puffer Fish Rattle Attachment.
Attachment Claw.
100% Cotton Gift Bag (for Gift Set Purchases)
The portable, lightweight Dingle Dangle is perfect for both home and the road!

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Price £39.99 Available Jojomamanbebe and online

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Product Tested By Rachel Whiteley – Zak 2 Months

Rachel Awarded The Dingle Dangle 5/5

Really nice packaging, easy to put together, would make a lovely gift for any new parents. I love the idea of something to use to distract you child when getting them ready, which is also multifunctional and can be used attached to a cot or pram. Instructions very easy to understand. Very easy to use and easy to move from one item to another to create different uses for the same product. I love the ideal of the sensory toy and my son liked watching and focusing on it when I was changing him. I used this every day but not every time I changed him. I have used on his crib which worked so well but have not yet used on his pram but I’m sure it would work just as well. I have not used it on pram going out yet but at night I attach it to his crib to sooth him off to sleep. Mostly used on my son’s crib at night to help him go to sleep. I used the rattle in the house when playing with my son and when he is a bit older and can grab and play more independently then I’m sure he will use it then too. The rattle was used every day. I mainly used the rattle at home when he was having tummy time or kicking around to play and stimulate him. He loved it and smiles at it. I love a multifunctional item. So easy to use and versatile. I love the idea of this item. Something so simple and multifunctional which is so useful and loved by adults and their children. I loved the bag everything fitted in it perfectly. Easy to take anywhere with you. Perfect for if you were going away too. This is a good quality product. I would definitely buy this item as a gift which would be perfect for any new mum. I would also buy this product as a lovely gift. I would definitely recommend this as it is a great product. I absolutely loved this product and so did my son, such a great versatile item that can be easily used at home or transported wherever you need in a lovely bag. Would make a great gift or to use on your own child. Well worth the money. Rachel Whiteley – Zak 2 Months

Product Tested By Federica Esposito – Rigel 8 Months

Federica Awarded The Dingle Dangle 3.8/5

I was impressed by the look and feel and the presentation of the product. It came in a high quality canvas bag which ensured its durability. I found it an interesting concept. Not something I would have thought of myself or bought it if I had send it in a shop. Interestingly enough when it arrived, my son started to roll more and more during nappy changes and I thought that perhaps he was already too old for dingle dangle. I wish I had received it when he was about 4 months and cried a lot during nappy changes. When I mentioned dingle dangle to a friend she actually said that it was meant to help and prevent rolling so I was even more excited to try it. The instructions are very clear and the product is also self-explanatory. I did find this very easy to use. It is easy to fit around my head, however, not useful during nappy changes: the shaft part is too long and it interferes with my view. My baby is already at a stage where he grabs things very quickly and there is the risk he can grab a soiled nappy and then touch the dingle dangle which would make it all very messy. I think the product could be easily improved by making the shaft shorter or removing it completely making the octopus attach to the head band directly. I also would not recommend buying the product for the price as you can use pretty much any toy attached to your head to entertain your child. I only used twice for nappy changes as did not work for us and I would give him the toys individually to keep him occupied. It is a lovely toy to use as a mobile and it is indeed how we are using it. The attachment is easy to fit. I like the fact that the toy is multifunctional and can be used as a rattle as well as a mobile, however, it is a pity that it is not possible to use both at the same time. This could be easily achieved by changing the fitting of the pieces and making it possible to attach the octopus to the clasp. This way we would get a smaller mobile as well as the rattle. If the fitting was improved to match both the clasp and the head band, customers could choose to have a short or long mobile hanging from their head. This would make the dingle dangle more versatile as well as offering the option to have 2 toys: the rattle and the mobile with shorter shaft. This would then justify the high price (39.99 GBP). I use this as a mobile al the time. This was attached to a chair in our living room. The rattle is lovely. I found myself using the mobile more. The shaft is possibly too thick to use as a rattle and it could easily be made thinner to fit a baby’s tiny fist better. I feel the product in its current state is especially suitable as a fixed mobile. Changing the fitting to combine and create several toys at the same time would be a lot more entertaining for the baby. I liked the fact this looks and feels very high quality. Great that it comes with a carry bag as ideal to take on your travels. The materials and fabrics of both the toy and the bag are very good. The branding very professional and the logo exposed in the different parts. At the moment the price is too high. I believe the adjustments suggested above would offer more value for money. I would not buy the product in its current state for the reasons explained above. Too expensive for what it is. This is a good high quality product and a great mobile. Just wish the product was more versatile. Lovely product of high quality. Dingle dangle keeps my baby entertained while I am at home for example in the living room. The possibility of it turning into a rattle is fun. With some adjustments that would make it easier to attach to a pushchair and combine its different parts to create 2 different toys dingle dangle would offer more value for money. Federica Esposito – Rigel 8 Months

