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Down Below Perineal Massage Oil

Down Below Perineal Massage Oil has been specially formulated for the intimate area of the perineum and its fragrance free blend ensures it is safe use in pregnancy. Down Below is safe to use (it is purposefully made for the job!), approved by the Vegan Society, natural, fragrance free, nut-free, allergen-free and it is also multi-purpose.

Reduces the Risk of Tearing – Calms the Appearance of Stretch Marks – Perfect for Sensitive Skin

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Price £11,99 Available Boots, Holland and Barratt, Next and Feel Unique and online

Bizziebaby Gold award Winner 2021 Pregnancy, Natural Remedies and Stretch mark cream/oils

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Down Below Perineal Massage Oil Reviews

Product Tested By Megan Noblett – Mum to be

Megan Awarded The Down Below Perineal Massage Oil 5/5

I was really impressed by the size of the bottle, it was also nice as it’s more of a discrete bottle so from juts looking at it, you wouldn’t know what it was for if people didn’t want to advertise it. I was really surprised at how good it looked; It looks like such an expensive product so couldn’t believe it’s only £11.99! So, I hadn’t heard of this before. It was only when attending antenatal classes that a lot of people had mentioned it. When I researched some more into the product, what it does, and what it was for, I thought it was a really good idea, I mean, what mum to be wouldn’t want to try anything they could to prevent badly tearing in childbirth. At first, I was slightly sceptical how I would be able to do this with a bump being in the way, but as the time passed it got easier to do myself. I did however find it much easier to let my partner do this for me. I think this is an easy product to use and the instructions on the box are enough, however for those who do want to read more, there is a good information leaflet inside the box too that goes into much more detail about the product, what’s in the product, how and what you can use this for. This product couldn’t get any easier to use, I have seen a lot that come in small bottles that are like an oil dispenser, whereas this has a really handy pipette that you can dispense the correct amount of drops out of, it’s really easy to use and a lot cleaner than normal bottles as you can use the squeezy top to easily transfer the oil to your hand/fingers and then pop back in the bottle. I think that the ingredients in this oil are really good, It’s good to see such natural ingredients and nothing too harsh, I was slightly worried about what would be in this as it’s going on a very delicta part of your body, but can also be used on your skin, So I didn’t want to put too much bad stuff on me. When I read the ingredients, I was pleasantly surprised. I think because of the nature of what this product is designed for, you need the reassurance of having hydrating/ Natural ingredients in it. I really like that I promotes healing too as this is a big worry for after I have given birth. I haven’t given birth yet; however, I have had thrush throughout my pregnancy so this was a good natural product to use that I knew wouldn’t make this worse or bring it back. I found this such a big help, I can only describe the oil as feeling like velvet, and it doesn’t leave your skin feeling too oily , as strange as those sounds, I have used this on my tummy, hops and boobs and can see that it instantly hydrates my skin and has reduced the redness in my stretch marks. It also really helped as my tummy was super itchy, so I found this a really good product to help with itchiness, I applied it each day after my shower and then let it settle in before covering my belly with anything. I didn’t sense much of an aroma, it’s very subtle and just smells clean. You can tell the ingredients are natural and oils, but it’s not an overwhelming smell. I used this daily on my tummy, and as I’m still earlier on once a week on my down below. I will be using it more the further along I go on my below. It took probably about 3 weeks to feel and improvement, you can feel the difference when actually doing the massage. For stretch marks it took about 1-2 weeks before I noticed the appearance of redness going down, but for itching it really helped after about 1 week. Being natural, allergen free is an important thing to me as you are using this product on delicate areas of your body so I didn’t want to put something on me that was too heavy, this is such a light and natural product, it wouldn’t affect my sensitive skin. I liked that it was such a lightweight product and that the bottle was so easy to use with the pipette, I think it’s really useful so you don’t overuse the product, it lasts such a long time for such a good price too, I really do rate this and would recommend it to my other mummy friends. The quality of the product is fabulous, the oil isn’t too thick, it’s not too watery it feels like a really nice consistency. you also don’t need too much to cover a full bump which i really liked, I used about 8-10 drops to cover my whole tummy and hips, and then I usually get a moisturiser for my breasts whilst I still have oil residue on my hands and massage that in there too so I still get some product on there. Absolutely great value! Again, I think 11.99 is fabulous for this product, the bottle is so much bigger than I expected and lasts such a long time. It’s fabulous to find such an affordable good product to use as everything adds up when you’re preparing for a baby. I would buy this. I have already recommended this to a few friends and on a Facebook page as I have heard of a few different makes but some of the other oils are a lot more expensive, I’ve also found that the bottle is much bigger than other brands, resulting in it lasting longer and being able to use this on other areas of your body too, is definitely a plus. would absolutely purchase! I have spoken to my sister-in-law who is also trying for a baby, and have sent her pictures to show her the product as I really do rate the product. I would absolutely agree with a 5, as a first time mum, I was sceptical and slightly nervous about this product actually working, but I liked that I had the product to get used to on my belly before using it on my down below, this way I had time to see how the product worked, and also if my skin agreed with the product.  I really enjoyed this oil and would absolutely but it again, I think the value for money is wonderful given that you need so much stuff for a baby, it’s almost like a little treat for yourself, the feel that it gives your skin is beautiful, it’s very soft and velvety and makes me feel like I’m super clean and satisfied, it’s not a heavy oil, it’s lightweight and natural which you can definitely tell. The design of the bottle is discreet enough to not know right away what it’s for, but stands out enough to be able to reach straight for it as you will know what it is. and again, I can’t rave enough about the Pipette, it’s so handy and useful so you dint waste the product and it lasts longer. The information on the box and information paper inside is handy and gives all the information you would need but also not too overwhelming. I also like the colour of the bottle, It’s also just see-through enough to be able to see how much product is left inside. Suitable for Vegans which is fab but also gives the reassurance that all of the ingredients used are natural and absorbs fairly quickly into skin so you don’t waste product by putting clothing over the top and it rubbing off. For a First time mum, this was really easy to use and I was confident enough to recommend this to other people which I really like as I talk to a lot of other First time mums across Lancashire that also feel like we don’t know anything, so this made me confident enough to understand how to use the product, and be able to confidently recommend to other people too! Megan Noblett – Mum to be

