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Dribble Ons Bright Bib

Dribble Ons Bright Range has made a huge splash on the baby bib scene! Now there a bandana bib to catch dribble of every colour! Dribble Ons draw away the moisture with the soft terry cotton lining, whilst being cute and comfortable to wear. Together with Sock Ons they make the perfect gift set and a real fashion statement. Recommended size 0-24m with adjustable popper back.

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Dribble Ons Bright Bib Reviews

Product Tested by: Sinead Hutton – Morgan 9 Months

Product Tested By Sinead Hutton – Morgan 9 Months

Sinead Awarded The Dribble Ons Bib Bright Range 5/5

I found this product very good. It looks well and is very trendy. I found the popper button easy to put on. Quality very good. Bib was washed a few times and the colour was still vibrant. When using the bib Morgan’s clothes did not get wet at all. Perfect size for my child. Gives the most coverage where needed. Fabric used is effective, practical and durable. Very good value for money. The bib is brilliant I have spent a lot of money on bibs in the past just for them to either get ruined in the wash or not do their job. I found that this wasn’t the case with the dibble on bib. I would purchase more. I would recommend this product as it is very trendy it goes well with my daughters clothes. You would not think it was a bib she was using. This product is amazing. Sinead Hutton – Morgan 9 Months

Product Tested By Olivia Gaelle Sow gensin – Eloi & Theo – 12 & 27 months

Olivia Awarded The Dribble Ons Bib Bright Range 4/5

A little bit on the small side but cool and more stylish than the classic bib. Comfortable thanks to the2 adjustable popper fastening and can grow with baby, both of my sons (12 months and 27 months) could wear it, it means also that it can be put on top of a hooded coat or jacket. Strong fastening so baby can’t pull it off. Great quality as it didn’t get out of shape or start to bobble off even after many 60 degrees washes. It is very absorbent and the layering under the chin avoids rashes but a waterproof back would have made it perfect. It is great for a young baby that only dribbles or who brings a bit of milk after feeding…once the weaning stage started it becomes too small to catch the refluxes, it becomes useful again for a young toddler that is teething. The shape is nice and trendy but should be a tiny bit larger and longer. Soft and good quality fabric, organic would have been a bonus. It is very easy to launder and dries fast. Personally I feel these are too expensive…most of the similar designs are around £5. I would recommend this product because it is stylish and useful. This product does what it says, it catches the dribbles and milk spills…unfortunately it is a bit on the small size for the larger refluxes. It has a cool bandana design that doesn’t spoil baby outfit like the typical bib does… Olivia Gaelle Sow Gensin – Eloi & Theo 12 & 27 Months

Product Tested By Maria Gorgio – Sam 10 Months

Maria Awarded The Dribble Ons Bib Bright Range 4.3/5

Looked bright, colourful and good quality. Nice and fashionable bib. Easy to put on and adjust with popper fastening. Really good quality. Gave very good coverage and worked well. We did not have any accidents with food or drink; dribble leaking through to Sam’s clothing. So good protection. Good size and works well. I think this is stylish, good quality but a tad on the expensive side. Many people have commented about these bibs and told them to go online. I would buy more but not for everyday use as find then just slightly over priced. They work, look fab and loads of colours to choose from. Nice to use for special visits and days out. Also they wash really well and come up looking just like new. Works and nice bib to have as good quality material and effective. Maria Gorgio – Sam 10 Months

You would not think it was a bib she was using. This product is amazing.


Sinead Awarded The Dribble Ons Bib Bright Range 5/5

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