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Doddl Cutlery Set

For children aged 12 months+Supports little ones instinctive self-feeding behaviourEncourages development of the pincer grip, needed for learning to draw and writeShort ergonomically designed handles makes controlling cutlery easierAllows child to develop skills and make the successful transition to adult cutleryHigh quality BPA free materialsDishwasher safe and long lasting Doddl cutlery will support your child until they are ready to use adult cutlery.

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winners 2017 Cutlery Category

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£16.95 John Lewis, JoJo Maman Bebe, Kiddicare, Amazon and Boots (from 1st October 2017) and online

Doddl Cutlery Set Reviews

Product Tested by: Azeezat Boderin – Yusuf 20 Months

Product Tested By Azeezat Boderin – Yusuf 20 Months

Azeezat Awarded Doddl Educational Children’s Cutlery 4.9/5

I was very excited to receive our doddl cutlery in the mail, the packaging showed off the product very well, it looked really appealing, and I couldn’t wait to wash them, and try them out for size. I actually washed the spoon that morning, and handed it to my son with his porridge. IT was amazing how the shape of the spoon, meant he naturally held the spoon in a way that made it easy for him to use. We had not yet quite mastered the scooping action needed when using a spoon, but this cutlery really worked wonders, and he finished his oatmeal on his own. I found very impressive. The packaging showed the product off in a really pleasing manner, and they were easy to remove from the packaging. The cutlery, in my opinion is of a very high standard, you can tell that quality material has been used to craft them. The cutlery fits well in my son’s hands, he’s 20 months old, and I feel the cutlery works at this stage of development. I can’t speak for when he was 12 months old, how that would have worked out, as I’m not sure he was eating many solids on his own at that point. Perhaps it would have been a help at that time. The claim that the cutlery’s unique ergonomic design helps develop your child’s pincer grip stands true in our experience, the only thing I will say is that sometimes due to the shape of the handles the cutlery won’t rest against the side of a bowl, and a few times the spoon or fork have slid right into the bowl :). This is the huge appeal of this product; using the doddl cutlery my son finds it easy to feed himself without assistance. It was very easy for my child to use the cutlery. Straight away he took to using it. The cutlery did indeed encourage my son to use his pincer grip. The contents are fine, and appropriate to our need, one spoon, one fork, and one knife is generally what you get when you buy a cutlery set for a child, the difference here being that the cutlery actually supports your child’s independence when it comes to eating. I would buy, if I knew ahead of time how good it was (say from a family member or friend’s recommendation), I would be willing to invest the money in the product. We will definitely continue using doddl cutlery. I would recommend this product to others as its great makes it easy for children to use cutlery and helps take some of the stress out of eating, well until your toddler decides to start throwing food that is! Overall I give this product 4.9 out of 5, the only criticism I have is how the cutlery rests against the lip of a bowl when it is inside, it often falls in to the food, perhaps a placemat
could be included? I’m not really sure what I would suggest to fix that
criticism, regardless we are very pleased with the product, and will very
likely use them until Yusuf transitions to adult cutlery, and for our next
child(ren) too! :). Very impressed. Azeezat Boderin – Yusuf 20 Months

Product Tested By Nicola Cantwell – Ethan 2 Years

Nicola Awarded Doddl Educational Children’s Cutlery 4.6/5

Initially I was a bit dubious of the product, the cutlery itself looked small and bulky and wasn’t what I was expecting for such small hands. Packaging was secure, pleasant to look at and had good clear instructions. Excellent quality, well-made strong and safe. Wasn’t sure about the size to begin with, but was pleasantly surprised by how well my son took to them. Again wasn’t sure about the shape the length of the spoon, fork & knife itself were fine but the handles looked very bulky. However my son had no problem using the product and actually looked very comfortable using them. I noticed a difference in the way he held this cutlery set compared with other sets we’ve tried; straight away he used the pincer grip and looked more comfortable. For the quality, style and price I think the pack contents perfect. I will definitely be buying another set for my second child; it will be interesting to see how he/she gets on using the set from 12months. The doddl cutlery set is definitely my sons favoured set and we will continue to use now until he’s ready to move on. I would highly recommend this product, not only is it good value for money. It has also helped make meal times a little less messy and stressful. My overall experience with this product has been pleasantly surprising, and I will definitely be encouraging my mummy friends to give the doddl cutlery set a try.Nicola Cantwell – Ethan 2 Years

Product Tested By Delia Manole – Aris 1 Year 8 Months

Delia Awarded Doddl Educational Children’s Cutlery 3.4/5

Smooth packaging, bright colours, interesting shape. It’s smooth and adequate to the size of the product, transparent and resistant plastic. Could be a little
smaller around the edges. Good quality material however I personally feel
as metal not safe enough for children to use unsupervised compared to plastic
or plastic materials cutlery. Small size of the product. I believe the shape
can be a little confusing for the child to use. The metallic end size is good
but the plastic end is too small and maybe a little inconvenient due to the
shape. The size at the plastic end could be slightly longer to enable a firm
grip from small hands. My son did not get the hang of it to use on his own. I
have been using it myself to feed him as he has only been using the cutlery to
play. Whereas if I give him a normal plastic spoon or fork he has been using
taking it to his mouth as normal. I think the shape has made it confusing for
him to understand it’s still a cutlery to be used for eating. It’s a little
uncomfortable for him to hold in the right direction to feed himself, because
he needs to hold his fingers on the sides of the cutlery and that has proven
difficult for him. It was easy for him to use it as a toy but not as easy to
use it for food. He used to fork to grab things from a plate but had difficulty
manoeuvring the fork back to his mouth once he grabbed something form the plate with it. Spoon and fork completely adequate. The knife is not adequate for my son’s age. He does not use even a plastic knife yet. He is only starting to get
the hang of spoons and managing to get bits of food in the spoon without
dropping them, he has no need for a knife at the moment. I have not used the
knife at all from this pack. This has not worked for us but I will try again
when he gets a little bit older and see how we get on then. It could be useful
for children over 3 years old. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone below that
age. All in all, the packaging was ok, the colours are bright, the shape is
interesting and the metal is good quality. However not functional enough for
children under 3 years old. Delia Manole – Aris 1 Year 8 Months


We will definitely continue using doddl cutlery. I would recommend this product to others as its great makes it easy for children to use cutlery and helps take some of the stress out of eating. Very impressed.


Azeezat Awarded Doddl Educational Children’s Cutlery 4.9/5

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