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Dream n Care Babynest

The Hauck Fun For Kids Dream n Care Babynest is a compact travel cot (89cm x 51cm) for when space is at a premium. Suitable from birth to 6 months this cot has a raised mattress to make it easier on your back and giving you useful storage space underneath, ideal for bedding towels and nappies. Wheels at one end make it easily manoeuvrable and the sides have attached storage pockets. Folds easily into its own travel bag. For local stockist click onto

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Dream n Care Babynest Reviews

Product Tested by: Emma Loveridge – Baby Charlotte 19 Weeks

Product Tested By Emma Loveridge – Baby Charlotte 19 Weeks

Emma Awarded The Hauck  Dream n Care Babynest Travel Cot  4.4/5

My initial thoughts of this product were that it was hard to put up due to stiffness but once up it was up it was fantastic. I loved the storage and look of the cot. As a first time mum it took me a while to figure out how to put it up and take it down (as I did not receive any instructions with the product). I also don’t know what weight this will take Charlotte up to as it’s for up to 6 months (I only found this out by looking on the internet) but she is small for her age so I wonder if it would still be ok to use it for a little longer. As I didn’t have any instructions I found it a little hard to erect to start with. Also as it is new it was a little stiff but once I got the hang of it is was very easy. As with putting up the porta-cot I found it a little hard to take down due to stiffness and lack of instructions. Again though once I had done it once it was a piece of cake. This is lovely and compact it takes up hardly any room and is easy to store. Also doesn’t take up much room when travelling which is a bonus. There is plenty of room for Charlotte who is currently 4 months old; she is quite long for her age so it is nice that she can spread out. The mattress is fleeced and soft and seems very nice to sleep on. Charlotte seemed to be quite happy in there. This is great as a changing station as it is for up to 6 months. It is quite high but is enclosed so you do not need to worry about your little one rolling off. Also I felt safe leaving her in it when I went out of the room so she could play in it as the end was strong enough to place her mobile on. The storage area underneath you can keep all your nappy changing things and some toys to keep her amused all in one place which is great if you don’t have the biggest hotel room. I would feel confident to leave Charlotte playing for a while in there as she can not fall out and the mattress is nice and comfy on her back. This is great for a travel cot as it isn’t too heavy and folds up to be quite compact it won’t take up much room either when it is up or down. I was a bit worried as it is a very pale colour that it would get dirty easily but the sides wipe down easily. I am sure that it is even easier to keep clean but I am afraid (and I am sorry to harp on about it) but as I had no instructions I had to guess how to clean it. In our current car the boot is quite small and once you have the buggy in there you can not fit much else in. This slots in easily and if it didn’t you could easily fit across the foot wells in the car without getting in Charlottes way. The fabric of the actual cot is great; the mattress is soft so is slightly harder to keep clean. I think this cot was great. I was very impressed with it especially the storage areas as, I feel, that was an added bonus. I think that it is pretty good value for money the only downside is that you would have to buy another one for when your child gets older. I think this is probably ideal for people who already have a travel cot without a bassinet. As it is small when erect and you can put babies under 6 months in it. Overall I think this was really good. The only downside really is that you can only use it up to 6 months. It is a good price and size and the storage is great. I know you can pick up bigger travel cots that are fine for older babies at reasonable prices so I would probably do that. Rather than pay the expensive prices for travel cots with bassinets. I definitely would recommend this product as many of my friends have two children that need travel cots and it would save them space when two cots are erected.  Also ideal as a first crib and would make good gift for first time mum. Great compact and useful portacot, excellent size, comfortable and great for storage. Emma Loveridge – Baby Charlotte 19 Weeks

