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Drayton Manor

Everyone’s favourite theme park, packed with a host of great rides and attractions set in 280 acres of lakes and parkland. Drayton Manor features some of the biggest, wettest and scariest rides around! Apocalypse is the world’s first stand up tower drop. Shockwave is Europe’s only stand up rollercoaster. Stormforce 10 is ‘the best water ride in the country’ (Daily Express). Maelstrom is the only gyro swing to make you face outwards! Pandemonium turns your world upside down!

And the incredible G-Force is a rollercoaster ride like you’ve never had before! This £3 million ride takes terrified thrillseekers through a series of high banked twists and turns at speeds of up to 70 kph at 4.3 Gs, whilst hanging by the hip!
BIZZIEBABY REVIEWS 2012 – These reviews were carried out by our Bizziebaby Testers March/April 2012

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Drayton Manor Reviews

Product Tested by: Lucy Birkinshaw – Alfie, Leah and Niece Rose – Aged 6, 4 & 4 years


Product Tested By Lucy Birkinshaw – Alfie, Leah and Niece Rose – Aged 6, 4 & 4 years

Lucy Awarded The Drayton Manor Theme Park 4.5/5

Had a look at the website and my son was very excited! Was worried it would be very expensive for food so we decided upon a picnic and to just buy an afternoon treat! Quite an easy journey considering our SAT NAV would not work! We just used the websites directions! Although I think it should say you don’t go through the toll! As we worried about this. Plenty of parking spaces surrounding the park. Excellent walking routes to entrances on the side of the road marked out so even the children knew to stay on them! Many paying windows so even though it was ride starting time the queues were not too bad at all! Staff were very helpful too.’ The map made the park look very confusing, when in fact it was just a giant circle. I think this could have been done a lot better. Even tried looking up the map on the website and that was confusing also. Thoroughly enjoyed every single one that we could go on (being 5 months pregnant, there was a few I couldn’t!) But the Haunting I believe needed a warning as was suitable from 1metre but terrified all the kids under about 7! So I think the ride operator should have warned us, or even a warning on sign. Also the troublesome trucks coaster required an adult per child under 1.2metres. Which most children are who like Thomas! So we had to enlist a random adult sitting on their own for my 6yr old son to sit next to! And we were lucky there was one. We were expecting to queue up again! The children loved every minute of it! Even had tears when rides were closing!! As a family we love days out! I think more companies should do days out to places like this including travel. Toilets were great! Everywhere you looked there was a toilet! Clean and tidy too! The food was rather costly. I am glad we took a picnic but we did sample the teas and donuts. Queues were quite lengthy for these! And could see the food outlets had very large queues. Safety was never an issue. We all felt perfectly fine! And seen security walking round on a few occasions, which is reassuring. The park is very good, but I do think the price tag is a little on the extortionate side. Especially if you had babies and an adult was required to stay off the ride. If there was a BOGOF offer we would probably consider going again in a few years’ time. I would recommend but suggest waiting for special offers as then so much more value for money. The only off putting factor was the lack of warning on the scary haunting ride, the cost to get in and error in our judgement that my son could ride alone on the troublesome trucks but couldn’t, even though he could on a different coaster! Overall we had a fantastic day! Some rides the children chose to go on twice they enjoyed it so much! I’d like to take the chance to thank you for allowing us a family day out! Lucy Birkinshaw – Alfie, Leah and Niece Rose – Aged 6 Years, 4 & 4 Years.

Product Tested By Rick Fields – Children Aged 7, 10 & 14 years

Rick Awarded The Drayton Manor Theme Park 4.5/5

Thought it would be quite small and simple. The park was very easy to find. I used my sat Nav but the sign posts were also very clear. The parking was good. Lots of parking and not too far to walk to the park either. Thought the £3 for the day was a reasonable price to pay. The entrance was nice and big, reminded me of the American parks. The environment was very friendly. All the staff we encountered welcomed us and wished us a good day. I thought the attractions at the park were good, but I did fell the rides were a little on the short side. My kids really enjoyed themselves. There were lots of rides for them to all go on and the queues were relatively short too. We go to theme parks all the time. The children all are thrill seekers so it was really nice to go somewhere different for a change. The toilets I felt were a little outdated but the eating facilities were good as well as the picnic facilities. We all felt safe in the park. I think that the price tag for a day out is quite high but appreciate that it is cheaper than a number of the other parks. In a time when we are tightening our belts it would be a rare visit we would make here. We live in surrey so wouldn’t make a special journey here. However, if we were up that way we definitely would go again. I think this park is great. Covers all ages of children with lots of variety in the rides. A fun family day out. Wish the rides lasted a bit longer! Rick Fields – Children Aged 7, 10 & 14 years

Product Tested By Lucy Perryman – Children Aged 12 years, 11 & 4 years

Lucy Awarded The Drayton Manor Theme Park 4.3/5

Very good all kids were excited. We stayed at a local premier and I sorted out the sat Nav prior to our journey so very easy to locate. Parking Excellent loads of spaces and close to the main entrance. Entrance to the park very close to where we parked. There was enough room in the park for all the people to wander around and go on all the rides. Attractions were Excellent for our youngest child but the older two were a bit bored towards the later part of the day. They had a brilliant day and we all enjoyed it. The kids all love theme parks and we parents love whatever they enjoy. There was enough for all ages and abilities. The food places were quite expensive so that’s why we took our own and we found that most people done the same. The toilets in the Thomas land were old and dirty. Not enough sinks for the amount of toilets. Quite dirty and no cleaning rota to show when and what time they needed to be cleaned. This park is very safe for all the family. I personally feel this does offer value for money for the younger children but not for our older children. We would certainly recommend the park to others. We had a good day out. The good points were Thomas land and the water rides. The down points were the toilets and the cost of the food places. Lucy Perryman – Children aged 12 years, 11 & 4 years

Overall we had a fantastic day! Some rides the children chose to go on twice they enjoyed it so much! I’d like to take the chance to thank you for allowing us a family day out!


Lucy Awarded The Drayton Manor Theme Park 4.5/5

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