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DIY Christmas Crystal Card Kit

Create your own crystal greeting cards, with over 40 different designs to choose from. All our kits contain a greeting card with adhesive template, an envelope, pre-sorted bags of crystals, a pick-up pencil, a tray and instructions. Each card takes 30-45 minutes to complete, and are suitable for ages 8+. Our kits are delivered within 1-2 days (UK) or 5-7 days (overseas).

Suitable 8 Years Plus

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DIY Christmas Crystal Card Kit Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By Cara Deville – Eden Deville 11 Years

Awarded The DIY Crystal Card Kit 5/5

came in lovely bright packaging, fun looking and very appealing. It’s a great concept and engage the
imagination. Very easy to follow instructions. Eden found this very easy
to create and has even asked me to get more.All aspects of this kit were very easy to use. He created his Christmas card over 2 days coming back again and again
to create a little more each time. He was very relaxed with it and has
requested more always promising. He loved the card and the 3d
effect of it and the way it sparkles in the light. He thought the card looked
fab and if he had had his way he would
have had me buying lots to make for all his friends. Quality was fantastic,
card was nice and thick and didn’t damage easily and everything came.together
very easily. Fantastic value for
money I would definitely invest in more. We loved the colourful easy to follow
aspects of it, it didn’t take much explaining before he got stuck in. I would
definitely buy more and would recommend for all the reasons above. Fantastic
product, colourful, easy to follow and sparkly what child wouldn’t enjoy this
product! Cara Deville – Eden Deville 11 Years

Tested By Adele Butler – Ellie 10 Years

Awarded The DIY Crystal Card Kit 4.4/5

It is
very cute. It looked like it could take a little while to complete as it looked
fiddly. I think it is a good idea as long as the child has a good concentration
span. We couldn’t work out the end of the applicator was meant for other than
that instructions were easy to understand. It is a little fiddly but I think
for a 10 year old it’s manageable. As I said above the child needs to have an
attention span long enough to persist with it. The template and magic pencil
were both easy enough to use. I took Ellie about 8 hours to create her
Christmas card which spanned out over a few days. Ellie did love having quiet time and seeing
the creation come to life. My daughter
really loved the final result and gifted it straight to her teacher. The quality
is really good. The beads stick really well and the overall look was super. Amazing
value for money. It’s not an activity that’s over in 5 mins so offers a lot of
concentration and pride once finished. I personally like the fact it took my
daughter time to complete and something to have to concentrate on to get the
best end result. My daughter loves the fact it was easy enough to use and that
the end result looked amazing. We would
consider buying this again for a special hand finished gift for a special
someone. I would recommend as long as
they were age appropriate with a good level of concentration to get the card
finished. Because of the level of concentration it does take and it is a little
fiddly but again I think it really depends on the child making the card. It was a fun activity that offered me
as a parent a chance to let me child unwind and make something beautiful for
her teacher. It gave my daughter a project that’s not just a 5 min wonder to
get her teeth stuck into and feel a sense of achievement once completed. I think the card suits a child with a
good attention span and patients as it can be fiddly and did take a little
while to fully finish but if you are a child that loves an activity that will
last you this is defo something I’d recommend. Adele
Butler – Ellie 10 Years

Product Tested By Clare Kerslake – Will 9

Clare Awarded The DIY Crystal Card Kit 4.5/5

The card itself was larger than I
anticipated it to be; it had an envelope and was a beautiful festive
design. Will was keen to get started on
creating the sparkly card. The idea of
creating a card to send is a lovely gesture as the recipient knows time and
care has been taken to make it. The idea
is similar to painting by numbers but with crystals. You simply pick up the crystal with the
special pen and add it to the corresponding number or letter. There is no mess with this design as the card
to be decorated has an adhesive on it and the crystals are added with a special
pick up pen and jelly wax. The instructions come as part on the packaging. They are easy and straight forward to read
and understand. Will, who is 9, was able
to set up the card and crystals entirely on his own. He understood what he
needed to do. This was simple enough to create however is very time
consuming. The positive is that it does
not have to be completed in one sitting and it actually took Will 4 sessions to
fully complete. Picking up the crystals
is quite fiddly and time consuming.However, even though the card was created over several days the glue
itself remained sticky. I believe in total it took a couple of hours to create
over several days. Each sitting was
around 30 minutes. I felt after this
amount of time he needed a change in activity. Initially Will got quite
frustrated as he struggle to pick up the crystals but the more he did the more
confident he became using the crystal pen.Also, once he realised that it was not going to be completed in one
session he became more relaxed and we spent a lot of time chatting whilst he
was working on his creation! Will loved the end result of the card and it
looked so sparkly and really effective!He actually didn’t really want to send it to his grandparents! The
quality of this product is excellent.The packaging it arrived in was secure, the card design is appealing to
a child, there are plenty of spare crystals provided in a pack (as a few are
lost when opening packs etc. as they are so tiny!) and the crystals attach
really well to the card. In addition
there is no mess created and no need for any other equipment. This card offers
great value for money and is no different in price to a high end greeting card.
The difference is your child has created it with a lot of care, time and
attention. So many similar products
often result in items falling off and not sticking correctly or running out of
certain colours etc. However, not with the crystal card kit! My favourite part of this kit was how
adhesive the card was that the crystals stuck too. They never came off and there were plenty of
spares of each colour given. This made
sure you never ran out of any of the colours you required. Absolutely would buy
again. These are real special cards that
can be given as gifts or kept for the individual to be rewarded with a fantastic
sparkly picture. I would recommend for all the great reasons above. There are so many designs to choose from, I
just chose a Christmas design because of the time of year! The only reason this
fabulous product drops half a mark is that it is quite fiddly and therefore
time consuming. However, Will is only at
the younger age of which it is suitable for so older children, with increased
dexterity would probably find the product much easier to complete. The crystal card kit is available in numerous
designs and enables you to produce a high end card which has the added personal
touch that it has been handmade. The
instructions are easy to follow, really adhesive backing and plenty of spare
crystals to create your design. Yes, it
was a little time consuming for Will to create but the sparkly; end creation
was worth it and in Will’s words ‘I’m really chuffed with my card!’ Clare
Kerslake – Will 9 Years


We loved the colourful easy to follow aspects of it, it didn’t take much explaining before he got stuck in. I would definitely buy more and would recommend for all the reasons above. Fantastic product, colourful, easy to follow and sparkly what child wouldn’t enjoy this product!


Cara Awarded The DIY Crystal Card Kit 5/5

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