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Dreambaby® Manhattan Carrier

The Dreambaby® Manhattan Carrier is ergonomically designed to provide support and comfort for both you and your child.
Comfortable heavy-duty, easy-care fabric, supportive design
Ezy-Fit, the carrier is designed to be worn three ways: with baby in front-facing inward, in front-facing outward or riding backpack style
Comfortable, adjustable padded shoulder straps, wide lumbar support, with breathable mesh lining
Easily adjustable & removable headrest
Quick fastening & release buttons
Suitable for newborn from 3.5kg / 7.5lbs up to Max- 15kg / 33lbs
Conforms to ASTM F2236-16a and BS EN13209-2:2015

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Price £36.00 available Asda, Very, Amazon and online

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Dreambaby® Manhattan Carrier Reviews

Product Tested By Connor Raynor – Noah 3 Months

Connor Awarded The Dreambaby Manhattan Carrier 4.4/5

I thought the packaging was good, maybe could have been a bit more colourful/attractive to draw your attention to it. The product was very well made and seemed of good quality. The design was very good and was impressed with the fact you could carry a child in three different ways (front-facing, rear facing, over the back). I was also very impressed with the head and neck support, something which is better than what I’ve seen from other highly-rated carriers online. The instructions were clear and straight to the point. At first it was tricky to work out, but once I had used it a few times it was very simple to use. It is easy and comfortable to use. It had great back support and there was no discomfort while using it or after using it. The clips and Velcro on the side made it easy to place the baby in the carrier. This was comfortable and safe for Noah as he was always smiling when using this carrier and would fall asleep almost instantly when on the walk, and would remain asleep. The buckles and Velcro made it easy to put my baby in and out of the carrier. We used front-facing inward and outward, we did not use backpack style as our baby is small and didn’t feel too comfortable yet. Front-facing inward was my favourite as you could see the baby and the neck support for them was great. You could also easily interact with them if you wanted. The adjustable padded shoulder straps were comfortable. They were comfortable and easy to adjust when wearing. Sometimes they got jammed but not often. We did not realise the headrest was adjustable at first so might want to make that clearer. The quick fastening and release buttons were easy to secure and realise quickly. I think there is plenty of room for growth and the adjustments allow it to be the correct fitting and comfortable for babies of all sizes. I often wore this when walking the dog and it was easy to do this while carrying my baby. I used this 4-5 times per week. Mostly used when walking the dog. My partner used this carrier and found it more comfortable than other carriers they have used. This is easy to keep clean and the dark colours also make this easier. I liked the head and neck support for the baby. This is good value. The best rated carrier on Amazon is the same price as this and that doesn’t have as good head/neck support as this one. Would be good if more colours were available. Apart from the straps getting stuck sometimes, the quality was excellent. I would buy this as the price is excellent and the quality is superb. My baby loved it. I would recommend as no major issues and is great value for money. Excellent quality and design. Would recommend more colours. This is great quality, excellent head/neck support. Brilliant price and value for money. Would be nice with more colours on offer. Connor Raynor – Noah 3 Months

Product Tested By Josephine Kan – Esti Bentley 25 Days

Josephine Awarded The Dreambaby Manhattan Carrier 4.4/5

Great quality and compact carrier. Design is sturdy, compact and well made. Instructions easy to follow, no unnecessary jargon. Mostly easy to use, but straps were fiddly to adjust first time round. Once fitted this was comfortable. The straps were well padded, so didn’t dig into shoulders or rest of body. Was a little bid fiddly placing Esti in this first time round, getting legs into the right position but much easier after. I think the carrier is a little too large for newborns. Even when fully adjusted, my baby’s head was able to roll around within the head support. I had to use hand to support back of baby’s head when bending down/leaning forward. I liked the easy release buttons, simple to lift baby out of carrier. Much easier than placing baby inside. I only tried baby in front facing inwards as the other methods were too advanced for her age. Mostly easy to adjust the shoulder straps except the strap where it holds the buckle across the top of the back. I needed help from another person to secure. Headrest was easily adjusted and removed but even at the lowest setting, it will still too large for my newborn baby. The quick fastening and release buttons are a great feature. Easy to use. I would say this carrier is suitable for larger sized newborns onwards. I first tried the carrier when baby was a few days old and weighing just under 8lbs, I tried again approx. 2 weeks later when baby was weighing closer to 9lbs and found her head was supported by the headrest much better. Less movement and rolling around. I can see this carrier being more useful as baby gets bigger and heavier and can fill the space between carrier and adult better. Carrier was definitely comfortable to wear, and mostly enabled me to be hands free except when I had to lean forward to bend down. I felt like I had to support my baby’s head as the headrest was too large and roomy even on the lowest setting. I only used the carrier indoors as I’m currently doing confinement for 1 month. I used this a couple of times a week, mostly when baby was unsettled and I had tasks to complete. Presently mostly used this indoors. My partner tried the carrier on 2 occasions and commented how comfortable and easy the carrier was to use. (My partner is 6ft 2 and I’m 5ft 3 just for reference). Carrier didn’t get dirty the few occasions we used it but can see it being easily wiped clean. I liked the comfort and compact size. Very affordable and no frills option compared to other carriers currently on the market. Sturdy and comfortable materials used. Comparable to other leading brands. I would buy this because of ease of use, nice quality materials and comfortable. Suitable for multi-person use. I would recommend as great price point. Comfortable and compact design makes it portable and easy to carry as well as other baby accessories. Not full marks due to the headrest being slightly too large for a newborn. Great overall experience using this carrier. Suitable for use by myself and my partner. We are different heights and builds. (Petite & Tall). Mostly easy to use once straps and headrest were fully adjusted. Much easier to adjust after the first time trying out the carrier. Would definitely come in handy as baby grows bigger and heavier. Josephine Kan – Esti Bentley 25 Days

