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Door Finger Guard Pack (for the home)

Our Door Finger Guard pack contains a front and rear strip. When fitted to the hinge side of the door, these flexible strips prevent trapped fingers.£13.95 online and Amazon and eBay

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Door Finger Guard Pack (for the home) Reviews

Product Tested By Samantha Turnbull – Scarlett and Eliza 5 & 2 Years

Samantha Awarded The Door Finger Guard Pack (for the home) 5/5

It came in plain packaging but once opened looked fairly simple to use and was supplied with instructions.I think it’s a great concept. I’m very nervous of my children shutting their fingers in the door and with little ones it can happen easily as they are often unaware of the danger. Instructions very simple and easy to understand. It is handy that they came with illustrations as well. Once I had worked out where I wanted it to go it wasn’t hard at all to fit to door. Once fitted stayed in place and still there. I have fitted this to a door that often slams in the summer when there is a through draft from open doors so this will be when it really comes into effect but so far my children have not been able to get their fingers between the door and the frame which is great. This is a very handy safety item to have in the home when you have small children. I have used this on the door that connects our kitchen to our utility room. The utility room leads to our garden and another reception room so it is used a lot!No other uses for this as great where it is. It seems good quality as it serving is purpose and not broken. I feel the price is fair so good value. I loved that it is simple to use but effective!I would purchase as simple to use and not too expensive. I have lots of friends with young children and I would recommend. No problems, easy to use and does the job! I like this product. My only comment would be that maybe another colour option such a wood effect would be good. Samantha Turnbull – Scarlett and Eliza 5 & 2 Years

Product Tested By Anthony Devaney – Samuel 1 year 9 Months

Anthony Awarded The Door Finger Guard Pack (for Home) 4/5

I thought it looked simple and unobtrusive. I did think it seemed a little cheap looking but I also guess it’s better to not look too colourful or exciting and not attract little people too much. I believe the concept its brilliant. I feel it’s a thoughtful, unobtrusive and peace of mind product. The instructions were simple to follow. They were to the point and quite clear. I found them easy to follow but initially I did have to think about the visual diagrams. I scored a 4 as I feel there is potential for a little confusion. Super easy. Once I marked the door and figured which bit went where it fit easily and very securely. It’s actually very difficult to remove. I tested it but I feel I may need to fix up the paint if I remove it completely so I shall leave it until we no longer require it. I was actually disappointed at this stage. When the door is fully closed, the two outer edges of the square guard seem to pose a pinch hazard of their own. Whilst a cut hazard has been eliminated, I feel little fingers will be trapped if they choose to experiment. I believe the concept is great. The curved guard protects fingers from the hinges, and the square guard takes away the possibility of severed finger tips. But there is still a pinch hazard. Although I feel improvements are needed somehow, I also feel the door gap is a little less dangerous. We used this on the kitchen door. I haven’t thought about using the guard for anything else. However I could place it on a door quite easily in a way that would prevent it from closing and this protecting fingers. It could potentially be used to cover a rough edge somewhere around the house. It could also be used to spread across a gap somewhere perhaps to prevent lost items or children just poking around. I’m really not sure of much else. The material quality is great. It is strong but very light and flexible. The adhesive surface is fantastic. It does its job excellently. I would say it is on the expensive side. I would like to see a twin pack for an equal price if I was to purchase one. The reason being is that I wanted to use one on every doorway in my house, I’d need 9 which is £125. If I wanted to budget and only use downstairs it would still cost us more than £50 which I feel is a lot when we’ve never had an issue anyway. I like how simple and unobtrusive it is. Since I installed it, none of my 4 children have mentioned it or interferes with it. It is essentially waiting in silence to prevent an accident. I would purchase if there were some changes. I feel it needs to be slightly cheaper in the least. I also feel a slightly softer plastic or a more curved shape on the square side would help eliminate the pinch hazard. Providing the small changes I had mentioned were implemented I think I would recommend the product. I believe the product is a great one. It provides silent safety a gives peace of mind. It is a very simple and fast installation requiring no expertise or tools. Once installed it is forgotten and it will simply do its job again and again. It isn’t the prettiest item to look at but it is useful and relatively unseen due to its small size and transparency. I have took off one point as I feel it could be slightly cheaper and I feel some more thought is need to make it even safer. I was pleased with the quite simple instructions. I was excited to install the product and observe it in action. As it stands I have yet to witness the product being touched at all. All 4 of my children have missed its presence which tells me it is either an unnecessary item or brilliantly camouflaged. I believe it’s both. My children tend only to touch door-frames for support and that means the back door when stepping down. A lot of children do however touch all door-frames when they walk around. Imagine if our doors were opened and closed more frequently and my child relied more on support while walking then this product would already have made up for any costs incurred. Anthony Devaney – Samuel 1 year 9 Months

Product Tested By Charlotte Anderson – Henry 17 Months

Charlotte Awarded The Door Finger Guard Pack (for the home) 3/5

Quite flimsy, with difficult to read instructions and a two person job to fit to the door. It’s a good concept but in a standard home I don’t see a requirement for it. I can see the use much more in a business environment such as a soft place centre but in a domestic home I can’t see the need. Instructions very difficult to understand and not very clear it took a few attempts to attach correctly.Not very easy to fit to the door it took a few attempts to place the guard correctly and it was a two person job. The guard has only been in place for a matter of weeks and is already peeling off in places and needs reattaching daily.It would prevent trapped fingers but I see a greater need for protection against doors closing on fingers rather than been trapped in the hinge side of the door.It is a good safety item and would prevent trapped fingers but I don’t see a requirement for it in a domestic home. Simply shutting doors would prevent trapped fingers and out way the eye-sore of the item on the door. This item was fitted on the lounge door as this is the door that has the most amount of traffic on it.I think the item is quite low quality and looks cheap on the door.I don’t think the price point for the item was too bad however I couldn’t justify the spend and I think it’s very unattractive in the home.Anything to protect child safety is a positive and like I’ve mentioned above I see a definite requirement for it in the business environment when maybe you can’t watch children so closely but in the home environment simply keeping the door closed would do the same thing.I personally don’t think there is a need for it in the home environment. Unnecessary product that is difficult to fit looks ugly in the home and doesn’t stay attached once fitted. Charlotte Anderson – Henry 17 Months


Samantha Awarded The Door Finger Guard Pack (for the home) 5/5

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