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Don’t Hug The Pug

Don’t Hug The Pug  By Matthew Hodson and Robin Jacobs

A simple story told in comic-book form about a baby that does a lot of hugging…. with one caveat!

Baby likes to cuddle. Grown-Up lets him cuddle the rug, the jug, the bug and the slug. But DON’T HUG THE PUG!
Why not? What’s wrong with the pug….? A hilarious and deceptively simple story that will have little ones shrieking with laughter.

The combination of speech bubbles, rhymes, very short sentences and a stinky twist makes this a perfect book for both the pre-school audience and early readers.

Price: £9.95 Available Amazon, Waterstones, Museum Bookshops, local/regional bookshops

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Don’t Hug The Pug Reviews

Product Tested By Sarah Carter – Poppy 3 Years

Sarah Awarded the Don’t Hug the Pug Book 5/5

My first impressions of the book were that it looked cheerful, colourful, eye catching, fun, great illustration, big bold lettering, a great friendly looking front and back cover, easy to read text, brilliant drawings which were quirky and unique.  I loved how well presented the book was and well thought out. Very happy with the first overall impressions of the book. The front cover instantly got my child’s attention, more so that there was a huge Pug on the front cover, to her it was inviting, eye catching and fun looking as well as interesting and new.  My child couldn’t wait for us to sit down together and open the book to begin the story and read together as well as go through the pictures.  My child loves dogs and books, so she was very excited by this new book. The concept of this book is amusing, it’s funny in a sense of the adult in the story assumes the Pug smells bad but eventually realises it’s not the poor Pug it’s the baby’s nappy.  In the book it shows we make assumptions that just because we associate with animals being a bit smelly at times, we automatically pass blame to them.  Alternatively, the adult was also thinking of the baby in saying ‘don’t hug the Pug’ because it may have caused the child to become smelly, or it could have been unhygienic for the baby, but I would say the moral of the story is, don’t always judge, it’s a great story and one to think about. My child enjoyed the book very much, she enjoyed it from beginning to end, she even got involved with telling the story and kept say ‘don’t hug the Pug’ which was good to see as I knew she was engaging in the story and concentrating and listening to the story well.  My child absolutely loves stories, so this was a real treat for her.  We had a lovely time bonding over the book by spending time together reading it and going through it as these are the moments that count. Books are great for getting together and bonding. My child found the story funny, she said the Pug was very cute, she loved looking at the pictures and following the story with me, she loved how the Pug was on most of the pages as dogs are her favourite animal.  My child engaged in the story very well, she listened to each bit; she asked me questions and told me who in the book was.  She enjoyed the story very much and it got her full undivided attention. My child loved the illustrations, they did enlighten her very much and she found them fun, colourful, interesting.  My child also said the Pug was very cute and she wanted to have them in our house and cuddle them. My child also loved pointing out all the other illustrations in the books such as the different objects and other characters.  My child found them very appealing, educational, eye catching, engaging and exciting. I did feel the illustrations made the story more alive, the design of the drawings was fantastic, unique, appealing, they told a story even without words.  The illustrations are very child friendly so they could understand easily what is going on each page.  I loved how the Pug had big bulging eyes and rolls of skin, just like a real Pug, the other characters and objects were interesting to look at and talk about with my child. The bold colours were also helpful to make the story come alive and make it far more interesting and fun to read, as children love colours which are engaging. The length of the story was just right, I always find if a story is too long that a child will become bored, lose interest, fidget, not pay attention, leave the scene, become irritated or just not want to read anymore and want the book away.   This story wasn’t too long, it was interesting to my child because it didn’t take too long to read, but also, we made it fun by playing spot the object and talked about the characters.  This could be too long for some children, or too short for other children, depending on age, the atmosphere around them, if there any distractions or if they’re tired or hungry.  A child will concentrate more if they’re hydrated, not hungry, have no distractions and the story made fun and exciting.  I do agree this is age appropriate as my child is 3 years old and this book suited her perfectly, if there were any more words I feel my child wouldn’t of been able to sit still for long periods of time, so the length and the illustrations were all spot on and this is most definitely suitable for 3 years.  The book has been read more than 10 times, my child has it in her special book box and she gets it out often to ask me to go through it with her or she’ll sit on her own or with her siblings and looks through it, saying ‘the Pug is so cute’.  This has been a very popular book in our house and it’s been a great book to of been able to read.  My child mostly liked the Pug, this is because she’s a huge fan of dogs and she adores them.  To have a book that has a dog in it, she gets very excited and loves to look at the dogs on the pages for a long time.  My child also loved the other characters, especially the baby, as well as looking for other objects in the book such as the lady bug, slug and car. I think this would be a great book to have in Pre-Schools and Infant Schools as I think the children would really enjoy it.  I think it would be very popular as Pugs seem to be the number one dog now and a lot of people are having as pets and no doubt a lot of children have Pugs as pets and can relate to the story in one way or another.  Also, this could be a great book for carpet and story time as well as individual reading for children who are starting out to read, the words are nice a bold and easy to understand.  Also due to the repetitive words, they can be easily remembered by children. The book is of extremely good quality, it’s well made, looks very professional and thought out well.  Its child friendly, easy to ready, nice chunky front and back covers, good thick pages for easy turning and grasping, which help with less tears to the pages.  It is presented very well, well established and organised.  It’s got a great appeal and looks very eye catching.  I think this book overall has a really great design and it’s of great quality. This does offer value for money as it’s a very well-made book and one that’s fun, interesting, exciting, appealing, eye catching, educational, professional, and colourful and its age appropriate, with all of this, you are most certainly getting value for money.   I would buy this book because from seeing how interested and excited my child was to look at it and read it with me; I know this would be a great book to invest in.  The book brings fun, joy, happiness, interest and education.  This book would be a great gift for any child, dogs are special in people’s lives and Pugs are becoming one of the most popular dogs’ people are having as pets, so this can also be very appealing to children as they can relate especially if they have a pet dog or Pug at home. Books are always good for children to learn new things as well as give them quiet time, relaxation, bonding with friends and family, for educational purposes and to calm them down if they are hyperactive.  I would recommend this book to friends and family as many of my friends and family have children of this age who’d loved this book too.  This is one they should have in their book collection, it’s a great book to own and I think it should be sold worldwide.  I think my family and friends would agree this is a fantastic book, which is well made and is fun to read.  This book deserves 5/5 due to the wonderful story behind the book, the illustrations, and the funny and appealing story line, the cute Pug being star of the show, which gets children’s interest as dogs are wonderful.  It is colourful and eye catching, fun to read, great to read as an individual or as a group, its great for schools and home, it can be educational and one to keep children interested as it’s not too long and won’t cause them to feel bored.  I think this book is well made, well established and looks very professional and durable. Our overall experience of this book has been great; we have enjoyed receiving such a lovely and funny book.  We have been very lucky to be able to of had the opportunity to read ‘Don’t Hug the Pug’ and it has a very popular book in our household.  My child has got the book out on many occasions and enjoys reading and looking at it so many times, repeatedly and never gets bored.  The book can be read alone, as a group and made fun by making a game out of it too by playing spot the object, talking about the pictures and the storyline itself.  This is a colourful, fun, appealing book for both children and adults as its great for adults to sit with their children and watch them enjoy the book and learn so much.  The book is very durable and hardwearing so it’s less likely to get damaged; it’s been made well and is well established.  The fun aspect of a cheeky looking Pug has got the interest of my child as she adores dogs, so straight away she showed happiness and excitement to want to read the book with me.  She has also read the book with her siblings and her father.  The book has great illustrations, children will find fun and appealing, easy to understand and the story book tells the story even without looking at the words.  The text is big and bold and very repetitive, so this makes it easier for children to learn the words. The book is very cheery; the colours chosen are fun, bright but calming at the same time.  The other characters and objects help bring the story together and its keeping children interested if there’s other things going on in the books as they can talk about the other objects and characters.  Overall, this book has been wonderful and fun, and we’ve loved having it in our home, we would highly recommend it to parents, grandparents, schools, friends and anyone who would like a good book for their children, it would make a fantastic gift also.  You get value for money and a funny, unique, well thought out book to read, with added extras.  Sarah Carter – Poppy 3 Years

