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Dr Renaud’s Raspberry Soft Mask

All Skin Types.Comfort hydrating Mask. This rich mask offers a real "oasis of moisture”. A delectable formula with softening Raspberry extract and a complex of Honey, Pear, Fig and Passion Fruit extracts that helps the skin to regulate its moisture levels. Well hydrated, the skin is supple and comfortable.
Apply to hands for a hydration bath. Apply in a thick layer and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and tone with the Raspberry Toning Lotion. Use once or twice a week.Ingredients: Raspberry, Honey, Pear, Fig and Passion Fruit extract, Hyaluronic acid, Hydrating Agents.

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£19.45 35ml - Available to purchase online

Dr Renaud’s Raspberry Soft Mask Reviews

Product Tested by: Samantha Beardow

Product Tested By Samantha Beardow

Samantha Awarded The Dr Renaud’s Raspberry Soft Mask 5/5

Lovely product. Packaging very nice. This was very easy to apply to my skin. Instructions very clear and easy to follow. It had an aroma, smelt of strawberries. There was no irritation to my skin at all using this item. I did, enjoyed spoiling my skin for a change. I used this once a week as a treat. My skin felt lovely and soft after using this product. Due to the price of the product it was only used once a week and no more, couldn’t afford to use it more than once a week. I would recommend as this product was lovely to use but would outline the price. Lovely product as it smells nice with a lovely texture. Just the price that has put me off wanting to buy it, this is something that would be used as an occasional treat for myself or for a member of the family. Samantha Beardow

Product Tested By Alice Holmes

Alice Awarded The Dr Reanaud’s Raspberry Soft Mask 4.8/5

Looked a lovely high quality product and could not wait to try this. Has a lovely aroma of raspberries and smells fresh and inviting. Packaging is high quality. This is so easy to apply smooth’s on well. A little goes a long way so this tube will last a while. Instructions very easy to follow. Lovely fresh aroma. I have very sensitive skin and have to be careful what skin care items I use, but never suffered from any irritation using this product. I used this once a week which was sufficient for me. I really enjoyed using this product and left my skin feeling lovely and soft. A nice treat for my face once a week. I found this face mask very effective and certainly brightened up my skin. This is expensive but it really worked well for me and the tube has lasted quite a while. I would purchase this again, not as a regular purchase due to the price but for special treat for myself. Would also make a nice present for family & friends something luxurious and special. I would recommend as a lovely treat for your skin. Worked well for me and I loved it. A lovely face mask left my skin feeling soft and refreshed. Alice Holmes

Product Tested By Karen Cole

Karen Awarded The Dr Renaud’s Raspberry Soft Mask 4.2/5

Dr Renauds’s Raspberry Soft Mask comes in a 50ml tube which is stored inside an outer box. Looks very nice and the product has a nice aroma to it. First impressions are positive. Lovely high end packaging. Looks smart and expensive. Not particularly eye catching although the raspberries look delicious! Very easily applied. You do not need a great deal of the product to cover your face although it depends on how much you wish to put on yourself and how thickly. It has the consistency of a face cream so it is easy to apply. Instructions Very clear. There is not much more information that could have been added to the outer packaging. A very pleasant raspberry aroma which was not overpowering. Could almost have been a little bit stronger as it is very subtle and I like a product to smell quite strong. No irritation or allergic reaction experienced. I do suffer with a little sensitive skin but this product did not cause any problems. I enjoyed using this product it felt very luxurious and I felt like I was treating my skin. I used the product twice a week as per the instructions. It is also suggested you could use it once per week. My skin felt nice but did not feel any different to any other times I have used a face mask. It did not feel particularly hydrated as is suggested it might feel. I think it is expensive for what it is. I feel you are paying for the brand name as there are very similar products available on the market. I would recommend if they had the funds to spend on this item. Although the product is a very nice product to use, I have marked it down because of the RRP. I do not feel it is justified as there are very similar products on the market at a fraction of the cost. I enjoyed using Dr Renaud’s raspberry soft mask but it did not particularly help hydrate my skin. Karen Cole

 Lovely product as it smells nice with a lovely texture.


Samantha Awarded The Dr Renaud’s Raspberry Soft Mask 5/5

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