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DreamBag Travel Sleeping Bag

Dreambag Travel Sleeping bag with Removable sleeves
Travel baby sleeping – soft velour travel sleeping bag with removable arms.THE SLEEVES SHOULD BE REMOVED WHEN INSIDE/IN THE CAR AND WHEN CHILD IS PUT TO SLEEP. SLEEVES ARE FOR OUTSIDE USE ONLY.This 18-36 month travel sleeping bag is 110cm in length.Poppered removable armsOur 2.5 Tog Dream Bag is suitable for all year round except peak summer temperatures.Material Composition : 80% cotton/20% polyester outer, 100% cotton lining.
These Travel Sleeping bags are available in 2.5 & 3.5 Tog and also available in sizes from Birth through to 3-6 years.    

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DreamBag Travel Sleeping Bag Reviews

Product Tested by: Genna Gokasan – Tamra 10 Months

Product Tested By Genna Gokasan – Tamra 10 Months

Genna Awarded The Dreambag Travel Sleeping bag with Removable Sleeves 4.7/5

It is made from a really soft material and I loved the colour. Packaging was very good and arrived well protected. Instructions were very clear detailing information on tog temperatures etc. The quality of this sleeping bag is excellent. The material used is of very high quality. This was very easy to put on and take off and due to the zip along the side and bottom it made it easy to change Tamra’s nappy when required. The fastenings are so easy to use as you have a zip down one side and along the bottom and poppers at the shoulders.  Also very easy to remove the sleeves as attached by poppers. It was easy to locate straps for buggy or car seat through the hole in the sleeping bag as the hole goes from one side directly through to the other. My baby sleeps well anyway so really did not notice any difference using this. Just knew she was comfortable. I think these are excellent value for money. I have already purchased another one of these for my son. Would highly recommend. Very well design product made using high quality material really soft and snug. Genna Gokasan – Tamra 10 Months


Product Tested By Jessica Hilton – Emily 21 Months

Jessica Awarded The Dreambag Travel Sleeping bag with removable sleeves 3.7/5

Very good quality, very soft. Well packaged, protected for sending through the post but not too much waste. Instructions were very clear and precise. Excellent quality, much softer, more luxurious than other sleeping bags we have used. Lovely material, very thick and soft. Easy to put to on/take off.  Poppering the arms on was a bit fiddly.  Couldn’t pull up etc. to change a nappy, had to remove completely but this isn’t a problem. Poppers for the arm to be attached/removed and zip fastening all very secure and high quality. Easy to remove sleeves, not so easy re-attaching. Not very easy to locate the straps for buggy or car seat. For example wouldn’t have been able to do this without waking the child.  May be easier if a tiny baby was using it.  Child far too hot while strapped in as the material is quite thick. This may be due to her being able to stand/walk, she got tangled in it when she woke up and tried to stand up.  Also she was very hot in it so would only use it for very cold nights. The sleeping bag looks very comfortable but as said previously she was far too hot so would only use for very cold nights. Maybe use a thinner material so it’s not as chunky.  Not sure the tog rating is correct. Although the material was soft and good quality, there are cheaper alternatives that probably do a better job. Think it’s a good idea to have holes for car seat/pushchair straps, but the material was too chunky and would probably be better used on a tiny baby. High quality product but it didn’t work very well for us.  Would consider recommending to parents of newborns but would be concerned about the chunkiness of the fabric. Looks very high quality and well made, however not very practical for older babies. Jessica Hilton – Emily 21Months


Product Tested By Laura Daniels – Freya 3 Months

Laura AwardedThe Dreambag Travel Sleeping Bag with Removable Sleeves 3.7/5

Attractive sleeping bag which looked very comfy. Arrived well packaged. A handy guide is included to explain which temperatures suit which tog and clothing. Well-made product with a very attractive appliqué Owl and embroidered detailing. The bag is made of a soft velour material on the outside with cotton lining. Seems very cosy and warm. The bag has a zip going down one side and along the bottom making it very easy to change the baby’s nappy in the night. The fastenings were secure and easy to use, a zip going down one side and along the bottom and poppers at the shoulders. Easy to remove the sleeves as these areattached with poppers but I found the sleeves too large for my baby. There is a loose piece of elasticated material on the wrists but this was too large so her hands ended up inside the sleeves. Very easy to put the straps through the Dreambag as there is just a hole going from one side directly through to the other. It is a shame that the hole does not have an adjustable height like that utilised by other brands of travel sleeping bags. Again as Freya is still quite young I had to bunch up the sleeping bag to get her into the car seat which must have detracted from its comfort.  I am sure my score would have been different if she had been older. Unfortunately my daughter did not sleep better as she got her foot stuck in the hole meant for the buggy/car seat strap and that woke her up. I would have preferred if there had been extra poppers giving the option of making the arm holes smaller for younger babies. Freya is only 3 months and I found that the arm holes were much too large for her and she could easily tuck her arms back through the holes. Thehole for the buggy straps could do with a flap of material to cover so that little feet do not get stuck in the hole when they are in the cot. The hole for the buggy/car seat straps could do with being adjustable according to the babies’ height. This is a good quality product and I would say value for money. A well-made sleeping bag with some disappointing features that let it down. Laura Daniels – Freya 3 Months

Very well design product made using high quality material really soft and snug.


Genna Awarded The Dreambag Travel Sleeping bag with Removable Sleeves 4.7/5

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