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Dri-Pak Liquid Soap Flakes

Liquid Soap Flakes is a gentle all purpose cleaner. Like soap flakes they are ideal for washing delicates, woollens, specialist fabrics and the clothes of people with sensitive skin but are easier to use as they don’t need to be dissolved. They are also ideal for cleaning large areas such as wooden and tiled floors.

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£2.99 Available in the cleaning or laundry aisle at your local supermarket or click online to find local stockist

Dri-Pak Liquid Soap Flakes Reviews

Product Tested by: Elaine Forest – Olivia 2 years

Product Tested By Elaine Forest – Olivia 2 years

Elaine Awarded The Dri-Pak Liquid Soap Flakes 4/5

Product looks easy to use, with clear, simple instructions and a helpful cap for dispensing. Packaging itself seems quite dated which makes the product look old fashioned. Whilst my family are not generally sensitive to skin irritation, we suffered no side effects from this product. The Palm Oil Free Promise is not an attribute I look for when choosing washing detergent. I think the packaging looked a little dated and was not very distinctive. This product wouldn’t stand out to me on a shelf and given the colour of the liquid it looks more like a floor cleaner than clothes cleaner. Product instructions were very clear and straightforward, although the box stating how much product to use was badly positioned and should have been right under the instructions. Product is of high quality – it has a good consistency and the amount advised by the packaging for the wash proved effective and created a good level of foam which wasn’t too difficult to rinse out. Product is good value for money as the price per wash is comparable with other products and the product is effective. I would use this product for special delicate washes in both machine and hand washing but not in place of my normal detergent for regular everyday items. I would recommend as this product was effective and cleaned delicates well without need for additional additives. Product was effective but not an every wash product. Would have liked clean clothes to have a more powerful and pleasant scent when washed. The product was easy to use and cleaned clothes effectively. However it lacked a pleasant fragrance which meant that clean clothes also did not smell as refreshed as when using a normal cleaner. However for delicates and hand washing it was more effective than other products I have tried and therefore I would continue to use it in this capacity.  Elaine Forest – Olivia 2 Years

Product Tested by Suzanna Allen – Tilley 5 years

Suzanna Awarded The Dri-Pak Liquid Soap Flakes 4.5/5

Looked like an old fashioned cleaning product, feel the packaging needs to be updated to be more appealing. Easy to use, instructions simple and top has cup so you can ensure you use the right amount in the washing machine. We used this on delicates and also hand wash items. Was effective, cleaned well but personally would like this to have a more appealing aroma. This was good to use on delicates and cleaned well. This is good value for money and would purchase again. I would recommend this item as gentle. Also with 3 dogs in the house we found this very effective soap to use to clean our kitchen with the dogs running in and out all the time. A good versatile item which I would recommend. Suzanna Allen – Tilley 5 Years

Product Tested By Charlotte Biggott – William 1 Year

Charlotte Awarded The Dri-Pak Liquid Soap Flakes 4.2/5

Looked good quality liquid soap. Came with clear instructions and like most items in this area cap on top of bottle to help you use the correct amount of liquid when washing. Packaging effective but could be brighter. Never suffered any skin irritation from any of the family when using this item. The Palm Oil free promise would not be relevant to me when choosing a washing liquid, just want to know it works. This is very good quality and good thick fluid. Found washed well with hand wash items and also worked well on delicate washes in the washing machine. Works out to be good value. I had not heard of Dri-Pak before but very well award of Soda Crystals as use them all the time, just never realised was the same company. I would use again and have one handy for hand wash items and delicates. For my normal daily wash I would stick to my regular detergent. I would purchase and have already recommended. Charlotte Biggott – William 1 Year

However for delicates and hand washing it was more effective than other products I have tried and therefore I would continue to use it in this capacity.


Elaine Awarded The Dri-Pak Liquid Soap Flakes 4/5

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