Product Tested By Katie Ainzlie – Eve & Freya 3 & 6 Years

Katie Awarded The Don’t Hug the Pug Book 4/5

This is a nice quality book. The front cover looks ok, it has a Pug on which is what the book was all about. I didn’t like the concept of the book. A baby being told not to Hug the Pug then it smells….not really a good concept although my children enjoyed it. They did sit still and listen. The Illustrations are very simple and helped with the story. The length of the story was just right and was age appropriate. We read this book a few times and it was the rhyming they enjoyed the most. This book is definitely made from good quality but I think it is expensive. The story line isn’t great, I can see that it might relate to a Pug so maybe the owners of a Pug would like it better. Katie Ainzlie – Eve & Freya 3 & 6 Years

Product Tested By Samantha Friend – Francesca 4 Years

Samantha Awarded The Don’t Hug the Pug Book 5/5

First impression of the book was that it was a lovely big book with big pictures. The front cover has a lovely illustration with a title that my daughter was able to read which definitely interested her and made her want to read it more. The concept of the book was quite amusing and would appeal to children of all ages. My daughter started school this year and has been learning to read and this book was one that she could read herself with the rhyming words. My daughter found it very funny and wanted to read more. The illustrations were great and helped my daughter with reading the story. The illustrations helped make the story come to life with the different things that rhymed with pug. The length of the story is perfect for a bed time story but also not too long that my daughter could read it herself. I would probably say the book is more suited to children 4 or 5 years plus but only due to the word ‘farted’ in the book! We read the book once or twice a week, my daughter loves it. My daughter liked the fact that she could read the story herself and that it made her laugh. The book is an ideal book for in schools. The book is a lovely quality, nice and sturdy and offers good value for money. I would consider buying this book because of how much fun it has given my daughter. I would definitely recommend this book to families with children of a similar age to my child. We’ve really enjoyed reviewing this book and it has been a great addition to my daughter’s book collection. Samantha Friend – Francesca 4 Years

The book is very cheery; the colours chosen are fun, bright but calming at the same time.  The other characters and objects help bring the story together and its keeping children interested if there’s other things going on in the books as they can talk about the other objects and characters.  Overall, this book has been wonderful and fun, and we’ve loved having it in our home, we would highly recommend it to parents, grandparents, schools, friends and anyone who would like a good book for their children, it would make a fantastic gift also.  You get value for money and a funny, unique, well thought out book to read, with added extras.


Sarah Awarded the Don’t Hug the Pug Book 5/5

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