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DISCOVERY Toy Drawing Light Board Neon Glow

The Neon LED Glow Drawing Board creates endless possibilities with its combined 36 different light-up colours and effects, plus 4 neon pens included. Wipe the drawing board clean to draw original works of art or trace your favourite images using the translucent surface. The Neon LED Glow Drawing Board is an easy travel companion and displays your light up art day or night. Age 6+.

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DISCOVERY Toy Drawing Light Board Neon Glow Reviews

Product Tested By Elaine Kalo – Annie 7 Years

Elaine Awarded The Discovery Drawing Board Neon LED Glow 5/5

When this product arrived it was greeted with great excitement from my daughter. My initial impression was that it would be a toy that is well-suited to a child that enjoys creative activities. I thought the concept of the product was great – an easy-to-use, portable toy that gives lots of sensory feedback. The design of the toy is great as it is so simple. Limited equipment and set-up required. The instructions were straightforward and we didn’t have any problems following them. My daughter found this product easy to use – she just needed some initial reminding about holding the button down when using the on/off switch. My daughter had lots of fun with this product as it gives lots of scope for creativity. She particularly enjoyed using it in a darkened room to get the full effect of the illumination. She even used it to write messages and pictures for her grandparents when face-timing them during lock down! My daughter loved the Neon LED Glow and she said “I think it’s very good. I like playing with it at night time. It’s very nice, the pens are very nice. I like all the colours, it’s so colourful!”.  My daughter did find it easy to trace and she was able to draw whatever she wanted, with ease. This toy proved to be a good ‘settling down’ toy at night time. On the nights when she wasn’t tired due to the absence of school, it helped relax her before sleep. My daughter used this toy nearly every night during the testing period.  She used it mostly in her bedroom with the curtains drawn. I think the product was appropriate for my 7 year old. I do think some younger children with good pencil control skills could use it also. I think this toy could definitely be used on a journey as it is very lightweight and portable. I think it would be great to use on night-time car journeys or night flights to get the full effect. My daughter loved the Neon LED Glow aspect of this toy. I liked the fact that it was easy to use and did not require any adult support, thus encouraging independent play. It was lovely to see the drawings she had produced. The product seemed fine in terms of overall quality although the rubber stoppers on the back kept falling off. I don’t know if this was a quality control issue or if this is a design issue. I would say this product does offer value for money as it could be potentially used for a long time and it’s easy to maintain with just the occasional battery change. I would definitely buy this product as it has proved to be a very entertaining toy for my daughter.  I would recommend this product to family and friends as I think it’s really useful to have around and keep children entertained on a journey or to help them wind down at night time. I would definitely give this product full marks as it proved to be a great success with my daughter. Endless possibilities in terms of using imagination and creativity! This was a fun product to review and absolutely perfect for the lock down period. Elaine Kalo – Annie 7 Years

