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Ditsy Stitch Tote Bag

Our tote bags are designed to fit perfectly into your handbag or changing bag, and can easily hold all those essentials you need when out and about.​With its clever see-through pocket, it allows you to check at a glance what’s inside. 


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Ditsy Stitch Tote Bag Reviews

Product Tested by: Nicola Freeman – Noah & Thea – 2.5 Years and 5 Months

Tested By
Nicola Freeman – Noah & Thea – 2.5 Years and 5 Months

Awarded The Ditsy Stitch Tote Bag 5/5

brightly coloured, wipe-clean, handy-sized pouch which can serve many purposes. Packaging ideal for the product. Not much in the way of instruction
needed…just open, fill, close, use! Very
well made. Simple design. Like the fact that one side is clear so that you can
see the contents easily. Also useful that it is wipe clean. One
improvement would be the addition of a small strap on one side to attach to
things. – Excellent value for money
given the multi-purpose function of the pouch.
I would consider purchasing this item as it has a number of uses and is
good value for money and like the coordinating products. I would recommend. Can imagine most mums would find some use for
it – either to chuck a few essentials in for either the kids, or mum.
Whilst some bags now come with these sorts of matching accessories, not
all do. Overall, I think this is a great
little pouch. I have used it to pack a nappy and small pack of wipes to
pop in my mum’s bag when she was taking my toddler out. I’ve chucked it
in my bag, and under the pram, filled with snacks for my toddler when out and
about. Also tried using it to hold a few bits to toys/entertainment for
him – like crayons, stickers and a small colouring pad which he could access
and pack away himself. And have even used it to pack a few of MY makeup
things in my bag so I could access them easily which was a great treat rather
than scrambling around the bottom of my nappy bag! I really like the fact
that it’s waterproof -and wipe-clean. So can go in another bag (I often
just run out the house with a cloth bag slung over my shoulder, but also use a
bigger handbag) and protect from spillages, and can also be chucked in the
bottom of the buggy and you don’t have to worry about it getting wet. The
one improvement I’d make to it would be to give it a little strap on one end
with Velcro which you could perhaps use to tie/attach it to the buggy handle or
to a fastening in your bag/bag handles. I particularly like pouches in
general to help organise the plethora of things parents have to take out with
them on any given trip, both for the kids and themselves. So can imagine
that many people could find use for the Ditsy Stitch Tote Bag. I also like
the fact that there are coordinating items to buy. I’ve just bought a new
changing bag which actually comes with all these matching pouches that I so
love. But not all changing bags do, and given that the Ditsy Stitch tote
is such good value, I’m sure there’s still plenty of room in the market for
them. Handy-sized tote pouch to
organise, and provide easy access to, a handful of your essentials when out and
about with your tots. Nicola Freeman –
Noah & Thea – 2.5 years and 5 Months

Tested By
Helen Gillett – Eleanor 6 Months

Awarded The Ditsy Stitch Tote Bag 5/5

quality and strong product. The
packaging was adequate for the product as the product did not need to be
securely or protectively packaged as not fragile. The instruction for use and review were clear
and easy to understand. The quality is
very good and the strength and durability is great. This product offers great value for money as
can be used for many different things.
Currently used it as a nappy holder.
I would definitely purchase this item.
Would highly recommend. Used this
product for nappies and it comfortable held 3 nappies, packet of wipes, tube of
cream and a changing mat. There was
plenty of room and the holder was strong and durable. Wipe cleanable which is always helpful where
children are involved! Makes nappy
changes much easier as no need to take full change bag everywhere as this can
hold everything needed for convenience. Helen
Gillett – Eleanor 6 Months

Tested By
Naomi Brown – Lucas & Oliver – 3 Years & 3 Months

Awarded The Ditsy Stitch Tote Bag 5/5

and eye catching. Something different I had never seen for sale before. Packed well and arrived safely. Very little instruction (although not needed)
but enough to know how to use the product.
Very well made, invisible stitching and wipe clean. Good price for a small wipe clean bag which
has a variety of uses. I would purchase this
as have used lots. I have already
recommended to other mums at baby groups.
Has been used to carry older childs cutlery when going for meals out and
also for a nappy and small pack wipes for a quick trip to local shop, library etc.
when big bag not needed. Helpful little
wipe clean bag with many uses. Naomi
Brown – Lucas & Oliver – 3 years and 3 Months








Handy-sized tote pouch to organise, and provide easy access to, a handful of your essentials when out and about with your tots.               


Nicola Awarded The Ditsy Stitch Tote Bag 5/5     

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