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Doods & Dolls Positivi-Tees

With the sole purpose of building confidence in little people our unisex Doods & Dolls PosiviTee’s are a must have item for any child’s wardrobe. Made with premium African cotton, each t-shirt boasts artwork of a positive affirmation on the back, to help build confidence in little people. First up; I Am Awesome! 

Available in Sizes: 3-6M, 6-12M, 12-18M & 18-24M

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£18.75 Available to purchase online

Doods & Dolls Positivi-Tees Reviews

Product Tested by: Jasmin Ward – Malik 8 Months

Tested By
Jasmin Ward – Malik 8 Months

Awarded The Baby ‘I am awesome’ t-shirt 4.5/5

Simple tee with eye catching detail. Great feeling
cotton. Gorgeous plain grey tee with
darker grey detailing. Branding Doods & Dolls detail on front is in eye catching font. I am awesome detail on the back of the tee is
in a different font and is slightly difficult to read. Grey although sometimes boring is actually
great as it goes with pretty much anything.
The two poppers on the neck make for an easier time getting on and
off. Finally of course any baby/toddler
is awesome! The cotton felt lovely and thick so soft and smooth. Looked perfect on my little one. Fits very well. I ordered a larger size for my little boy but
only because he is very big for his age.
I would say they run trues for the average sizing. My little boy had no problems when wearing
this. The tee sits well in the right
places, doesn’t itch or scratch or leave any marks. Followed the washing care instructions and
the item laundered great. Still looks
new after 3 washes. I would most
definitely pick this item up in a store and would definitely look to purchase
it but the RRP does seem a little high for a simple tee. I would find it hard to justify spending this
on a simple tee but if it was about £15 I would be running to the tills. I would recommend. The only down side to this tee are the
difficult to read font on the reverse and the high RRP. A great looking luxury tee that is
luxuriously soft on the skin and makes any outfit complete.
Jasmin Ward – Malik 8 Months

Tested By
Joanna Morrison – Jacob 12 Months

Awarded The Baby ‘I am awesome’ t-shirt 5/5

looked a smart and very well designed t-shirt.
Loved the design and very practical t-shirt for my son. Quality of the
fabric is excellent. A really comfy fit
and no complaints from Jacob. Never caused any irritation and very easy to
launder, just pop in on low wash and comes out perfect every time. This is a high quality t-shirt and will
last. I would purchase more and would
recommend. The t-shirt was smart looking
on first impressions. Washed well and kept shape. Joanna Morrison – Jacob 12

Tested By
Teresa Dent – Joe 7 months

Awarded The Baby ‘I am awesome’ t-shirt 4.5/5

liked the style, and thought it was pretty cool for babies and small children;
I liked the feel of the material. I liked the design, but would have liked a
brighter colour for a baby. All in all though I liked the design of the T
shirt. The top itself is practical to be worn, but as said above a brighter
colour would have been nice. The quality
is brilliant, I’ve washed it a couple of times and it’s still kept its shape,
and hasn’t faded or become ‘bobbly’ in the wash. It’s a kind of stretchy
material, so looked very comfortable, especially for babies moving around. No irritation caused, he looked very
comfortable and was happy in it all day. Easy to wash I put it in with my
normal laundry cycle and it still looks new after a few washes! I think for the overall quality of the item
it would be worth the money, and would last quite a while if still fitted your
baby. I probably will buy it if available in a different colour. I would
recommend. Only for the colour I would
have given it a five. I like bright colours for babies and children, but saying
that grey would be a change too. Easy to wash and care for, very comfortable looking
goes with almost any outfit, good quality material. Teresa Dent – Joe 7 months

A great looking luxury tee that is luxuriously soft on the skin and makes any outfit complete. 


Jasmine Awarded The Baby ‘I am awesome’ t-shirt 4.5/5

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