Product Tested By Pippa Eastgate – Daughter 4 Months

Pippa Awarded The Dreambaby Manhattan Carrier 4.4/5

The carrier looks nice and tidy, is very light weight, already assembled and comes with instructions. Good packaging. The design appears good at 1st, with front carry (forward and rearward facing) and back carry options. Well-padded with Newborn head support, thick padded straps and lumbar support for the person carrying baby. It is made of a lightweight, easy clean material with straps for adjusting. I found the instructions a little confusing as the front carry seems to have the instructions for forward and rearward facing the wrong way round. Unless I am wrong!!! I would think that forward facing is baby facing forwards, away from the person carrying? Instead, forward is facing the person carrying. There are pictures and written instructions in several languages. Writing is too small but otherwise easy to follow. I did find this easy to use. However I did find the straps a little fiddly. The back clip is a little difficult to reach, on right side but far enough round that you need to use left hand, stretched across back rather than clipping from the front. It would not suit anyone with a shoulder injury. The adjusting straps require 2 hands as they don’t seem to tighten easily when baby is in situ. Once on this was comfortable. Good lumbar support, padded, lightweight and baby feels secure to my body. I found it easy to place baby for front carry. I have not tried back carry as baby is only 4 months and this is suitable from 10 months. It looks quite simple though and not heavy like a backpack. I feel that the shape of the carrier forces the babies back to arch when carried, facing me, against my front. The shape of the carrier has a curve/lumbar arch which would be suitable for an older baby but not suitable for a newborn. Baby was a little uncomfortable being forced out of its natural foetal position. There is inadequate head support for baby’s head when facing the person carrying, even with the head support the baby has too much wobble room. We tested this on Dad as well as Mum. I found it easy to put baby in. My favourite position is baby on the front, facing away from me. This is comfortable for me and baby and she was very happy seeing the world. I suffer a bad back and the padded lumbar support really helps with this, allowing baby to be carried for longer periods. Easy to put on and can be used out walking of bumbling around the house. I have not tried baby on my back, yet, as she is only 4 months. I found the shoulder straps needs 2 hands to adjust. The headrest was easy to adjust and use but it didn’t add much support to tiny baby or even at 4 months. The quick fastening and release buttons are easy to use and secure. I think this carrier is better for the older baby than for a newborn for the reasons explained earlier. I found this comfortable to wear and enjoyed being hands free when facing forward (away from me), tiny/newborn baby did not feel secure enough when facing me. I used this most days for dog walking since baby was 3.5 months. I preferred to use a wrap/sling when baby was newborn. Mostly used this when shopping and dog walking. My partner did use this. He finds it comfortable and this increases for him and baby as she gets older. Easy to wipe clean, not absorbent material and washes and dries quickly. I found this comfortable for baby and me when facing forwards. Light weight, quick to put on once adjusted to self and easy to clean. This is good value for money – its £36 and good quality for this budget price. I would buy this as a good lightweight carrier, easy to sling into a bag and would be suitable for travelling etc. I would probably recommend more for 3 months plus. I would recommend as it is a good price, good material, comfortable to carry even as baby gets bigger, light weight so easy to add as more luggage, easy to use. The Manhattan baby carrier comes assembled and ready to use with detailed instruction. It is a lightweight and compact baby carrier suitable from birth (3.5kg) to 15kg. On testing, both my partner and I found when baby faces us there is not enough support for babies head. An arch forms in the carrier and this shows clearly on the picture on the box. There is an adjustable head support but due to the amount of space for babies head, the support offers little support. The carrier is comfortable to use for the person carrying baby. With Lumbar support and padded straps, helps a weight dispersion for weak backs. Baby feels safe and secure (other than head wobble in tiny babies) and is best used as a baby looking out carrier. I would recommend this carrier is best for babies 3.5 mounts plus with strong head and wanting to look out. Not so good for tiny sleeping baby. Walking dogs and bending forwards to pick items up necessitates a hand to add support to tiny babies head. The carrier is easy to put on and take off and add baby. It cleans and dries easily. Good value for money. Pippa Eastgate – Daughter 4 Months

Excellent quality and design. Would recommend more colours.This is great quality, excellent head/neck support. Brilliant price and value for money. Would be nice with more colours on offer.


Connor Awarded The Dreambaby Manhattan Carrier 4.4/5

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