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Store your essential travel items in one place using the Dreambaby® Car Back Seat Tablet Organiser.

Includes 4 mesh pockets and roomy toy pouch. Extra-long easy-fit straps to suit most car headrests. Easy access to ports & controls. Clear touch PVC window, Phthalate Compliant. Suits tablet screen size up to 17 x 24cm / 6.7 x 9.4in. Organiser measures 52 x 44cm / 20.5 x 17.3in

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Product Tested By Cally Butterworth – Molly 2 years 6 Months

Cally Awarded The Dreambaby Car Back Seat Tablet Organiser 5/5

I liked the colour, looked well made, strong, felt good quality. It’s a really good concept, and it comes in really handy for when we are travelling. Very clear instructions to read and follow. This was easy to fit in back seat of car, and it fits the back of the chair with no problems. Once the straps were in place it was secure on the car chair, didn’t move around which was great. We have a bulky iPad cover but once we took that off, it fitted very well and was still able to get it out easily enough. Our child is only 2 1/2 years old so she’s actually couldn’t reach it. But it was easy enough for the passenger in front/side to be able to pull the tap for the Velcro and get the iPad out if needed. The mess pockets definitely kept all the essentials at a good height for easy access on the road. The clear touch PVC window, Phthalate was effective, wasn’t reflective on the screens iPad. Adequate protection for the iPad. Once I received the item, I put it straight in the car, and we have been using it for odd different bits, it came in handy for a long journey that we did to see family recently. This was kept in the car as soon as we got it. If there’s a way to hang it then yes definitely very good organiser to take it on holiday. As stated previously, my daughter is too young to reach when strapped into her car seat, but it was very helpful with all the compartments for storage. I liked how strong and sturdy it was and the pouch was easier to get the iPad in and out of. One of the ones that we had before we struggled with getting out of the pouch and then back in again. This is now kept in the car, behind the passenger seat. I like the different compartments that you can put things in and keeps all off the floor. This is good quality as strong and sturdy, won’t break easily if my child does get hold of it. I believe that if you pay a decent amount for something it shows in the quality of the item. I would buy this as it’s always something very useful to have in the car and children have so many things needed in the car. I would recommend as I think it’s always something that’s needed in the car whether you’re doing short or long trips, it’s good for organisation. The product does what’s expected, great quality and strong. Everyone needs one In their car! Cally Butterworth – Molly 2 years 6 Months

Product Tested By Charlotte Stoner – Jaxon 3 Years

Charlotte Awarded The Dreambaby Car Back Seat Tablet Organiser 5/5

Very well packaged and it accurately pictured the item in use, very good looking product. I was very surprised with how much storage there really is with this. I think it’s such a brilliant concept, when traveling, especially long distances. Having a young child it’s very hard to not loose numerous items on our journeys. We had absolutely no issues with the instructions given, whilst basic it correctly explained how to fit onto the seat. Whilst we were fitting it onto the backseat as we still rear face it was still very simple to fit. We found the organiser very secure as we could tighten the straps around the seat and it is fastened in more than one location. We have a 10inch tablet and a 7 inch, both tablets fit well and didn’t move around during journeys. We were a bit worried as I think this product is definitely aimed more so at forward facing travel, my little boy in his current seat could still access his tablet although we are yet to test this with extended leg room as he would be quite a bit further away from the holder. We loved how much space this organiser really had, we managed to fill it with all kinds of goodies and it keeps everything that stays in the car together and keeps the car a lot tidier from toddler mess. We had a few longer drives and I feel like it definitely saved us from having to stop as often with everything being close to hand. Before fitting into the car the tablet holder window was the first thing I had actually tested and it worked really well on both our tablets. We try to use the organiser every time we go in the car and even for general storage when our child is not in the car to keep all his bits together and ready for the next outing. It has definitely been a life saver at times, we haven’t had to rummage round for lost things before and during trips out. For longer trips it has been brilliant. We went on a short holiday to the coast and it was really handy to have, my little boy didn’t have to hold his tablet the whole time and could have everything else to hand when he wanted, not having to wait for us to find things. Even though it was such a simple concept my little boy loved having his own little holder for his drinks. My favourite part definitely has to be the amount of space it really has for items, I don’t feel like it was ever over filled and the limitless options for what the compartments can be used for. We used this most on our coastal holiday, my little boy gets quite restless sometimes on longer journeys but it really helped distract him from the drive. Our car has never been so organised. Great quality.  My 3 year old is quite boisterous and it still looks brand new even with him pulling and tugging at parts. Very strong fabric used. I think it’s really good value for money, I think the price for it is very reasonable. I would definitely consider buying this product and would happily buy another if ever needed. I would recommend this item, I think for children of all ages this is really a much needed product. I will happily give this a 5/5, I have been very surprised by every aspect of the organiser, it’s been a very handy product and we will happily use this for as long as possible. We have loved this item, very easy to fit, very basic but so effective. Does everything it needs to do and more. Charlotte Stoner – Jaxon 3 Years

Product Tested By Joyce Fagan – Neala 3 Years

Joyce Awarded The Dreambaby Car Back Seat Tablet Organiser 4.4/5

I liked the compact, cardboard packaging and the picture of the item in use on the box looked appealing and useful. I love the concept as I like my car to be kept tidy but for the children to still have access to toys, drinks bottles etc. Minimal instructions as they aren’t really necessary. The washing instructions are useful though. Very easy to fit and to adjust to fit my car. This was very secure. It didn’t feel like it would come loose in transit. Our tablet fitted in securely and felt safe. My daughter was able to access all the controls and the plastic was clear enough to not cause any issues. The mesh pockets offered plenty of storage space. I would have liked for the mesh to have some elastication to it to allow a little more stretch. The clear touch PVC window was very effective although at times caused a bit of a shine but this is a minor issue. I have used it daily since I received it. This is ideal to keep in the car and perfect for when travelling.  It has kept my car tidier and my daughter has enjoyed the independence it affords her. Absolutely ideal to take on holiday. It’s great to allow them to be hands free whilst using their tablet in the car and eliminates the issue of it being dropped whilst in the car. My daughter love she could store her water bottle and some toys and didn’t need to hold her tablet. I loved that is keeps my car tidier and the tablet safe. This is kept exclusively in the car. The fact this keeps everything neat and tidy and in one place is my best aspect of this organiser. It feels high quality and like it will last a long time and is easy to clean. I would just prefer slightly higher quality, elasticated meshing in the storage pockets. This is very good value for money. I would consider buying a second for my other daughter. I would recommend it for parents who allow their children to use tablets in the car to keep the tablet safe. It is a good quality item that keeps your car tidy and your tablet safe. I like the packaging and the limited amount of plastic used in the overall product. The product itself is easy to use and my children both really like it. It blends in well in the car as my car seats are also black. Joyce Fagan – Neala 3 Years


I would buy this as it’s always something very useful to have in the car and children have so many things needed in the car. I would recommend as I think it’s always something that’s needed in the car whether you’re doing short or long trips, it’s good for organisation. The product does what’s expected, great quality and strong. Everyone needs one In their car!


Cally Awarded The Dreambaby Car Back Seat Tablet Organiser 5/5

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