Product Tested By Reagan Lewis – Lakelyn 6 Months

Reagan Awarded The Dingle Dangle 4/5

I was intrigued by the dingle dangle and was excited to try it out the packaging was well presented which made a great first impression. I liked the thought of the item and completely understood where the idea would have come from. After using the item I do now think it is short lived. The instructions, were short and sweet making it easy to assemble. Super simple and easy to use, even without instructions you could set up and use with ease. The attachments make it easy to alternate. I found the dingle dangle easy to fit around head and the Velcro made it easy to change and fit on various people if needed. I did find it quite heavy and hard on the centre part of headband and more so if child managed to reach and pull attachments. It caught the attention of my child however the entertainment was short lived and he soon got bored of it. I rarely used this for nappy changes. I find it more hassle getting it out. By the time I have got the dingle dangle out and round my head I could have changed his nappy in that time. I didn’t find it that easy to use as a mobile and the instructions didn’t promote this very much. Did not use it as a mobile that often. When used as a mobile it was attached to the cot. I felt the rattle was probably the best thing about the item. But it seems like an expensive rattle. My son loved playing with the rattle. We used the rattle most days. This was mostly used in the car and on the pushchair. The dingle dandle did keep my baby entertained, but not for long when using it in the main way. As stated above the best use was when using it as an easy portable and child friendly rattle. I loved the diversity of it and the fact you can use it separately etc. The carry bag makes it ideal to pack away and take with you on your travels. Amazing quality toy, well made, well thought about and looked very expensive and classy. The great quality of the toy makes it understandable but I did find for how much I used it and how little it kept my son entertained it was a very pricey item for what it was. I wouldn’t personally purchase this item. I completely understand the thought behind it. But do feel as though it is expensive for what it is and the minimal use I got out of it. I would recommend to my friends as their child may get more use and enjoyment from it. It wasn’t the best product. Not full marks from me due to the fact it has limited uses and probably the fact my child was not keen or entertained as much as I’d hoped. It was a very short lived toy. The quality of the item and also the storage bag was brilliant, instructions clear and was fun while it lasted. However I certainly wouldn’t spend £40 on this item. I feel the idea was great however definitely not worth the money that it is sold at. Babies grow out of staying still for nappy changes and even with the dingle dangle on the child will roll off, move away at every opportunity. My son found it funny for the first 5 minutes but after this he was not phased or interested at all. The logistics and set up of the dingle dangle are great, the item itself is well made, comes with great storage bag which looks great if gifting it to someone. It even has space to right to/from. I do think if someone were gifted this item they would use it but not as often as expected and would be glad they did not fork out for it yet appreciate the gift. Reagan Lewis – Lakelyn 6 Months

I would definitely buy this item as a gift which would be perfect for any new mum. I would also buy this product as a lovely gift. I would definitely recommend this as it is a great product. I absolutely loved this product and so did my son, such a great versatile item that can be easily used at home or transported wherever you need in a lovely bag. Would make a great gift or to use on your own child. Well worth the money.


Rachel Awarded The Dingle Dangle 5/5