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Djeco Collages for Little Ones

Djeco Collage for Little Ones is an ideal gift set for younger children with a creative streak. This childrens craft kit contains four large, beautifully illustrated, pre-printed images on very thick card and lots of collage pieces ready to stick onto create lovely collage art.The completed animal works of art will look delightful on any wall and will be much admired. Comes with a glue stick and follow by picture instruction book all in a lovely box, dimensions 29.5 by 23 by 4cms. Suitable for children 3 to 6 years old.  

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Djeco Collages for Little Ones Reviews

Product Tested by: Iona McMillan – Eilidh 3 Years

Product Tested By Iona McMillan – Eilidh 3 Years

Iona Awarded The Crafts4Kids Djeco Collage for Little Ones 4.4/5

Initial impressions were really good. The product came in a nice, colourful box. I also liked the idea of it as my wee girl is really into anything that involves gluing and sticking and making pretty pictures! Personally, the pictures weren’t really to my taste but my daughter likes them so that’s all that matters! It was excellent. The box the kit came in was very sturdy and well-constructed. The individual envelopes for the pieces for each picture were a nice touch and enabled you to make one picture at a time without any confusion. The instructions were more than sufficient and as they were mainly picture driven could be followed easily if required.  Some artistic free rein was used in our house! The quality was excellent. The pictures themselves were made of thick card and the decorative pieces were all well-made. I was very disappointed to find that the decoration for the Rabbit picture was missing though. That meant that one of the four pictures could not be made as per the instructions. We will decorate it using other items we have in the house but considering the price of the kit I would like to have seen everything in the box. It seemed expensive at first but my little girl got so much enjoyment out of it that it would be worth the money. This product required constant supervision for my 3 year old. She made everything herself without much assistance but I didn’t want to leave her alone in a room with a glue stick! Who knows what would have been stuck together! I would buy it again if there were different pictures available. I would highly recommend this. A really enjoyable craft kit. My three year old loved it and I was happy because it wasn’t too messy! Iona McMillan – Eilidh 3 Years


Product Tested By Iram Ramzan – Ishaq & Hafsa – 3 & 6 Years

Iram Awarded The Crafts4Kids Djeco Collage forLittle Ones 4/5

It looked good and my children were instantly attracted to it. It seemed like a lot of fun. Good sturdy packaging, not too much. Overall, the instructions were good and easy to follow. My children did need some help from me to figure out what to do next but the pictures used were very useful. I felt that the quality was very good and the card was generally unbreakable, therefore you could keep the collages without worrying about peeling of the paper and it getting spoilt quickly. The only disappointing thing with the quality was that the pieces would not stick on straight away with the glue and would sometimes come off. It is an average price, I think that maybe if there were one or two more collages in the pack it would have made it better value. With my 3 year old more assistance was required. I needed to tell him what to look at next and direct him where to put the different pieces. My 6 year old was fine doing it by herself once I explained what to do. I would consider buying it as it was a fun activity for my children and they really enjoyed it. I would recommend it to others because it let my children be creative and produce something that they were pleased with. It was also a good activity to do as a family. Overall, I liked the product; it was something different to what they would normally do. The children enjoyed it and were very pleased with themselves when they finished the collages. It was a fun and enjoyable activity for the children and it allowed them to be creative. Iram Ramzan – Ishaq & Hafsa –3 & 6 Years


Product Tested By Dianne Sloane – Pippa 5 years

Dianne Awarded The Crafts4Kids Djeco Collage for Little Ones 4.8/5

This looked really lovely item, colourful box and something for us to enjoy being creative together. Well packaged and good contents. The set includes 4 large pictures and the box is full of fun stuff to stick onto the pictures and make your own special collage image. Instructions clear and easy to follow. My daughter absolutely loved creating her own special pictures and sticking all the bits onto the main picture card enabled her to use her imagination and be a bit creative. The quality is very good. The main cards are made of good quality thick card so would not get damaged, and the decorative pieces you use to make your own picture were good quality too. My daughter loved this set and together we completed all the pictures supplied and she was so proud of her achievement. Comes with glue and everything you need to make your own lovely pictures. We all loved this and had so much fun. I have looked online and they have a nice range of similar Djeco sets so we will be purchasing more. I have already recommended and will be getting some more as presents as good quality, excellent entertainment and good value for money. Dianne Sloane – Pippa 5years


A really enjoyable craft kit. My three year old loved it and I was happy because it wasn’t too messy!        


Iona AwardedThe Crafts4Kids Djeco Collage for Little Ones 4.4/5    

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