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Dobble Card Game

Dobble, a visual perception card game suitable for ages 6 and up in which players race to find the one matching image between one card and another. The images may be different sizes and placed on any part of the card, making them difficult to spot. The circular cards feature an assortment of colourful images of everyday items.
Every card is unique and has only one picture in common with every other card in the deck.
Dobble has 5 mini-games: all of them reliant on speedy observation, creating excitement for children and adults alike and keeping every player involved.
• Fill the Well
• The Towering Inferno
• Hot Potato
• Catch them all
• The Poisoned Gift

Suitable 6 +


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£12.99 Available Amazon, Toy Stores Nationwide or click online to find local stockist

Dobble Card Game Reviews

Product Tested by: Fiona Cowie – Kaydee & Lexi – 6 & 4 Years

Product Tested By Fiona Cowie – Kaydee & Lexi – 6 & 4 Years

Fiona AwardedThe Dobble Card Game 5/5

The game looked exciting and interesting. We could not wait to find out how to play it. The cards are presented in a circular yellow tin with a purple rim. The tin is within square box, yellow in colour which is bright and attractive. The game comes with instructions for five different versions of the game. The concept of the game is straight forward and easy, with the difficulty increasing with alternative version options. The simplest version would be suitable for children younger than 6 as my 4 year old enjoyed playing it and managed no bother, although slower than my 6 year old. My children do understand the concept of this game. As previously mentioned my 4 year old was able to play the simplest version of the game, however would possibly not cope as well with the more advanced rules. My 6 year old really enjoyed it and asks to play over and over again. My daughters loved trying to be the first person to spot what object was identical out of the two cards. They were even thinking up their own versions to play. This game is great for observation skills .It encourages recognition of colours, symbols and repetition. After I had explained the rules and we had played the game once, my children were able to play on their own. They did not lose interest too quickly. My daughters enjoy creating their own rules of play and score each other points. The quality is great., it is fun and addictive game to be played with your children. This game is too simple for adults but is great to be played along with your children. Would be a good idea to provide a notepad and pencil to score points to each member for correctly guessing. Provide booster packs for variation after the children have memorised/gotten fed up of existing cards .I would purchase this game and definitely recommend. Great family friendly game. Fiona Cowie –Kaydee & Lexi – 6 & 4 years


Product Tested By Debbie Spenner – Caitlin 6 years

Debbie Awarded The Dobble Card Game

Eye catching well made. Packaging great and Caitlin loved the tin. Great concept very easy to follow and adapt to the child you’re playing with. My child understood the concept of the game and my 4 year old was also able to play the game. Aimed at correct age group able to play alone or with adult. The children keep returning to this game as different every time they play. The girls took turns and it is helping their observation skills. They were adapting and changeling it slightly but did not get bored. Well-made and brightly coloured. Think it would be better cheaper as great stocking filler and good toy for a classmate’s birthday present.  Also it is a card game which is usually under £10. Like the concept is very simple. Maybe change some of the items as they struggled to name them to start with. I would highly recommend this game. Fun family game encouraging play led learning. Debbie Spenner – Caitlin 6 years

Product Tested By Mrs Patane – Carter 5 Years

Mrs Patane Awarded The Dobble Card Game 4.2/5

A lovely packed product full of lots of fun. The tin is really beautiful and very portable for holidays. I like the fact that it fits in anywhere, even your handbag. I felt the game was easy for me to understand and explain to my child. My son understood the game but I cannot say he was that keen to play it. The game seemed ok for children but my son was not really interested in it. I will try again when he is a bit older. It kept my child’s attention on the first play but after that he was not really interested. All games help any Childs co-ordination but getting them to play them is not always so easy. The game was of excellent quality and I loved the tin. For a gift,the price was ok but I must say that I would not normally spend so much money on a game without having played it myself. It would be nice if there was a little more advertising about the product so one could get a sense of what it’s about prior to purchase. Amazon sites are usually very good for feedback or twitter or facebook. I would recommend the product for people with older children and if they go camping etc. I personally loved the product but my children did not seem in love with it. If I ever get any freetime, maybe I can play it more with them and get some more interest in it. A fun packed experience for a child and very holiday friendly. We loved the packaging mostly as it was very portable. Mrs Patane – Carter 5 Years



Great family friendly game     


Fiona Awarded The Dobble Card Game 5/5     

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