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Dotty Bots Charcoal & Bamboo reusable Pocket Nappy

Our range of nappies are designed in the UK and are made from sustainable fabrics. The inner fabric is made from charcoal and bamboo which is a super soft fabric to put against your babies bottom.
Each nappy includes a super absorbent charcoal and bamboo booster, which you can also boost further with one of our hemp insert boosters.

The many positive qualities of bamboo charcoal fabric include: Easier on sensitive skin – The fabric inhibits bacterial metabolism causing fewer allergic skin reactions than other fibres sterilized with antimicrobial agents. Reduces Static buildup – This is a conductive material so it keeps a balanced charge in fabric to help reduce static buildup. Superior Absorption & Deodorising Ability – This trait is due to the highly porous structure of the bamboo fabric. Superior Washing and Durability –  Bamboo charcoal fibres are quick-drying and because the bamboo charcoal nano particles are embedded in the fabric rather than simply coated onto the surface, the fabric can be washed numerous times with no adverse effect on the charcoal qualities. Moisture Regulation – Bamboo charcoal yarn has a cross-section filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes so compared to conventional fabrics, it is better at moisture absorption and ventilation.  The fabric keeps the wearer dry and comfortable on hot days. Thermal Regulation. The highly porous nature of bamboo charcoal also lets it act as an insulator against cold, while also retaining heat. Promotes Better Health – The Bamboo Charcoal fibre contains potassium, calcium and other minerals, and the launch of negative ions is at a high level which is equivalent to the anion concentration of the outskirts, and this is beneficial for people’s health. Antimicrobial Functions – Bamboo Charcoal fibre effectively decompose micro-organisms attached to its surface and in the air around it.

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Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2020 Reusable Nappies Category 


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Dotty Bots Charcoal & Bamboo reusable Pocket Nappy Reviews

Product Tested By Laura Colognori – Emma 11 Weeks

Laura Awarded The Dotty Bots Charcoal & Bamboo reusable Pocket Nappy 5/5

I initially thought the nappy was really pretty and liked the pattern but it did seem a little big at first sight when Emma had been wearing size 1 nappies! I really liked the concept. I liked the idea of it being super absorbent and the benefits associated with the bamboo charcoal fabric. I really liked the pattern, we chose the gyroscope pattern but it was a tough choice! The design with the buttons is really good too as it allowed us to find the right fit for Emma. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. The multiple buttons made it easy to fit the nappy to suit Emma and have been easy to adjust as she has gotten bigger. The buttons allowed us to find the right fit and adjust as Emma has grown. Emma has been happy and content wearing this nappy. She has been able to move her legs freely while wearing it and hasn’t had any leakage. We really did find the nappy to be absorbent as there have been no leaks. That and comfort are the main things we were looking for and it has ticked both boxes. We did use this during the day and worked well. At night we add the extra layer in as Emma sleeps well through the night and it works well again. The nappy was definitely absorbent and again we have had no leaks. Having the inner layer made from charcoal and bamboo makes it super soft. Emma hasn’t had redness or marks on her while using this nappy and seems comfortable while wearing it. Very easy to wash as we just slide the liners out and then wash them in the washing machine. We would use this two or three times a week. We have decided to use the nappy mainly in the evening when we are at home. This is just because I like being able to put it straight into the wash. This is definitely eco-friendly and better than using disposable nappies. I loved all the designs on offer and I really struggled to choose just one for testing. The product feels high quality, is durable and comfortable on my baby. Definitely good value for money when you look at the number of uses you would get compared to the price and number of nappies in a pack of disposable nappies. I like how easy it is to adjust the size to make sure it’s comfortable and the patterns. I would buy another of these to allow us to change between them and use reusable nappies more often. I know a few people who have considered trying reusable nappies rather than disposable and have recommended this brand to them. I think this nappy is a good all-rounder. The value, comfort and design are all great and I really believe Emma has been comfortable and happy wearing it.  Our experience has been really positive. I don’t have much more to add than what I have already mentioned but I look forward to continuing to use this nappy. Laura Colognori – Emma 11 Weeks