Product Tested By Kris Barrett – Bee 5 Years

Kris Awarded The Discovery Drawing Board Neon LED Glow 4.4/5

We were excited to be allocated this Neon LED Glow Drawing Board. It arrived well packed and earlier than I imagined. The company kindly included complimentary batteries for us as we were reviewing it although it does state on the box that it needs three AA batteries so grown-ups would be aware upon purchase to buy some. The box is very engaging, the neon picture of a turtle on the front is stunning. It made me want to have a go at drawing let alone my daughter’s enthusiasm to create her first neon artwork! I was really intrigued by the idea of this drawing tablet as it has come to be called in our house. We are a very creative family so drawing and craft happens nearly every day but we had never thought to buy one of these. I wondered if it would be too gimmicky for us or a whole new experience. It was a lot lighter than I had imagined it would be. Initially I was disappointed at this but in use I soon realised that it needs to be light so children can use it on their laps in the car and it is sturdy enough to be used by both a 5 year old and a three year old at the same time. Instructions clear and easy to understand. This is a really simple and easy to use drawing board, it’s a straight forward concept and I just wonder why we had never come across these before. This has been fantastic for the children, they’ve created numerous masterpieces and they seemed captivated by it. The Neon LED glow has enthralled them, they toggle through the different settings and they can explain that it is better viewed in a low light room. We have been doing home schooling because of COVID so it has been used for phonic and numeracy work. It is easy to trace images but they do prefer to create their own images at the moment. It worked far better than I imagined that it would. They seem to adore the idea of making quick, bright artwork that can be further enhanced by the LEDS. This was used daily.  It has been used for home schooling and relaxing time. They both use the drawing board and it has proved to be a good tool for encouraging them to finish tasks. We haven’t had the chance to use it in the car yet because of COVID but I imagine that it will be used equally between the front room and the car in future. At the moment they lay on the floor to draw or use it at the dining room table. Our children are 5 and 3 and they have both enjoyed using this. They have been able to use it carefully and then clean it themselves to start all over again. This is great size to take on your travels as it is light weight and big enough to lay on a child’s lap in the car whilst providing a large enough area to draw. They loved the fact that it lit up and had different ‘dance’ lights as they called it. There are 36 different ones. I loved the drawing possibilities which are endless and for me as a parent that is great as it reduces waste and promotes creativity. The only concern that I would have is that the kick stand seems rather flimsy but the children simply use it without the stand. this is a creative product for creative children. I would happily pay the price and buy this for friend’s children as a gift.  I would buy this because it is a different experience to drawing with coloured pencils or felt tip pens. I have already shown this to friends in a socially distanced way. They were taken with it too. I would have given this a 5/5 mark with just a little design evolution. The drawing tablet is great, it is a good size and sturdy enough for the children to use at the same time. This is a great idea for a creative child (or parent when I get the chance) – it is a good size. It is easy to use and a reusable resource. Thinking about the design I would make a note about the kick stand, if it was sturdier I do think that that would be beneficial. If it came with a carry case for the car that would be great. I have bought the children a laptop slip cover to keep the drawing board safe and scratch free and it keeps the pens with it as they are neon markers so I do not want them used up on paper artwork. I looked on Amazon and it is possible to buy different branded neon markers at a reasonable price. It might be worth the company providing details about where to buy markers once the provided ones are used up.  As a final thought, the box is so eye catching because of the large neon turtle drawing on it and I wondered in future whether a selling point could be a donation of sales could go to reducing marine micro plastics. As consumers and parents we are personally looking to reduce our environmentally impact and if the company in future promoted this kind of tie-in we would definitely look at their other products. From researching these online via Google as their website doesn’t seem to work the products online they seem to be part of the Discovery Channel and have a STEM (Science /technology/engineering/mathematics theme). I will look at these as future gifts for our children. We are really pleased to have discovered this ‘Neon LED Glow Drawing Board’ and can recommend it to adults and children alike. Kris Barrett – Bee 5 Years

Product Tested By Michelle Newman – Ellis 8 Years

Michelle Awarded The Discovery Drawing Board Neon LED Glow 4/5

When this arrived looked perfect size for kids, easy shape to hold, sturdy. I have not seen anything like this before and the concept is appealing. Basic and functional design. Easy to follow instructions but there was also a foreign language on the page too which made them look more confusing than they are. Ellis has no issues using this and enjoyed it on many occasions. Ellis enjoyed drawing different designs. Also the different light combinations makes the pictures glow different colours.  Ellis liked it as it was different. Looks very effective in the darker light. Would be good for a party as you can draw something or write names and they glow up. Ellis found it very easy to trace images.  This certainly kept Ellis entertained.  He enjoyed using this and so did his 4 year old sister. They both used on numerous occasions. This was used every few days. We mainly used this at home but would be good in a restaurant or out and about to keep kids entertained. This is age appropriate and suitable 6 years plus,  although my 4 year old daughter enjoyed it too. This is ideal to take in car and on your travels as it is lightweight and easy to use. You only need pens and wipes and it can be used again and again. Ellis really liked the neon pens and flashing lights. I thought it was lots of fun for the children. Seems good quality and sturdy and has been used a lot so far. This is good value for money. I would buy this as it’s an unusual product which is fun. I would recommend as very entertaining for children.  Easy and safe to use, appealing and colourful. Michelle Newman – Ellis 8 Years












I would definitely buy this product as it has proved to be a very entertaining toy for my daughter.  I would recommend this product to family and friends as I think it’s really useful to have around and keep children entertained on a journey or to help them wind down at night time. I would definitely give this product full marks as it proved to be a great success with my daughter. Endless possibilities in terms of using imagination and creativity!


Elaine Awarded The Discovery Drawing Board Neon LED Glow 5/5

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