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DreamGenii® Baby Twinkle Tog

The dreamgenii® Baby Twinkle Tog is a wearable bedtime quilt that will keep your baby warm and snug during the night. It allows your baby to move around freely, naturally and unrestricted in their bed, and is perfect for babies that are beginning to crawl. With a gorgeously soft jersey outer layer and a soft jersey lining, the suit is luxuriously cosy and comfortable, ensuring that your baby is snug from head to toe.The dreamgenii® Baby Twinkle Tog allows babies to change into their night time covers before they go to bed, and is perfect for travelling in the car during the evening, as it allows your baby to be unstrapped easily from their car seat and transferred to bed without unnecessary disturbance. It is sleeveless with covered legs and feet. The unique dreamgenii® Baby Twinkle Tog is also completely practical, suitable for machine washing, and all the demands of everyday use. Its longer length zip design allows babies’ nappies to be changed with the minimum of fuss and disturbance. Available in gorgeous starfish and ditsy birds designs, team it up with one of our beautiful sleepsuits for a magical night’s sleep for your baby. 

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£28.00 Available to purchase online Mothercare, Amazon and online

DreamGenii® Baby Twinkle Tog Reviews

Product Tested by: Hayley Sherrell – Lucie 9 Months

Product Tested By Hayley
Sherrell – Lucie 9 Months

Hayley Awarded The Dreamgenii Baby Twinkle Tog 4.7/5

I thought this was a fantastic product, well made and cosy.
It came well packaged with clear and easy instructions. This product was better
than using traditional bed clothes; it was a great idea and enabled my little
one to stand up safely whilst wearing (something that you can’t in normal
sleeping bags). She did sleep better whilst wearing this; less falls trying to
climb to standing. This is a very good quality product; it’s thick, snuggly and
very soft. The design of the duvet set was nice; it was very pale, you can’t
really see what the pictures are but I liked this as I find bright designs a
bit much. It does offer value for money although it is expensive. I am already
considering buying the next size up for the summer. I have already recommended
it to others. It’s an excellent sleeping bag, warm, cosy and enables an active
child to move easily. Hayley Sherrell – Lucie 9 Months

Product Tested By Linda Ling – Astrid 3 Months

Linda Awarded The Dreamgenii Baby Twinkle Tog 4.8/5

This has a lovely sophisticated pattern on the fabric and
was smooth to the touch. The Dreamgenii baby twinkle tog looks impressive in it’s
packaging. No instructions are really needed; it’s very straightforward to use.
As I’m the mother of a young baby who still wakes up to feed in the night, I
did find this product easier to use than traditional bed clothes. My daughter
didn’t wake up when I moved her from her moses basket to the bed to feed, and I
think this was at least partly thanks to her being kept warm and snug by the
Dreamgenii baby twinkle tog. The product is of great quality and the fabric
didn’t visibly alter after being washed. I loved the subtle design. Although I
chose the pink model, it’s very subtle, more like a mix of salmon and
blush-coloured pink, and it does not look too girly. I believe it does offer
value for money. I can see the appeal of having a sleeping bag that you can
move directly from the car seat into bed for instance. The product has been
designed for children that are "on the move” but as my baby is only three
months old she’s not yet moving much. I think I would consider buying it. This
product appears to be filling a hole in the market; I don’t know of any other
product that is designed like this and as such would recommend it. Overall I
think this is a solid product and I can see this design becoming preferred over
the standard gro bags. This is a gorgeous sleeping bag which makes moving baby
at night-time that much easier. Linda Ling – Astrid 3 Months

Product Tested By Sam Ali – Noah 8 Months

Sam Awarded The Dreamgenii Baby Twinkle Tog 4/5

The product is useful for taking the baby from the car to
the cot. It’s comfortable and practical. I didn’t think the packaging was very
colourful or creative. The instructions were very clear. I did like it but I
prefer to use a traditional sleeping bag. The quality is very good; soft
cotton. I thought the design of the duvet set was well designed. At £28 it’s
expensive but no more than a traditional sleeping bag. I would recommend it
people especially if they were going on late car journeys. I can see how this
product could be useful for some parents. I like the product but didn’t do any
late night car journeys when I was using it so probably didn’t use it to its
best advantage. My child isn’t crawling yet but I can see how it would be
beneficial when he does. It would give the child freedom of movement around the
cot and make it easier for them to turn over and get comfortable. Sam Ali – Noah 8 Months


I am already considering buying the next size up for the summer. I have already recommended it to others. It’s an excellent sleeping bag, warm, cosy and enables an active child to move easily.


Hayley Awarded The Dreamgenii Baby Twinkle Tog 4.7/5

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