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Dr.PAWPAW Christmas Gift Set

The Dr.PAWPAW Christmas Gift Set makes the ultimate stocking filler and can be hung from the Christmas tree or mantle piece with the three gorgeous shades, your perfect companion for every party and occasion this festive season.

The multi-purpose wonder balms have a multitude of uses including a skin and lip moisturiser, our Original balm can tame unruly flyaway hair and our tinted balms are perfect for lips, cheeks and cosmetic finishing.The three balms all use the same award-winning formula found in our original balm; a blend of Pawpaw (also known as Papaya) Fruit, Aloe Vera and Olive Oil to create a super nourishing, hydrating and soothing balm, which remains vegan friendly, cruelty and gluten free. The Tinted Balms are buildable – try adding a minimal amount of product for a soft sheer look or apply more for a bold intense colour! Suitable for all skin types and complexions.

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Price £9.99 Available Oliver Bonas, Harvey Nichols and online

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Dr.PAWPAW Christmas Gift Set Reviews

Product Tested By Paula Smith

Paula Awarded The Dr. PAWPAW Christmas Trio Gift Set 5/5

The first thing I noticed was the quality of the product, it looked like a high quality gift set. I think it would be great for stocking filler or for somebody new to this brand. The concept of the packaging looking like a Christmas tree decoration is a fun aspect too. The instructions are minimal however not more are needed for this product. I love the design; it is bright and fits well with the brand. The hook to use it as a tree decoration is a nice touch and it is the perfect size for stocking filler. Really easy to apply, the consistency of the balm is perfect for application. This felt comfortable on my lips and it was not too greasy or wet. This really did soothe my lips. I was suffering with dry lips after changing my medication. It was nice to have the tinted options too so that I didn’t have to compromise on the look while getting the full protection. This did suit my skin tone and the tinted options were both great. I liked the fact there were different tints o offer for different occasions. The Ultimate Red colour was perfect for a night out makeup look. My favourite shade was Ultimate Red.  I found it really versatile. A little of the product gives a more subtle look and more gives a bolder look. I carry the original and pink shades with me every day to use when needed. The red shade I use less often however it is my favourite. They are the perfect size for a handbag or clutch without taking up too much space. I let my nine year old use some of the original product; it really worked for her dry lips. I used it a few times over the space of a couple of days and noticed an improvement.  This would make a lovely gift for friends and family.  The size and quality make it perfect for a gift.  Really high quality. The packaging is fun but still gives the impression of a high end product. Absolutely fabulous value.  Even if buying 3 basic lip balms you would pay a similar price so it’s great to have a premium product for this price. I loved the versatility of the tinted balms. I would consider it both as a gift and for myself as a replacement to other balms. I would recommend especially given the value for money. I really loved this product. This lip balm trio gave me the much needed choice to still look good without compromising on protection and softness on my lips. The tinted products were my favourite and I could use them on a night out to complete my makeup look. Overall it has really given me a great opinion of the brand and I will definitely consider them again in the future. Paula Smith

Product Tested By Claire MacLaren

Claire Awarded The Dr. PAWPAW Christmas Trio Gift Set 5/5

When the product arrived, I was quite surprised by how small the packaging was. However I liked the fact it was in a pyramid type box which made it quite unique compared to other similar products packaging.  Being promoted as a Christmas gift set it was an ideal size for a small stocking filler or tree present.  I liked the fact that the red ribbon on top could be used to hang it off a tree. The colours of yellow, red and black used on the packaging were simple but made the packaging stand out. I found the concept very original and unique.  I had never come across balms that had a multipurpose such as these and I was very intrigued to try them out and use them in their multi formats. The instructions where clear and easy to understand. Balm was easy to apply.  It was rather thick but this meant that only a little was required to get the desired effect.  It felt like it offered enough moisturising without being greasy or leaving a greasy residue. On applying I was a bit dubious due to the thickness of the product but one massaged into my lips it was easy applied and didn’t feel heavy, greasy or too think and in fact left my lips feeling smooth. My lips were left feeling smooth and I definitely felt the balm was protecting my lips from chapping and dryness. I felt the peach coloured one suited my skin tone more than the red one.  I do tend to stick to quite natural colours so I do not typically choose the colour red for my lips; however I felt this balm was not too overpowering in its colour and offered more of a subtle tint to my lips. I like the selection of colours as I felt the original and peach suited my personal taste of using more natural colours, with the red being ideal when I wanted something slightly more adventurous on my lips for an evening out, but also to add a little blush of colour to my cheeks. I would say that all three products are ideal for a night out. My favourite shade was the peach as I felt it added warmth to my look without being too overpowering to my overall look. I got into the habit of incorporating the product into my daily makeup routine using it multiple times of day for my lips, and to add a blush of colour to my cheeks in the morning when applying my makeup or even when I chose to go make up free but still wanted to add a touch of colour to my cheeks as I’m quite pale skinned. Perfect size to carry about in your bag or purse. My teenage daughter (14) discovered these in my makeup bag and quickly started to borrow them on a regular basis. I feel like I noticed an improvement straight away as my lips certainly felt nourished and softer after applying. It is perfect little gift for family and friends, or a secret Santa gift etc.  If I had received this as a gift I would have been really pleased to have received it. A good quality product. At first when I saw how small the product was, I felt the price tag was a little steep.  However, since using the balms I certainly feel you get value for money as you only need to use a little each time and it has multi purposes which is great. I loved the fact this is a multi-use product.  I would buy this product again.  If not for myself then for my friends as I think it’s a perfect little gift. I’d definitely recommend this product as explained above for its multipurpose uses and the fact that my lips were moisturised and felt smooth after use. This product has multiple uses, is unique and is the perfect size to carry about during the day or on a night out. I feel I have explained extensively above my experience using the product. I have enjoyed using it, and experimenting using it not only on my lips, but as a blush and eyelid colouring too. It offered subtle colour to my pale skin which continued to look natural and did not clog my skin.  Claire MacLaren

