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DIY Crystal Card Kit

Crystal card kits are craft kits, ideal for children and adults, which enable you to make your own sparkly and beautiful crystal cards. The technique is similar to painting by numbers. Each crystal card design has a numbered, adhesive template. Using the amazing magic pencil (included), simply lift up the coloured crystals and place them on the corresponding numbered dots. They affix instantly! The technique is relaxing and therapeutic, and the result is a beautiful piece of rhinestone art which you can gift to loved ones. Crystal card kits are also a great way of making DIY Christmas cards. Making a crystal card takes 30-45 minutes. They are suitable for ages 8 and up.

These new Crystal Cards Kit use the same resin gems as the Crystal Art Kits, giving these cards a subtle shine.

This card is 18 x 18cm in size.

Each crystal card craft set includes:
1 x crystal card template
1 x envelope
1 x magic pencil
1 x tray
Bags of crystals
Zip Lock Bags

Prices start from £3.99 Available online

Bizziebaby Gold award winner 2019 Arts & Crafts Category

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DIY Crystal Card Kit Reviews

Product Tested By Katie Easby – Lydia 7 Years

Katie Awarded The DIY Crystal Card Kit 5/5

The product was well packaged and looked very appealing to a young child. My daughter couldn’t wait to get it open. I think it’s a great idea to keep children entertained. The instructions were very clear and easy to understand. This was an easy activity that my daughter of 7 years was able to complete independently.  The adhesive template was very sticky which meant the gems stuck immediately and the magic pencil made getting the gems in the correct place a doddle even for a child.  My daughter didn’t complete the card in one sitting instead she chose to complete one colour at a time she maybe spent ten minutes each day doing a little bit so this activity took her about a week to complete. Lydia found this very relaxing, but ten minutes a day was enough for her.  She absolutely loved the card she picked the mermaid design and thought it looked beautiful after it was all finished.  It is good quality the card is very thick. This product offers good value for money; it is a great activity to keep children occupied and away from the screens!  I liked everything about this item. I would certainly buy this again, a great activity to keep the little ones entertained.  I would recommend this to friends and family.  The product does what it says, is easy enough for a child to do independently, and is at an affordable price. Lydia loved trying out this product; we have placed her finished card in a box frame and hung it on her bedroom wall. I personally wouldn’t buy it as a greeting card but it looks great as a picture on the wall! It would be good if you could get larger versions of these designs specifically for wall art! Katie Easby – Lydia 7 Years

Product Tested By Nicola Bradbury-Hulls – Son 8 Years

Awarded The DIY Crystal Card Kit 5/5

Really loved the simple packaging. I haven’t done this kind of kit before so was super excited to try it.  I really love the concept of the crystal card kit. I have seen bigger versions around but this one being card size meant it was quick and effective. A brilliant starter into crystal kit making. Instructions really simple and easy to follow. My son is 8 he found it at the start a little hard to line up the crystals but by the end of it he was a pro. He did find the adhesive template and magic pencil easy enough to use with practice. It took him a little bit over an hour to create. He thoroughly enjoying the experience and I really loved that it kept him occupied for longer than most hobbies. He felt really proud of the overall appearance he was surprised that he created something so nice. The quality of the card and crystals were of the highest. My son wanted to use the card as a mother’s day gift for his grandma. We really felt they were amazing quality for the price. Great value as a wonderful hobby and craft starter for a beginner or expert. The card was of the highest quality and standard. I really liked the overall look and ease of use.  I like that it already had adhesive on the card made the craft less messy and difficult. My son would have found it harder if he had to apply the glue I don’t think the overall look would have been as professional looking. I would buy more from the collection.  I really loved the look I wouldn’t mind trying this for myself. A great gift for someone’s birthday or Christmas. I would recommend as I think it is a brilliant concept. My son really loved this make and I really loved the end product. I feel the instructions were easy to do and follow. The make was clean and not messy too. Brilliant make.  You’ll need a little pot to put the crystals in as they are very small and lose. We really loved making this and enjoyed every part thank you. Nicola Bradbury-Hulls – Son 8 Years

Product Tested By Lisa Jones – Zack 9 Years

Lisa Awarded The DIY Crystal Card Kit 4.5/5

It looked of good quality and something I would expect to see in Hobbycraft. It’s a good idea as more thought and effort goes into the card. Easy to follow instructions.  My son found it a little fiddly to create but was able to follow the instructions.  By using the adhesive template and magic pencil it did make it easier for him to create the card. Overall it probably took 2-3 hours to create.
He did find it relaxing but wasn’t something he wanted to do in one sitting. He was very happy and proud with the final result and looking forward to gifting it to a relative. Very good quality, nicely packaged. I think it’s a reasonable price for what you get and the quality of it. I like the fact that it’s a thoughtful gift/card to create for someone. I possibly would buy – maybe for an older relative who would appreciate the thought and effort. I would recommend as good quality and a lovely idea.  No faults really but wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea.  Lisa Jones – Zack 9 Years

The product does what it says, is easy enough for a child to do independently, and is at an affordable price. Lydia loved trying out this product; we have placed her finished card in a box frame and hung it on her bedroom wall.


Katie Awarded The DIY Crystal Card Kit 5/5

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