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Doona Car Seat

Perfect for todays’ busy parent, the Doona™ surpasses every safety standard both in its primary function as a car seat and when converted with just a click of a button into a stroller. Incorporating deep double walled side impact protection, orthopaedic inner cushion, and anti-rebound technology, the Doona™ is also larger than most of its peers meaning that your infant can remain in the safest form of car seat for longer. Easily secured using your 3-point seat belt, the Doona™ can also be installed with a Doona™ ISOfix base for added safety and convenience.What sets the Doona™ apart and above every other car seat on the market however, is when you leave your car. The Doona™ is the world’s first infant car seat with integrated wheels meaning that in less than ten seconds you can be out of your car with your precious little one and on your way in safety and style. No longer will you have to take up valuable boot space with a cumbersome travel-system frame, struggle in the rain while trying to unfold or fold your base, or balance your infant seat in your arms with bags of shopping. Whether you’re nipping into the petrol station, picking up a latte, running into the supermarket for some fresh milk, or travelling through an airport, the Doona™ is truly the next generation in parent and child mobility. Available with a full range of accessories from rain-covers to matching Essentials and All-Day Mummy Bags, the Doona™ is the world’s first car seat to offer style, comfort, mobility, and safety all in one package.DIMENSIONS: 72.3 (L) x 46.5 (W) x 40.2 (H) cm

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£299.99 Available to purchase Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Mamas & Papas or click online to find local stockist

Doona Car Seat Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Stephanie
Ann Everitt – Grace 8 Weeks

Stephanie Awarded The Doona Car Seat 5/5

I think the product is brilliant! It’s so easy to use, it
folds and unfolds in a simple way and goes in the car great it’s so safe and
it’s in a great position so my little girl isn’t upright or lying flat but at a
good angel where she doesn’t slouch, it’s the best buggy I’ve ever come across
and I’d recommend it to everyone! People stop me in the street and ask where
it’s from and I even had a baby store ask to demonstrate how it works; now they
want to Oder them to stock! Overall it’s an A* product! The instructions are
extremely easy to follow and easy to get the hang of it. Not only did it have
easy and clear instructions but also lots of information on the product and the
incredible safety features. The product was already assembled. It has so many
clever features! My baby always falls asleep in the car and with this amazing
car seat, you just pull the lever on the back and the legs/wheels in click from
under the seat and it turns straight into a buggy, so my baby doesn’t get
disturbed from her sleep and the buggy’s just as easy to turn back into a car
seat! You can also use it on an ISA base so seat belt doesn’t have to be fitted
also safer, and it has an orthopaedic fitted seat which is washable and easy to
remove! Product comes with a brilliant rain cover that fits the buggy great,
only small problem with the rain cover is you cannot put the seat belt on if
it’s on as it gets in the way of the belt holders. It also comes with a handy
travel bag which fixes on to the front of the buggy. It’s extremely
comfortable, great position, fantastic material and just brilliant overall. The
safety harness is easy to use, very safe and comfortable but I feel the harness
is a bit low how it’s fitted making it a little awkward to put on properly
without it slipping on my baby’s shoulders. The carry handles are great, easy
to use and very efficient. The seat is very comfortable and extremely padded
with an orthopaedic seat which reduced heat and adapts to the right
temperature, it’s also washable and easy to remove. The seat is very easy to
fit into my car and seat belts attach easily and safely. This is just fantastic!
Would recommend to everyone! So easy to use and just makes life easier not
having to take a pram out and just being able to pull a lever and it turns into
a pram! It is 100% worth the money! It’s so cheap for what it is, instead of
buying a car seat and a pram/buggy this two in one device is so much better and
worth every penny! If it was a little lighter it would be the prefect product,
I still think it is but if I had to choose something it would be the weight of
it. I would definitely buy this again and recommending everyone else to buy one
too! I highly recommend it 100% as it makes life so much easier, is safer and just
brilliant so everyone should be able to experience it! Best product on the
market! This product has been a god send to me, makes life so much easier and a
better life for my baby as I don’t have to disturb her after she’s fell asleep
in her car seat, I just pull one easy lever and it transforms into a buggy,
it’s absolutely brilliant! Stephanie Ann Everitt – Grace 8 Weeks

Product Tested By Sarah
Goodall – Samuel 8 Weeks

Sarah Awarded The Doona Car Seat 4.5/5

This is a great idea and quality item. Looks nice and love
the colour; I had the red version. The instructions were very easy to follow
with simple diagrams on how to use the car seat and accessories. No assembly had
to be done as such but does require transforming into stroller which was so
easy. It came with rain cover, seat protector for car and travel bag for storage.
All were very useful. The seat itself is very comfortable and I love that it
reclines a lot further than standard car seats. The straps do not look
comfortable though. I do not like the straps on this product. I found the bit
the straps clip into too tight and felt like they were squashing my son. Also
the shoulder straps seemed too tight so I would have to loosen them to strap
him in then tighten them up. Standard car seat straps are much easier. The
carry handles were nice and sturdy. I really liked the fabric; it seemed comfortable
and hard wearing. The seat fitted in my car well although it is slightly bulky
to get in the car door. My son looks very comfortable in the seat and has slept
in it a lot. It is a great design and easy to use and turn from car seat into
stroller. I would have liked if the seat bit could be raised when in stroller
mode as my son seemed very low to the ground. I don’t think it offers value for
money for me. It isn’t a practical every day stroller so you would still need
to purchase a stroller/pushchair of some kind. The product is far too heavy on
its own without putting my son in as well. If it could be made more lightweight
it would be easier to use. It is too expensive for me and too heavy as we live
in a first floor flat so wouldn’t be used to its full potential. If I felt it
was suitable for someone’s needs then yes I would recommend it as it’s a great
concept. I would take into consideration where they live and what they would
use it for. Great concept but could use some improvements to make it more
practical. Sarah Goodall – Samuel 8 Weeks

Product Tested By Katerina
Uddin – Ameer 2 Months

Katerina Awarded The Doona Car Seat 5/5

I thought WOW when I first saw this; I loved the look of the
product and it caught my eye straightaway. It had very easy to follow
instructions. It does need a bit of assembling but it’s very easy to assemble
and adjustable depending on the situations which I love about this product. The
seat is very comfortable for my son; it is well padded. The safety harness is
great; it is secure and very easy to use; I love the product. The carry handles
are a great feature too. The quality of the fabric is excellent. The seat is
very easy to fit into the car. The orthopaedic pad is very comfortable; very
smooth. The overall design is very stylish and modern which is very catchy in
anyone’s eyes. It offers very good value for money. Having a footmuff available
for cold weather would be a great addition to this product. I would definitely
buy this product. I would definitely recommend this to others; my close friends
have fallen in love with it as well. It is very modern and stylish, easy to use
and helps me in every way. I love this product. Katerina Uddin – Ameer 2 Months


Best product on the market! This product has been a god send to me, makes life so much easier and a better life for my baby as I don’t have to disturb her after she’s fell asleep in her car seat, I just pull one easy lever and it transforms into a buggy, it’s absolutely brilliant!


Stephanie Awarded The Doona Car Seat 5/5

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