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Diono Stow ‘n Go™

Keeps everything organised and easy to find when you need it. Our seatback organiser does it all with seven full sized pockets and two drink holders in a washable, waterproof fabric. The top fastens around any headrest while the bottom fastens around the seat for a secure fit. Folds for easy storage in seat back pocket when not in use.

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Diono Stow ‘n Go™ Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Katie
Cutter – Gracie 3 Years

Katie Awarded The Diono Stow n Go 4.9/5

First impressions of the product were that it is well made
and made with good quality fabric, there are 7 different compartments so plenty
of space to store items, also each compartment is easily accessible for my
three year old as they are stretchy or simply fasten with Velcro. The only
thing that I would have liked to see is a bit of colour/pattern on the product.
Packaging for the product was appropriate, it arrived in a cardboard box that
was suitable for its size and opened with ease. The design on the box clearly
showed what the product was and also included pictures of it in use. No damage
was caused to the box when opening it meaning that if we were to restore the
product then reusing the packaging would not be an issue. Instructions are
available in several different languages, they are very easy to follow and also
include diagrams to show how the Stow N Go fits into your car. The quality of
the product appears to be of a high standard. My daughter travels in our car
every day which means the Stow n Go gets used daily. Up to now we have no
concerns or complaints and feel confident that it will last. In terms of
product use I feel £13 is appropriate however a choice of different colours/designs
would also be good. I would buy this product, in previous car journeys I have
kept "essentials” in my bag and often we pass things back and forth which can
be uncomfortable and also stressful as I frantically search through my bag for
a drink, or toy or book etc. Having everything in easy reach and safely stored
is ideal. It also means the back of the car feels and looks tidier as often my
daughter would drop things and these would then roll under the passenger seat. One
thing to consider is the fact that my daughter is in a car seat and that means
she is unable to access the lower pockets however this is no reflection on the
product itself and at present doesn’t cause any concern as the top pockets are
enough to hold what she needs and the Stow N Go will grow with her. I would
recommend this product to others. Since using the Stow n Go our car journeys
have become less stressful and my daughter has gained some independence as she
can now help herself to the things she needs and wants when out in the car. Katie Cutter – Gracie 3 Years

Product Tested By Kimberley
Kelsall – Sebastian 4 Months

Kimberley Awarded The Diono Stow n Go 4.1/5

It looked like a good quality product although I didn’t
really see a need for it for myself as my son is only 4 months old and so his
things just fit into a bag. I thought that it would be good to use when my 6
year old niece was in the car though to keep her things tidy and to hand. The
packaging is good, it is small and just big enough for the product therefore
making sure nothing is wasted also it is reusable and recyclable. Instructions
were clear although the product was one that in all honesty didn’t really need
instructions. The quality of the product is good. The material is durable,
strong and capable of holding moderate weight items e.g. full drinks bottles,
iPads etc. However the quality of the fasteners at the top with Velcro and
bottom fasteners are not great, they undo easily with no force. My niece
managed to pull it off the seat when getting something out a number of times. I
believe the product does offer value for money as I managed to keep the car
tidy and also keep things in to keep my niece entertained on a long journey. If
the fasteners were stronger and didn’t undo a lot of the time then I would
consider purchasing this product for an older child than mine. It is a very
good idea and is a good way of keeping the car tidy whilst having everything
needed for a child easily to hand. I don’t really see a need for it if you have
a child under 5 travelling in the back of the car on their own as they won’t be
able to reach it. I would recommend this to family and friends who have school
aged children. The idea behind it is a good one and well thought out although
there was trouble with the fasteners and that let it down as I kept having to
put it back up in the car and attach the bottom fasteners back on. Kimberley
Kelsall – Sebastian 4 Months

Product Tested By Jade
Wilson – Toby 9 Months

Jade Awarded The Diono Stow n Go 4.7/5

I was initially really impressed with the product. It looked
like it had lots of great pockets to use. I was really looking forward to getting
it attached to the seat. I thought the packaging was compact, so not
necessarily re-usable, unless you were thinking of sending something relatively
small in the post, in which case it could be re-used. It’s a standard cardboard
package; easy to open, not fiddly at all, with the product contained within a
plastic outer layer to protect from any possible outside damage (Damage during
transit and/or moisture etc.) You can pop it in the recycling bin and so is
environmentally friendly. A clear picture and description on the front of what
you should expect from the product. I only briefly looked over the
instructions, but I think that anyone with a bit of common sense could work out
how to use it. It’s very simple and easy to attach to your car seat. The
instructions are otherwise very easy to follow. I was a little bit disappointed
with the quality. The product itself doesn’t hang very well on the back of the
car seat, and you have to pull the string really tight around the bottom for it
to feel secure. I would have preferred
the material to be a bit stronger, as it doesn’t feel like it would be able to
hold too much weight; having said that, you’re not exactly going to be stuffing
the kitchen sink in the pockets. It doubles as a protector for when the kids
want to rub their muddy shoes on the back of the car seat; this is easy to
remove and wipe down. The pockets would be easily ripped if my little one could
have a good enough go, as one of the pockets I put something into tore slightly
without much force. This product would be better catered to those who either
can’t reach, or are old enough to know not to ruin things. Though I have seen
similar products cheaper than this, I believe you get what you pay for. I would
be happy to pay the RRP as it’s fit for what we need. As previously said, I
would have liked it to be a bit sturdier. Without a doubt, I would be happy to
purchase this. It tidies up all the little bits in the back of your car, and
not necessarily just the kids’ stuff. It serves me a purpose, it may not for
others, but it really does what it says on the box. It’s reasonably priced, has
lots of pockets and is great for storing things in the car you tend to forget.
It is a useful organiser which, unknowingly, doubles as a car seat protector.
The back of my car no longer resembles a toy box. Jade Wilson – Toby 9 Months


Since using the Stow n Go our car journeys have become less stressful and my daughter has gained some independence as she can now help herself to the things she needs and wants when out in the car.


Katie Awarded The Diono Stow n Go 4.9/5                                          

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