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Doidy Bowl

The Doidy brand, recommended by professionals and parents for over 70 years, introduces our NEW weaning bowl!The Doidy Bowl features our unique signature slanted design and a suction pad base to help babies and infants learn to feed themselves with ease.   Doidy Bowl is designed to help develop motor skills, with a slanted high lip on one side to allow infants to scoop the food up and load more easily onto a spoon, making it perfect for finger foods, purees or soups.  Doidy Bowl is made from food grade silicone and is soft and pliable – making it easy to roll up and transport and is BPA, PVC and Phthalate free.  Doidy Bowl’s design fits most highchairs and is recommended for babies of 6 months+ . The New Doidy Bowl is available is 3 colours, red, blue and pastel pink, and the super suction base grips it to the surface of a high chair, reducing the risk of messy spills!

Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2018 Feeding Bowl Category

£9.99 Available Jo Jo Maman Bebe and John Lewis and online

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Doidy Bowl Reviews

Product Tested By Nicola Birch – Piper 1 year

Nicola Awarded The Doidy Bowl 5/5

Looked really good and good quality. Love the idea, always good to have things to help meal times. Instructions really clear, couldn’t fault them. Really easy to use. Put food in it and go. The unique design didn’t make too much difference for my daughter, but she’s not too bad with a spoon and fork. But I can see how it would be good as when they scoop food can pile to one side of a bowl/plate. Definitely good for helping them to self-feed. So easy to use, not slippy either. Didn’t stick to the highchair tray but did stick to some surfaces. Although it didn’t stick to the tray it was still a really good bowl to use as not as slippy as most. We didn’t need to roll it up as it just fitted into our bag when needed. But being able to roll up is a good feature as baby bags can get full pretty quickly. Mostly used for breakfast (cereal), most days to give it a good test. I loved the quality of the bowl is really good, not flimsy, easy to use, and easy to clean. Quality is excellent could not fault it. I think with a quality product that helps with baby/toddler mealtimes the price is perfectly ok. If we didn’t already have a similar product (although it’s not as good!) I’d definitely buy another one, as having 2 of anything is never a bad thing when you have a baby/toddler. I would recommend for all the reasons above – quality, ease of use, easy to clean, can roll up if needed. Think it’s a really good bowl, and a great help with mealtimes. Quality is great too.Can’t fault this bowl, been really great. I love the quality of it, and would definitely buy one if I needed another or needed any in the future (or as gifts for others to use). Nicola Birch – Piper 1 year

Product Tested By Stevie-Jayne Carter – Alice 15 Months

Stevie-Jayne Awarded The Doidy Bowl 5/5

The product was well packaged. The colour was as advertised. The description on the packaging was clear and concise. I love the idea of the bowl being designed for self-feeding. Alice is currently being transitioned to using her own cutlery and this bowl will really help with her confidence and independence. The instructions were clear and concise. The suction pad was brilliant. Alice loves to try and throw her plates/bowls and this one stuck to her highchair tray really well. It is deep enough for her to still be able to see her food in it. Alice is only just using her own spoon to scoop her food; the slanted design definitely helped her with this. We noticed an improvement in her self-confidence and independence after just the first few uses! Alice was baby-led weaned and has always just used her hands or pre-loaded spoons for food. Now she is slightly older I am transitioning her to using her own cutlery. This bowl definitely helped with her hand eye co-ordination while she learns to scoop her own food. Alice did manage to pull this off once but that was with great determination and effort on her part. It does not slide around while she is trying to eat which is incredibly important. This bowl is great for travel. I love that the packaging is reseal able so you can transport the bowl cleanly. The fact that it rolls up to use less space is a great bonus when you take into account all of the items that you have to carry with a small child! We used this on many occasions and for all types of meals – porridge, soup, spaghetti Bolognese to name a few. It washes well and does not take up much space in the cupboard. My favourite part of this product was the slanted design. It is different to any bowls we had used in the past and has really helped Alice independently feeding with cutlery. The quality of this product is great. We already own a Doidy cup which is great for helping with little ones becoming more independent. This bowl is a fairly good price but I’m not sure I would buy more than one. It works well but at almost £10 for just one bowl I could not justify purchasing more than one. I would purchase another bowl if something happens to this one, I would also purchase this as a gift for anyone with a baby. I would definitely recommend this product. The suction works well and the bowl really helped with Alice’s self-confidence. The bowl is really well designed. The colour is beautiful and the bowl washes up well. It really helped Alice to scoop her food up and is brilliant for self-feeding. We loved using this bowl; it really helped with Alice’s confidence. I was confident that there were no nasties in the plastic used and felt really happy to use it for her food. She seemed to like the design – she could see all of her food as the bowl was not too deep. The slanted design definitely helped with learning to scoop and enabled her to self-feed independently. Stevie-Jayne Carter – Alice 15 Months

Product Tested By Lucy Hilton – Isla Rose 5 Months

Lucy Awarded The Doidy Bowl 4.5/5

When the doidy bowl arrived I was excited and could not wait to use this product. I thought it was a good idea as my baby always wants to play with her food bowl and this bowl let’s my baby play with the bowl without moving. Instructions very clear and easy to follow. This was so easy to use. Due to the unique design it was easier to load food and the smooth material made it easier to slide food on. It certainly does help with self feeding. The colour is not too bright and it is soft to touch. The suction pad is great as it didn’t move at all and made life easier when feeding as it reduced mess. Loved the fact you could roll this up and put in bag. Just so much easier as I have a lot of stuff to carry and this is also easy to clean. We would use this every day. I just loved the fact it stays stuck to the highchair. It’s hard wearing and easy to clean. This is good value as easy to clean and transport. I would buy this as value for money and my child can learn to feed more easily. I would recommend as I have not seen anything like it before and it is easy to use. It’s easy to use and clean and my baby can learn to feed from itThis product makes feeding so much more easier and cleaner to use the soft plastic was a feature too as my baby likes the feel of it ,it’s easy to transport and doesn’t take up much room. Lucy Hilton – Isla Rose 5 Months


Think it’s a really good bowl, and a great help with mealtimes. Quality is great too.Can’t fault this bowl, been really great. I love the quality of it, and would definitely buy one if I needed another or needed any in the future (or as gifts for others to use).


Nicola Awarded The Doidy Bowl 5/5

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