Product Tested By Donna McKinson – Baby Estacia-Marie 3 Months

Donna Awarded The Hauck  Dream n Care Babynest Travel Cot  4.2/5

Looked expensive and nice colour but the box was very heavy so was worried about that. I actually went on the incorrect website initially, but finally found the website.  Found this was not an easy website to navigate, did not give information about products and no prices or stockist details.  Hard to navigate. Instructions simple to follow – but I did put it up with my partner.   I found it quiet heavy and taking it out of the box was impossible for me so my partner had to help. Quite easy to fold away.  Ideal for my baby and age suitability is birth – 6 months. Only issue I had was the weight. The size is nice and compact.  I think it’s smaller than the average size travel cot – but this is fine as you don’t want something too big to take away on holiday with you.   The mattress seemed a bit firm but my baby slept well in it during the day.  I of course but my own sheet on first.  I only used it to put my baby to sleep in during the day.  As she is only 3 months I didn’t really let her ‘play’ in it – however I fully intend to use it as a play pen in the future.  The side storage pockets were useful and the colour blends well with a neutral decor. As my baby is too young to use it as a play pen as such, she just slept in it but I would feel it would be very useful as a playpen – especially as it has wheels so can be taken from room to room on the same floor. For me the size is nice and compact but not too small but the weight is too heavy too be a real travel companion – to off set this downside, the heaviness makes it sturdy and safe when assembled. Very easy to keep clean, just use a damp cloth. I have a Renault Scenic (people carrier) but it would easily fit into a small hatchback.  The fabric is practical to wipe clean.  I like the overall design – the mesh sides so baby can see out and the storage pockets, also the bassinet for a smaller baby.    I think it needs to be lighter and perhaps have some sort of entertainment feature for the baby to justify the price.  Would purchase now used this item.  This is compact, nice colour, storage pockets, bassinette, has wheels, carry bag and can be used as a playpen.  Good quality likely to be used at home. Donna McKinson – Baby Estacia-Marie 3 Months

Product Tested By Lorna Young – Scarlet, Marley & India – Aged 3 Years, 17 Months & 17 Weeks,

Lorna Awarded The Hauck  Dream n Care Babynest Travel Cot  3.2./5

Lightweight & compact ideal for nights away or instead of a mosses basket.  Website offers a good selection of products although the website had to be visited as soon as I received the product as no instructions came with it.  once the website had been visited I had a better idea of the features of the product.   easy to put up & down works the same as all other travel cots do although is easier as it is smaller.  Bag to transport the travel cot is a decent size to fit the folder cot into with not much effort. have certainly used worse!!  good compact size & pretty lightweight compared to other models. if traveling you would have the space in the boot for a buggy & suitcases too.  compact sturdy but comfortable with a reasonable width & length.  really soft fabric means it is lovely & comfy for even the youngest of babies. the colour needs thought though as the lovely soft cream sides were a magnet for sibling’s sticky fingers!!!  I am a bit disappointed with the cot as I really think they missed a trick with its features. It is only suitable for a baby before they can sit up but if it had a feature to lower the raised base to accommodate older babies this would be a winner. As it stands I personally think price for a newborn baby to 6 months shelf life is steep & a normal travel cot would make more financial sense. This isn’t really suitable as a playpen at all due to the design. shame really as could have got so much more use out of this with just a little more design thought.  good weight & good size for travelling.  the lovely cream fluffy soft material isn’t really practical for a quick wipe over would look grubby very quickly if used often. easy peasy lemon squeezy on the size and fits easily into boot of car.  Lovely soft luxurious fabric, just not suitable colour or for the job in hand. On the plus side it is very generic on colour so would fit in with any colour scheme.  My opinion would be that it could have been sooo good but as it stands is a lovely product that will last a little longer than a mosses basket but could have converted to a playpen or toddler travel cot – then it would have been fab fab fab.  as a travel cot not ideal, as how many times do you stay away from home in the first 6 months. if used as a mosses down stairs cot or cradle daily then it dose offer value for money.  disappointed on the longevity aspect.   if you travelled often or were looking for a mosses basket that could be folded up when not in use then maybe but I would recommend a normal size over this as more cost effective.  great for a night away but disappointed it didn’t do more. Lorna Young – Scarlet, Marley & India – Aged 3 Years, 17 Months & 17 Weeks,

Great compact and useful portacot, excellent size, comfortable and great for storage.


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