Product Tested By Jenna Massingham

Jenna Awarded The Dr. PAWPAW Christmas Trio Gift Set 5/5

The Christmas gift set arrived in a lovely pyramid shaped package with a ribbon at the top so it could be hung on a Christmas tree or mantelpiece. It wouldn’t be too hard to wrap up and send through the post as a festive gift either. The gift set consists of three lovely balms, one clear and two tinted (peach and red). The balms are made in the UK and use a variety of natural ingredients. The product takes its name from the main ingredient, fermented pawpaw, which is believed to have healing qualities. Fairly self-explanatory instructions, the balms can be used to nourish lips or massaged onto dry cuticles. The peach or red balms can also be dabbed onto cheeks for a splash of colour. I liked the shape of the package, and felt it would be a neat small festive gift or as stocking filler. The package is mainly yellow, the colour of the Dr PawPaw brand, but has a red ribbon at the top so it could be hung from a tree. The lip balm was very easy to apply as they all have a slanted applicator, which means it could be applied quickly without a mirror if necessary. If you prefer, you could squeeze the tube and apply with your finger. I was a little nervous about being asked to test and review a lip balm as my lips can be very sensitive to products. With other lip products I have sometimes found that they are fine on the first application and then actually make my lips much dryer and sore. However, I was very pleasantly surprised and pleased with the Dr PawPaw set! The natural ingredients must really agree with me. I have been using them for a few weeks now and haven’t had any reactions. It feels comfortable and natural to wear. The balms are very gentle and do soothe dry lips. The natural balm just adds a light shine without feeling too sticky or glossy. The original natural balm would suit everyone and then there are two tinted balms to choose from, peach and red. I like quite an understated look and so applied quite a thin layer of the colours which suited me. You could apply a thicker layer to see a bolder colour. I found that the colour didn’t apply completely evenly and so I needed to blend it together to look best. I think the selection of colours would suit most people. Maybe the red would be good for a night out (I don’t have too many of those at the minute!). I probably used the peach more than the red in my day-to-day life. For me it felt like a more natural colour for my casual dress. As I was so happy with the results of the balms I used them on my lips most days for the last few weeks. I kept the three balms in different places, one in my coat pocket, one in the baby-change bag and one in the car ready to grab whenever I felt my lips needed a little bit of nourishment or a top up of colour. I did use them as lip balms much more than cuticle creams or cheek tints, but this was just my preference. They are the perfect size to be kept in a bag. From the first wear the balms instantly made my lips feel hydrated, and I continued to use them without any ill effect. A lovely little gift for a friend or family member. I read that the Dr PawPaw brand currently supports Crisis and donates a percentage of its yearly profits to the charity, a double act of giving. I have nothing negative to say, the quality of the product is very good. I think £9.99 is a reasonable price to pay for the three balms in the festive gift set. It seems in line with other similar products. For me, the best thing about the product was the ingredients were mostly natural and so felt very soothing to use. I probably found the natural balm most versatile, but did like the effect of using a thin layer of the tinted balms too. I would buy this product again. It is nice to have found something for my lips that doesn’t irritate my skin at all. I would recommend and may buy this product as gift. It could make quite a good ‘secret Santa’ present. I have been very happy with the balm set, and have used them many times. The balms are hydrating and feel nourishing to wear. A positive experience using three lovely versatile balms. The natural ingredients agreed with my skin, meaning I could confidently use the balms as often as I wanted. Although I used them as lip balms most of all, others may use them for their other functions – or cuticles or lip tints. Jenna Massingham






I would recommend especially given the value for money. I really loved this product. This lip balm trio gave me the much needed choice to still look good without compromising on protection and softness on my lips. The tinted products were my favourite and I could use them on a night out to complete my makeup look. Overall it has really given me a great opinion of the brand and I will definitely consider them again in the future.


Paula Awarded The Dr. PAWPAW Christmas Trio Gift Set 5/5

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