Product Tested By Claire Allen – Hugo 3 Months

Claire Awarded The Dotty Bots Charcoal & Bamboo reusable Pocket Nappy 5/5

Excellent value for money. Very soft and high quality. Minimal amount of packaging too. These save so much waste and money. Hopefully more people will move to reusable nappies. Very soft and lightweight and brilliant colours. The material appears very durable and long-lasting. I followed the suggested video link which shows step-by-step instructions on correct fitting for size/age. Once you know the size fittings it’s easy to set the correct poppers. Lovely fit, very comfortable and cosy. Plenty of flexibility of movement.  My son did look comfortable in this and there were no lines on his skin that I see where the elastic sits when using disposables. This was a snug and comfortable fit. Very effective, it kept him dry for much longer than a disposable. We used this nappy during the day and at night.  It seemed very absorbent but difficult to tell when it had been used as was still touch dry. Loved the inner fabric made from charcoal and bamboo as it is so soft.  Definitely reduced the use of creams.  Washing was easy just popped straight in the washing machine, no problems at all. I used this once a day for a few hours each time. I now use this more than disposables. Very eco-friendly, I rarely use disposable nappies now and so produce far less waste. I had to pick one at first and it was difficult choosing out of all the options available. I have since bought more. Soft and durable. You can feel they are good quality while offering ease of movement. These are an investment. Once you have paid for a few nappies and boosters, they will last a long time. You can opt to buy liners as I did but they are a few pounds for a roll of a few hundred so still brilliant value for money. I loved the softness of the nappy helping to prevent nappy rash and less use of creams. Also, as a large family, this has helped us financially as we are not spending money weekly on disposable nappies. I have already purchased more. I would recommend as comfortable and flexible and last for ages. Environmentally friendly and a money saver. These are long lasting and grow with your child. The set arrived packaged in a small, recyclable card sleeve which had all the information needed on. I was initially confused looking at all of the poppers on the front. On watching the video it was clear which poppers to use for which age/size. Maybe the poppers could be different colours for sizing. The fit was nice and snug but also flexible and comfortable. The overall size did bulk out a little more than a disposable nappy but it didn’t affect the fit of clothes. We firstly tried it out in the afternoon/early evening for a few hours. On removing the nappy, it was completely dry through and was difficult to notice that he had weed at all. We then used it through the night. I found that my son actually slept for an hour or so longer than he normally would when he was put in this nappy. It took some getting used to a soiled nappy but it was easy to clean. I have found it easier to use liners although it isn’t necessary. Due to current affairs, our usual choice of disposable nappies are getting increasingly difficult to get hold of at the moment so having the option of a reusable nappy has saved us so much stress. Overall, this is comfortable and well-fitting and not just an environmentally friendly option but, has also saved us money. Claire Allen – Hugo 3 Months

Product Tested By Susie Bower – Melanie 2 Months

Susie Awarded The Dotty Bots Charcoal & Bamboo reusable Pocket Nappy 4.6/5

This looked really lovely when arrived, nice packaging and I was delighted with the design selected. I have been meaning to try out reusable nappies for a while now as never got round to it with my other two children so was keen to see just how well they worked. Designs are lovely and so many to choose from online covering everyone’s taste. The way this is made is really good, as great design, easy to adjust poppers so will be using for a while for Melanie as will grow with her. The material is very high quality too.  Instructions clear and easy to follow.  I found this super easy to put on. A really good fit and with being able to adjust poppers it can be adjusted as Melanie grows.  She looked very comfy and so cute in this. I was surprised how well this worked and no leaks at all. We used this mainly during the day and sometimes at night.  Very good quality and super absorbent. I loved the inner fabric made from charcoal and bamboo as just so soft to touch and knew it was soft against Melanie’s skin.  Very easy to wash.  I do agree this is a very eco-friendly nappy and great to use as we all use too many disposables.  However, I would add this does need washing and in the present situation ideal to use at home.  However, once back to normality and work I would find this difficult to use all the time as I would still need the ease of use of disposables.  But I will continue to use this and buy more as I feel I am helping to do something to protect the environment. The quality is very good, cannot fault it. ~Without a doubt superb value for money as you can use time and time again.  A no brainer you save £’s. I loved the design, the softness of the material, how easy they are to use and my daughter looked adorable in it.  I will be buying more.  I would certainly recommend as saves you money and they work a treat, no leaks and you can reuse them.  Loved using this and trying out reusable nappies for the first time and I will continue to use these as often as I can.  Really amazed at how absorbent this was and how well it fitted. Plus saves you so much money. Susie Bower – Melanie 2 Months







I think this nappy is a good all-rounder. The value, comfort and design are all great and I really believe Emma has been comfortable and happy wearing it.  Our experience has been really positive. I don’t have much more to add than what I have already mentioned but I look forward to continuing to use this nappy.


Laura Awarded The Dotty Bots Charcoal & Bamboo reusable Pocket Nappy 5/5

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