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Dinohistoria Card Game

DINOHISTORIA:This game with 56 playing cards and instuctions, each card having a different image with exquisite, authentic vivid illustrations, licensed by the Picture Library of the Natural History Museum and facts about them.The images cover from the Precambrian period to Quaternary, 4.6 billion years to 10,000 years ago. Many of the Dinosaurs are familiar, Tyrannosaurus rex, Allosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Iguanodon, Triceratops, Pteranodon and others. Plus over 20 other animals, including the Sabre-toothed Tiger and Mammuthus primigenius (woolly mammoth).The rules are simple to follow so that children, can quickly play the game and have fun.Whilst Dinohistoria is for Age 7+, younger players Age 5+ can play Pairs or Snap (using any four of the 5 suits) matching by numbers.Both these  games are for 2 – 6 players  are easy to play and quick to learn, so everyone can learn whilst having fun and being entertained, enhancing a whole range of skills.Learning details and facts about animals, past and present;  From Dinosaurs to Lions, from the Sabre-toothed Tiger to Wildcat.

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Dinohistoria Card Game Reviews

Product Tested by: Jasmine Silton – Arial 7 Years

Product Tested By Jasmine Silton – Arial 7 Years

Jasmine Awarded The Dinohistoria Card Game 4/5


Looked interesting, was not sure if Arial would take to this game as bit scared of dinosaurs. Packaged well and the cards had good illustrations and lots of information. Card games are always fun and ideal for all ages. The instructions detailed clearly all the games you could play. The cards themselves were well presented; pictures were realistic and detailed information and facts on each card which helped with learning. We played the suggested games snap and pairs, but we also used them as trivia game and also used as game to make the animal noises as card was flashed in front of us. We all had such fun with the sound game and Arial was not as frightened of the pictures and became more interested in asking questions. These do stimulate the imagination and teach history in a fun way. The quality is very good. Good value for money as you can take card games anywhere and they can be played by all the family so gets the family having fun together. I have had a look online and like the Wildcat cards so think we will be buying these. I feel the Dinohistoria is probably more suited to boys or Dinosaur fans. I would recommend and we have had fun playing with these cards. A game that gets all the family playing together and certainly helped my daughter learn more about prehistoric animals. Jasmine Silton – Ariel 7 years

Product tested by Vicky Tindle – Zack 6 Years

VickyAwarded The Dinohistoria Card Game 4.5/5


I have a Dinosaur fan and you can imagine my son’s delight when these arrived. Well packaged, good quality and instructions clear and precise. You can play a range of games with these cards and we all found it very interesting to read the facts on these cards as even helped us learn a little bit more. This card game has 56 cards and the illustrations are very realistic. The information on the cards is well written and very informative. We played the games suggested and Zack was in his element as he loves Dinosaurs so just wanted to learn more. This game made him ask more questions and he was eager to learn. Also made him want to visit museum to see the size of these animals. He was just so keen to learn more and we all enjoyed playing the game together. I think the most fun Zak had was making the noises of all the animals and with 56 cards he had a lot of noises to match. This card game was very entertaining, educational and just love a game everyone can join in. Really good value for money brings the family together and makes learning fun. I would definitely purchase this game as a gift especially for Dinosaur fans. Great entertainment can be played anywhere and a great card game to entertain while on your travels. Well worth the investment and will last. Vicky Tindle – Zack 6 Years


Product Tested By Ginette Rex – Gareth 7 Years

GinetteAwarded The Dinohistoria Card Game 4.7/5


This caught Gareth’s eye when arrived as huge big T Rex on the front. My son loves monsters and scaring his little sister so he was eager to play. Box is well presented and cards are good quality. I was quite surprised how good the images of the prehistoric animals were and the facts on each card were very educational. This is a game that can be played by 2-6 players. Gareth played as snap and pairs with his friends. With the family we tended to really make it a learning game which helped him learn more and stimulated him to ask more questions. The cards would give you details of dates these animals roamed the earth, explain what some of the names meant, and showed you in natural environment. We also used these cards to search the names online and find out what they would sound like then use this in the game. A simple pack of cards that offer so much. A game that will helpwith learning history by making it fun, help with memory and enabling a child to understand more about prehistoric monsters and their eating habits and how they lived. We also went on a few trips and these came along as could entertain the children in the car and had fun playing game with granny and gramps. Good value for money, ideal card game which will always entertain and stimulate interest in history. We loved this and would highly recommend. Ginette Rex – Gareth 7years




A game that gets all the family playing together and certainly helped my daughter learn more about prehistoric animals.     


Jasmine Awarded The Dinohistoria Card Game 4/5  


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