Product Tested By Amy Orton – Mum To Be

Amy Awarded The Down Below Perineal Massage Oil 5/5

This arrived in a nice big bottle, well designed and clearly states what the product is for. It’s a great idea to help the perineum stay intact during labour. Instructions were very clear, a well written information leaflet was supplied. Very easy to apply on your own or to get your partner involved. The product mappers to have worked okay so far but I am not due for 7 weeks. I have found this to be very useful during pregnancy and I haven’t experienced any problems while using it. I have also applied to my tummy during pregnancy to help with stretch marks and worked well. This smells absolutely gorgeous. Very calming. I used this every day. After I started using this I noticed an improvement in my Perineum area around week two. Using it for stretch marks I would say my stomach appears to be in good condition and I have no stretch marks. For me it would not sway me to buy a product because it is natural, allergen-free or vegan approved. I loved the size and the scent. It felt luxurious to use and the scent is very pleasant. This is good value as it lasts so long. I would buy this as it appears to be working. I would recommend as it appears to be working and would be a good addition to friends that are expecting. Brilliant size, great price point and smells great. This product has proven to work really well, I enjoy using it and will continue to use it throughout my pregnancy and beyond. Amy Orton – Mum To Be

Product Tested By Eva Tang – Milo 6 Days

Eva Awarded The Down Below Perineal Massage Oil 4.4/5

It arrived in a small, attractive looking box. I think it’s a great idea for mum’s to feel in control and have some comfort in knowing that they may be able to prevent a tear during labour by using the product. Simple instructions to follow.  It was self-explanatory to use and apply and you can get your partner to help when it may be difficult to reach. I believe the product worked as I just had my baby 6 days ago and only had a few grazes this time, whilst with my first two I had a 3rd and 2nd degree tear. I found the oil effective during pregnancy. However, I haven’t yet used it again after pregnancy. I have rubbed some of the oil on my stomach area and it does appear my stretch marks are less obvious this time around. This smelt lovely.  I used this 2-3 times a week. I started to notice a difference a few weeks after use. I noticed improvement in stretch marks a few weeks later.  It’s great we have a natural oil that is multi- purposeful and can be suitable for many pregnant women. I liked the smell, ease to use and packaging. The quality is great. For the benefits it provides, it is worth the money. I would consider buying this if I was ever to have children again. It gave me peace of mind. I would recommend to friends and family because it worked well for me. This is worth giving a go.  I was pleased to be allocated this product to use, especially after two previous bad tears so I was keen to see if this would work. If you use it regularly and effectively, I believe that it did help reduce tears and grazes for me this pregnancy. Eva Tang – Milo 6 Days

Suitable for Vegans which is fab but also gives the reassurance that all of the ingredients used are natural and absorbs fairly quickly into skin so you don’t waste product by putting clothing over the top and it rubbing off. For a First time mum, this was really easy to use and I was confident enough to recommend this to other people which I really like as I talk to a lot of other First time mums across Lancashire that also feel like we don’t know anything, so this made me confident enough to understand how to use the product, and be able to confidently recommend to other people too!


Megan Awarded The Down Below Perineal Massage Oil 5/5

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