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Dreambaby Grooming Kit

Dreambaby® Essential Grooming Kit is packed with the necessary items to help keep your baby well groomed and healthy. Packed in a convenient plastic storage case, it is easy to keep organized and great for travel.

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Dreambaby Grooming Kit Reviews

Product Tested By Michelle Wills – Elwood 2 Months

Michelle Awarded The Dreambaby Essential Grooming Kit 4.8/5

The quality really stands out and great presentation in the box. Very stylish packaging, I loved the clear box as it was of a high quality. Instructions very straight forward. The contents were exactly what I needed. The only thing that I did not need or use was the toothbrush. The quality of the kit was made to a very high standard, and made using the kit a better experience.The storage case was really nice and I loved the fact it was clear so you could see what was inside. I found that the size was great for me as there was extra space for other essentials I had for my baby and still easy to store. All the utensils had nice grips on them making them easy and comfortable to use. Especially when it can be tricky with your baby’s tiny fingers. Overall the quality was very good and you could tell it is a product that will last. It is not the cheapest, but defiantly a worth while investment for a product that will last and a lot better quality. I would replace the toothbrush with a digital thermometer. Just because I have not yet needed to use it yet and the thermometer is in other similar kits. I would defiantly buy the product. I would recommend. This would have been a 5; apart from the fact for me the toothbrush was useless to me at the moment. Really pleased with this kit, very high quality grooming essentials. Worth the money. Michelle Wills – Elwood 2 Months

Product Tested By Laetitia Hands – Oliver 12 Weeks

Laetitia Awarded The Dreambaby Essential Grooming Kit 4.8/5

Good quality kit. Includes all the items you would expect from a grooming kit (scissors, emery boards, clipper, comb, brush). Nice soft colours, and gender-neutral. Sturdy packaging, the grooming kit was intact. Easy to follow instructions included in the back. Clear and detailed instructions, easy to follow as you would expect for a baby grooming kit. Useful contents to groom a baby/ toddler. It includes all the essentials you need and 4 emery boards when other grooming kits only include one. However, the box is counted as one of the 10 pieces of the grooming kit. Very good quality contents, except the box itself whose hinges broke within 4 weeks of use. I was especially impressed with the scissors and nail clippers which both trim/ cut well, as this is not always the case with baby kits. The brush and comb are soft to use with a newborn. I haven’t yet used the toothbrush. The box is too big, compared to the packaging of similar grooming kits and its contents could have fitted in a smaller case or box. Also, the hinges broke within 4 weeks of use. The kit is very easy to use, as expected. The product is of very good quality. Very good value for money. Design suggestion – A soft case rather than a big plastic box for storage would be more appropriate and probably more durable. I would purchase this item. I would recommend as this is a good quality grooming kit. The dreambaby kit is very well made and does everything you would expect from a baby grooming kit and it seems very sturdy whilst soft to use with babies. Laetitia Hands – Oliver 12 Weeks

Product Tested By Danielle McKinlay – Riley 11 Weeks

Danielle Awarded The Dreambaby Essential Grooming Kit 4.9/5

Thought the product looked great. Packaging was perfect for the product. Instructions clear and precise. The contents were brilliant. It was really easy to use. The quality of this grooming kit was excellent.The case was great. It was really easy to store and to travel with. All of the items in this kit were really easy to use. Especially with the safety handle. Excellent quality. Really superb value for money. The design is just perfect.I would definitely purchase this grooming kit and have already recommended. The grooming kit was great and ideal for any new mum. Daniella McKinlay – Riley 11 Weeks





Really pleased with this kit, very high quality grooming essentials. Worth the money.


Michelle Awarded The Dreambaby Essential Grooming Kit 4.8/5

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