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Dinosaur Puppets

A create your own dinosaur puppet kit. Easy to create in up to six easy steps, with no glue or scissors needed. You’ll never be without a dinosaur buddy if you make and fold your very own dinosaur friends. Terry and Tyrone are two easy to make, beautifully designed characters that can be put together in no more than six easy steps. Simple to make with no scissors or glue required. Each kit contains two easy to make puppets, Instructions leaflet and a helpful activity booklet.

The Activity leaflet contains, fun dino facts, jokes, and puzzles there is even a section in which you can name your own Dinosaur Puppet. For 1+ players. Age 5 + Made from recycled paper

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Dinosaur Puppets Reviews

Product Tested by: Anne Rice – Jacob 6 years

Tested By
Anne Rice – Jacob 6 years

Awarded The Dinosaur Puppets 4.3/5


These looked fun and
could not wait to start using them. Great packaging catches your eye. Good quality card not just flimsy card. 
My 6 year
old did find some of the smaller bits tricky to fold in to place (and I didn’t
find it easy either).  He managed to work
out how to use items supplied with some help from me.  He was pleased that what he made looked like
the picture. 
He has played with it but it keeps undoing at the
folds so have had to stick together. Instructions say it should click into
place and stay there but it didn’t in our case. He enjoyed making it but as I said before it kept undoing.  A nice activity toy for rainy days. I would suggest supplying double sided tape so
can be fixed into place.  Great to have
in the house ready for a rainy day, doesn’t take up much space. Good added
bonuses like naming certificate and dino jokes. Would be a 5/5 if folds could be stuck into place and fixed. Great for raining days to make and play with,
perfect for all dino fans!  Anne Rice –
Jacob 6 Years


Tested By
Wendy Johnston – Zak 5 Years

Awarded The Dinosaur Puppets 4/5


crafty item to make with my little boy. Looks simple but effective. 
Zak was very excited to start making the dinosaurs!  Packaging is bright and eye catching for
children. The puppets are made of
cardboard so I don’t expect them to last for a long period of time. The age suitability was ideal for my
son.  My son was very keen to build the
puppets and give them names.  My son
needed a bit of help assembling the puppets. It was a bit tricky to slot
all the cardboard together without bending it. He can assemble Lego sets
for ages 8 plus and is generally very crafty but he could not make these alone. My son has played with the dinosaur puppets
along with his other toy dinosaurs. My
son initially loved the dinosaur puppets but after a few weeks he lost interest
and now only plays with them occasionally.  He has to be fairly gentle
with them or they will fall apart. If he opens the mouth too wide to
"eat" something the cardboard will need slotting together again.  , he has only really used them as hand
puppets and played with them with his other toy dinosaurs. These do represent good value for money.  I would have liked the puppets to stay
together after assembly.  They wouldn’t stand up to rough and tumble. I would perhaps buy this as a gift for my
son to give one of his friends on their birthday, or as a pass the parcel prize
at a birthday party. I would recommend,
but I would warn them that the puppets are not going to last long if a child
plays roughly with them.  Nice idea for a
craft activity to do with your child if you want to avoid glue and mess. 
However the puppets tend to come apart through general use. The enclosed
activity sheet was good but two of the jokes were about blind dinosaurs and
perhaps a bit insensitive. Making the
dinosaur puppets is a fun activity to do with your child but the end result is
rather flimsy and causes frustration when having to re-assemble.  Wendy Johnston – Zak 5 years


Tested By
Elizabeth Mullins – Kyle 6 Years

Awarded The Dinosaur Puppets 4.2/5


a fun product and finger puppets are always a good entertainer for
children. Packaging is very vibrant and
would stand out in store.  The card
supplied for these finger puppets was good quality.  Kyle did make the puppets supplied but did
need help from us as was not able to complete on his own.  He was pleased with the dino’s he had made and
we had fun creating stories using these finger puppets.  The only thing we found with these is they
had to be handled with care otherwise they could come apart and we found ourselves
having to stick these together again. A
really fun item. Good creative fun as
all the family can get involved and fun to do funny voices and create your own
stories with these fab finger puppets. Only thing is they need to be more robust.  Good value for money. Also these come with dino jokes which are fun
too. We loved this item and would
purchase again and recommend. A fun
creative toy that is enjoyable to create and play with. Just will not last for that long.  Elizabeth Mullins – Kyle 6 Years  



Great for raining days to make and play with, perfect for all dino fans!                  


Anne Awarded The Dinosaur Puppets 4.3/5  

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