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Dino Dice – Numbers & Dots

Fantastic way to practise mental maths for 4 – 6 years – Throw the dice and do the sums to win all 3 Dude monsters -Supports National Numeracy Strategy Reception / Foundation
     * Add & subtract
     * Fun and quick
     * Large (24mm) dice and draw-string bag for on the go
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Dino Dice – Numbers & Dots Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Caroline Coello – Jacob 4 Years

Caroline Awarded The ZooBooKoo Dino Dice 5/5

Ideal for Travelling.  Great clear informative packaging.  Game is Very easy for a grown up to understand.  My son has just turned 4 and does not really yet understand the concept, however, he really enjoys throwing the dice and counting the dots and enjoys ‘always’ winning the dinosaurs!  He will understand with time.  I had no concerns about my child playing with this toy ideal for his age.   It does not hold my Childs attention for long, although it does hold his attention when he first ‘plays’ with it and likes counting the dice and especially winning the dinosaurs.  He plays separately with the dinosaurs and this has proved to be good on long car journeys.  Yes it does encourage my child to count, in fact they had been counting with dice at nursery and he was excited at the prospect, it also encourages him to take turns as he is not very good at this.  This game is not easy for my child to understand at 4 years of age. However, I can see how some 4 year olds may get it and play for while.  Given time though I can see our son playing with the game as it is intended.  He plays games with the dinosaurs and uses them on his fortress!!  Excellent quality.  Definitely value for money, great price.  I love;  that there are dinosaurs that made Jacob excited from the start; that it is small and comes in a little bag ideal for taking away on trips; that it encourages counting; that it is flexible enough to play with, even though son does not yet get the game he can still play with it.  I think the design of this toy is just great.  I would consider buying it as a present for a friend’s child.  I would recommend this without hesitation.  A great game for travelling with that stimulates the imagination and encourages learning.  Caroline Coello – Jacob 4 Years


Product Tested By Yvette Uliwich – Jessie & John 5 & 7 Years

Yvette Awarded The ZooBooKoo Dino Dice 5/5

Looked a good quality educational toy.  Packaging good shows the product well and what it is intended for .  Also great little item to take on your travels to keep children amused.  The game is easy enough for adults to understand.  This was the ideal game for Jessie & John as made learning numbers/math’s fun for them as playing a game.  Ideal age suitability for our children.  They enjoyed the game, helped with counting skills and they both loved the dinosaurs. Helped them to learn and play together.  Also great game for the whole family to join in.  Quality is superb and great value for money.  Would highly recommend this game and have already told friends and family as makes ideal gift.  A good game, makes fun learning and all the family can join in.  Yvette Uliwich – Jessie & John 5 & 7 Years.


Product Tested By Harriet Alvin – Jasmine Aged 4 Years

Harriet Awarded The ZooBooKoo Dino Dice 3/5

I was unsure about how much it would appeal to my child, would not have picked it up in a shop, but good aims of improving numeracy.  Packaging was clear and outlined exactly what product was. Game was easy for me to understand what to do.  After a while Jasmine started to understand the concept of the game. . Jasmine had not started school so not yet learning to add and subtract numbers; I had to teach her this before we could play the game.  She got bored easily. Younger child interfered and was not able to join in.  However, would be more beneficial for her as she learns to understand math’s more. Helps with math’s if they have already learnt concepts of addition or subtraction.  Not ideal for Jasmine at present but might be more suitable for her next year.  My Younger child likes to play with the dinosaurs and the little bag.  Quality of this toy was good, but it was too advanced for a pre-school child.  Harriet Alvin – Jasmine Aged 4 Years

I would recommend this without hesitation.  A great game for travelling with that stimulates the imagination and encourages learning. 


Caroline Awarded The ZooBooKoo Dino Dice 5/5

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